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Metro lite guided tour2.0


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Urban Transport is at crossroads. Users do not get the level and quality of service that they pay for by direct or indirect means in a fair and equitable way. One road leads to MobilityXS.
This is based on a pathbreaking review of our usage and attitude, environmental constraints and a comprehensive study of enabling technologies. It metamorphoses the public-private transport categories. In turn, users have a wider choice of the travel experience that they co-create and customize to personal preferences. They avail of vastly superior travel experience at a given price point in this model than at present. In a wholesome approach to our needs of a livable society, users can choose to walk or cycle comfortable distances in a friendly environment that is sequestrated of motorized traffic. Fast moving motor vehicles run uninterrupted of slow moving traffic and move much faster than at present with a combination of innovative traffic control measures and in-vehicle navigation sensors in the new system.

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Metro lite guided tour2.0

  1. 1. Innovation for Transportation Systems Snapshots of A High Quality Mobility Services for 21st Century RealitiesTEN Systems
  2. 2. What are 21st Century realities?  Urban areas around the world are coming to terms with limits to resources– land, water, power, land, air quality, healthy food supply, oil and minerals etc.  The challenge is to create smart and lean lifestyle choices while maintaining an ever higher quality of life.  This presents enormous challenges for transport and land use planning and demands higher level solutions… …higher than the level at which these problems were created. MetroLITE Model is a response to this outstanding need.
  3. 3. “No problem can be solvedfrom the same level ofconsciousness that created it.” ~ Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate Circa 2009: Car companies cannot become profitable again by selling more cars. The belief that more people need to buy more varieties of cars more often, created loss making car companies. What’s the next level?
  4. 4. Introduction  MetroLITE is an Intelligent Transport System.  It’s core framework and its various sub-systems and modules are patent pending.*  TEN Systems is a new venture for Research & consulting services and for development and commercialisation of MetroLITE. It will initially address the US and UK markets.
  5. 5. Proposition - I ICT Location Vehicle Fuel Waste, Inefficiency, Misallocation Innovative Personalised Mobility Services Applications Consumer A Consumer B Public Roads Public Transport MetroLITE Consumer C Intelligent Transport Automobile System Consumer D GAP Energy Consumer E Current and Consumer FTransportation Private Transport Pro-active TEN Regulation Consumer X Climate Protection Customised Freight Services Energy Security Trade & Tariff Economic Stimulus for Recovery & Renewal
  6. 6. Delivery Model Banks & FIs Economic Stimulus Telecom & IT Countries Industry Dynamics Auto Cos. Policy Direction TEN States Media & Entertainment Cities Energy MetroLITE Consortium User Needs & Aspirations Legacy, Inertia, IdeologyResearch andConsulting Services Product Development ImplementationY0 Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Alliance Market Product time Building Development Support
  7. 7. MetroLITE – “Think Rail, Use Roads” I Create Road-based System in complement to Metro Rail Network  Metro Stations = MetroLITE stations  Coaches = High occupancy, Plug-in Electric Hybrid vehicles (150km/litre)  Dedicated corridor = Pre-ordained routes, Semi- automatic guided vehicles, Demand-driven carriage capacity and quality
  8. 8. MetroLITE– “Think Rail, Use Roads” II  Expands mass transit network at a lower cost particularly for areas where passenger density is not high  Creates door-to-door reach by seamless integration of feeder service and with other modes  Similar in many ways, it is a leapfrog advancement over conventional Bus Rapid Transit Systems in terms of attractiveness and affordability
  9. 9. Mission MetroLITE  Demand-responsive Service :  Uses a Fleet of Eco-friendly Vehicle (EV) for Feeder Trips (<3kms.) for Bus/MRT/ Carpool and for Short Trips (<8 kms.)  Develop a network of EV Stations at 0.5-1 km distance around the city.  EV-friendly routes connect inner residential areas to arterial routes (with congestion/emission charging for space-inefficient, polluting vehicles )and encourage more and more people to “avoid” cars for short trips/ single-driven/low occupancy trips.  It facilitates “attractive” bus service, metro rail service as well as highly attractive personalised car sharing/pooling service.
  10. 10. MetroLITE – Bird’s Eye View You are presently here 13 21 2 8 17 26 33 1 6 22 30 36 3 9 18 14 23 31 4 10 19 27 34 7 15 24 37 5 11 28 35 16 25 32 12 20 29
  11. 11. Home Zone # 22 You are presently here 22
  12. 12. MetroLITE – Short Trips  Every Area has infrastructure for bicycle servicing, electric vehicle Urban/Rural Area charging, CNG vehicle fueling and parking bays.  Elevated Cross-over create seamless traffic conditions on express roads and a region-wide grid of connected walking and cycling tracks.
