ESPY Awards Brunch 2011


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Exceed Resources training team celebrates a SUPERSTAR year. The team completed a 10-month training program at the Stemmons Workforce Center in Dallas, TX.

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ESPY Awards Brunch 2011

  1. 1. ESPY Awards BrunchExcellence & Super Performance Yearly Awards December 31, 2011
  2. 2. Texas Workforce Commission Training 919 Participants 85 Sessions 3.79 Seminar Rating 3.64 Materials Rating 3.86 Trainer Rating
  3. 3. Gold Glove AwardThis award is given to the playerwho exhibited superior fieldingperformance at each fieldingposition. Sandra Wheeler taughtboth the Resume Workshop andSuccessful Interviewing. Shereceived excellent feedback onboth classes. Her averageseminar and trainer rating was3.9/4.0. And, participants rated thematerials the strongest in herclasses (3.72), which has more todo with her influence as a trainerthan the design of the materials.
  4. 4. Delivery Man of theYearThis award recognizes the mostoutstanding relief pitcher of theseason as voted on by the fans.Michael Herron joined the team inAugust. He was the consummateprofessional – in the classroomand in completing administrativetasks. He read the email andconfirmation sheet instructionsand followed them exactly. Aftereach seminar, Michael mailed inthe invoice and paperwork. He is atrue business person. AlthoughMichael only taught five classes,he had the highest seminar andtrainer ratings, 3.92 and 3.94respectively. The fans loved him!
  5. 5. Rookie of the YearThe definition of rookie status isbased on Major Leagueexperience. Deborah Green hasspent her career in education,some 22 years. She is new to thetraining arena, but as shereminded me the learners are thesame. Deborah made a smoothtransition to training and supercontribution to the team. With atrainer rating of 3.83, participantsappreciated her patience anddetail, and they said she was“confident, knowledgeable, andmotivating.” All of her participants(100%) reported that the seminarwas beneficial and the informationwould help them plan their nextsteps. Deborah saw her role aslearning facilitator as a ministry.
  6. 6. Silver Slugger Award This award is awarded to the best offensive player at each position, including batting average, slugging percentage, and on-base percentage. Nita McKeethen always gave extra. She was always looking for more ways to help the participants – she shared websites, took additional handouts, and helped them make connections. Across the board, her seminar, trainer, and material ratings were consistently high. Nita made a positive impression on the participants. They said she wasSee Nita in action at: “great, perfect, enlightening , and A+.” Nita also left her impressionCenters in a cameo appearance on Fox 4 News during one of her classes.
  7. 7. Hank Aaron AwardThis award is given to the bestoverall offensive performer. DenaCrecy made it her mission to giveparticipants hope. She inspiredthem with her own life story. Over10 months and 16 sessions, Denatouched the lives of 200 jobseekers. She had the highestaverage class size, and thehighest percentage of evaluationsreturned. Of the 200 participantsshe trained, 192 returned theirevaluation forms. They told usloud and clear that Dena was“professional, informative,passionate, and encouraging.” Inaddition, Dena receivedconsistently high ratings across allmeasures. She went above andbeyond, even bringing the donuts.
  8. 8. HistoricAchievement AwardThis award is given to the playerwho made a major impact on thesport of baseball. Denise Caldwellwas a major contributor to theTWC training contract. She kickedoff the first class while I was out-of-town on a job, and she set asuperstar performance bar.Denise taught 30 of the 85 trainingclasses. She created resumes forseveral clients, many free ofcharge. Denise connected with thestaff and volunteered on a coupleof occasions to speak to FastTrack graduates. She presentedthe class while an important visitorfrom Austin observed. And,Denise was the trainer’s point ofcontact when I left the countrytwice this year.
  9. 9. MVP AwardKatrina Floyd was a key player inthe success Exceed Resourcesachieved this year. Without her, Iwould not have had the muscle topull off such an accomplishedyear. First, she helped me with myuncle since April of this year:caring for him, feeding him,bathing him, transporting him, andbeing his companion. On top ofthat, she completed severalprojects for Exceed this year,including compiling the trainerevaluation data. Katrina is not onlyour Most Valuable Player, she is atrue blessing.
  10. 10. A Winning Team
  11. 11. You are anALL STAR! Thank You! Exceed Resources