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When we can nurture lives, would we still need to kill?

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  • http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/27/world/asia/27ragpickers.html?_r=2&ref= world&oref = slogin - Picking Up Trash by Hand, and Yearning for Dignity http://hotnewshome.com/2011/11/28/most-polluted-playgrounds/3837 Most Polluted Playgrounds Posted on  November 28, 2011  
  • http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bangalore/No-weddings-in-garbage-village/articleshow/13501905.cms
  • Operation Green Gold

    1. 1. Operation Green Gold how a little inconvenience in the kitchen can make a BIG difference to our lives all around
    2. 2. the pilot site: Vaishali, Ghaziabad• Ghaziabad currently generates 876 tonnes of municipal waste every day that’s dumped into the nearest landfill• With dense construction and infills all around, the landfills are getting saturated• Stench and toxic dust rising from these garbage heaps is vitiating the air quality• The problem is all the more acute in Vaishali b’coz of its proximity to Ghazipur landfill site and lots of garbage piling up within the neighborhood
    3. 3. the pilot site: Vaishali, Ghaziabad• Besides the storm water drain on one side and Hindon river canal on other are getting choked with industrial effluents, garbage and sewage which can soon make the stench bearable in this otherwise well-developed neighborhood in the catchment area of a Metro Rail Station which currently is the terminal station.• In a 2-month public consultation, there is a significant intent to solve the crises even if the immediate wish is to find the low hanging fruit of finding yet another landfill.
    4. 4. Current Scenario Now that the landfills are saturated Picking Up Trash by Hand, andAll kinds of organic, Yearning for Dignityinorganic and toxic – New York Times, Sept.waste are stuffed into 2007 headlinesa polythene bag andcollected by thegarbage handler Lots of garbage is ending up on the Main Street
    5. 5. Garbage on the Main Street
    6. 6. Should they have books in their hands?
    7. 7. Made in India?
    8. 8. No weddings in garbage village BANGALORE: Young men from Mavallipura, off Yelahanka, are facing the prospect of permanent bachelorhood - not because they are not suitable boys, but because brides are turning up their noses at their village. For Mavallipurastinks. It is Bangalores landfill, a huge garbage mountain. – Times of India, 26 May, 2012
    9. 9. Operation Green Gold ScenarioHousehold Audit Did you know that 27% of the waste stream is yardPlacement of right size clippings and food scraps?bins at the right placeONE for vegetarian wasteTWO for non-vegetarian waste Deeper pit – longer decompositionTHREE for plastic, paper, non-toxic etcFOUR for toxic waste – batteries,CFL, CDs etc.FIVE for bio-medical – diapers, napkins,syringes etc.
    10. 10. Operation Green Gold Scenario A tapering bucket shaped stainless steel bin with a handleVeg. knob at top to lift the lid. This is usually fitted into a basketball Non Veg net like hoop clamped on the wall at an ergonomic height – typically at the level of the kitchen slab. Veg. Non-VegThe household green waste is put into a largersteel drum and carried on a cart every morningwith sunrise to the Composting Pit.
    11. 11. Operation Green Gold When we can nurture lives, would we still need to kill?