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Evergreen trails master plan community meeting 1 boards


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All display boards that were at community meeting 1 on 5/20/14.

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Evergreen trails master plan community meeting 1 boards

  1. 1. Evergreen Trails Welcome! Master Plan Community Meeting to the Evergreen Trails Welcome! Master Plan Community Meeting to the
  2. 2. Project PurposeProject Purpose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
  3. 3. =Technical WorkingGroup = PublicMeeting 2014 July August September October NovemberApril May June Task 1: Project Initiation Task 2: Project Management Task 3: Community Engagement Task 5: Trails Plan Task 6: Maintenance Plan Task 7: Implementation Plan Task 8: Trails Master Plan Report Task 4: Infrastructure Analysis & Feasibility Plan Task 4a: Early Action Project Development Kickoff Stakeholder Interviews Draft Final Project ScheduleProject Schedule
  4. 4. Project Study AreaProject Study Area
  5. 5. We Want to Hear From You!We Want to Hear From You!
  6. 6. Source: Esri, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, i-cubed, USDA, USGS, AEX, Getmapping, Aerogrid, IGN, IGP, swisstopo, and the GIS User Community Evergreen Trails Master Plan - Existing, Proposed, and Conceptual Trails Meadow Dr. Upper Bear Creek Rd. Buffalo Park Rd. Little Cub Creek R d. 74 74 73 S.BlueSpruceRd. Downtown Evergreen Evergreen High School Wulf Rec Center Wilmot Elementary School Evergreen Public Library Evergreen Lakehouse Hiwan Homestead Museum Evergreen Golf Course Created: 5/15/2014 Conceptual Trail to Morrison Pioneer Trail to Bergen Park Dedisse Trail Þ Þ Conceptual Widened Shoulders to Conifer Draft Brook Forest Rd. Grocery Store Legend Evergreen Trails Existing Funded Proposed Shared Use Path Conceptual Existing, Social Trail Þ Future Trails by Denver Mountain Parks 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.80.1 Miles I