  13. 13. MetroLITE Stations Basement EV Parking High-density Bike Parking Multi-level EV Robotic Parking High-rise EV Parking Arterial Road-side EV Parking
  14. 14. MetroLITE – ITS Technologies MetroLITE PremiumInnovative application of communication, location and computing technologiesto planning and management of transportation- land use - energy system cantransform our travel and living experience at affordable costs. MetroLITESmartcard/ Communication/ Navigation System
  15. 15. In-Vehicle Intelligence • Traffic Signal are set on a Fixed Time Plan and the Plan is stored in the In-Vehicle Unit. • Signal times are in proportion to the carriage capacity in that direction. 1. Trip Booking 2. Driving Proficiency Rating 3. Turn-by-Turn Navigation Assistance 4. Target Speed Assistance – in sync with traffic signal for Green Corridor and ROW 5. Real-Time Incident Management 6. Favorite Co-traveler Selection 7. Passenger Telematics
  16. 16. Neighborhood Vehicle Sheds
  17. 17. Foot-over-Bridge
  18. 18. MetroLITE – Trip Planning You are presently here 13 21 2 8 17 26 33 1 6 22 30 36 3 9 18 14 23 31 4 10 19 27 34 7 15 24 37 5 11 28 35 16 25 32 12 20 29 You want to reach here
  19. 19. MetroLITE Eco- friendly Vehicles  Pre-set Peak Speed = Speed Limit  Zero-Ultra low pollution  Energy efficient  Cost-effective  Lightweight and Space-efficient Electric Cars; Electric Bikes – scooter type, bicycle type, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles; 3-wheelers – electric, LPG, CNG; Bicycle, Electric Goods Carrier
  20. 20. MetroLITE Eco- friendly Vehicles EV2
  21. 21. People-friendly Streets • People-friendly livable, neighborhoods do not require capital expenses • They can generate large numbers of sustainable livelihood opportunities • They require policy intervention that are objective, sensible and committed
  22. 22. World
  23. 23. MetroLITE – Long TripRoad Travel @ 60 kmph average speed @ 150 kmpl fuel efficiency
  24. 24. MetroLITE Travel Experience1. Advance Travel Information – No Waiting2. Better Vehicle MetroLITE Door-to-Door Travel Speed = 40-50kmph 223. Better Roads4. Better Driver5. Green Corridor6. Fewer Signals – Foot/Cycling over bridges7. No Congestion 8. Right of Way 9. Turn-by-Turn Navigation Assistance 5 10. Real-time Incident Management 11. Reserved Parking 12. Smartcard Payment 13. Option to Ride or Drive (earn Av. Travel Time 60 to 120 Mileage Points) Savings per day = minutes 14. Passenger Telematics
  25. 25. MetroLITE High Occupancy TravelA. Offer a Ride – for fleet operators as well as private vehicles  Register person/vehicle for MetroLITE HOT Service  Inform on your route, start time  Receive confirmation - Enroute pick-ups - EV Station/s, Member Id  Prosumer Reward Points/ Monetary ReimbursementB. Take a Ride  Register for MetroLITE HOT Service  Inform on your preferred start time, start and end location  Receive confirmation - Trip Chaining: Trip 1: Origin EV Station to EV Station X   Trip 2: Carpool to EV Station Y  Trip 3: EV to Destination EV Station A & B : Consolidated Monthly Billing – Reimbursement and Payment Delivers High Quality Multi-modal Travel Experience
  26. 26. Planning for High Capacity TransitSystem  Define Catchment Area  Access Control/ Congestion Charging Zone of 3 km corridor on either side  Access preference to Light Eco-friendly Vehicles  Access time between 5-15 minutes  Revenue potential from higher commercial value of surrounding areas as it enables greater footfalls  Seamless integration of feeder service enables optimal spacing of Metro Stations to ~2 kms.  Enables passenger carrying capacity to be increased by 200% - at the same time allowing more trips per hour over conventional planned systems.  Reduces travel time  Increases frequency of service and enables better handling of peak hour traffic  Shifts short distance travel from Metro to NVs  Provision of high capacity bicycle rack facility and service bay for pick up and drop of passengers in the station area  Improves accessibility for larger number of people
  27. 27. MetroLITE – City@Home A – Safety and non – severance B – Significantly improved due to Speed Limits and restraint accessibility for daily activities and on heavy vehicle movement to transit stations for longer trips You are presently here C – No Noise Pollution or Vehicular emission, No dust and other toxic emissions D – Better ambient greenery and water bodies moderate temperatures to comfortable levels 22
  28. 28. MetroLITE – City@Home E – Greater social interaction F – Seamless movement for with walkers and cyclists walking and cycling across passing by at low speeds neighborhoods. G – Neighborhood roads can be made You are presently here of alternate, re-cycled materials well suited for carrying lighter vehicles. This is a far more cost effective option in face of steep rise in bitumen and overall road construction costs. H – Road width requirement is minimized, which allows for greater green cover, children play areas, public parks and for ground water recharging. 22
  29. 29. MetroLITE – City@Home I – Quality of roads is better due to use of J – Use of suitable materials can also suitable materials as well as low wear and minimize localized heat generation as tear as only light vehicles are allowed. well as allow better passage for rain water You are presently here K – Flexible solar sheet covers on the length and width of neighborhood roads provide shade and cooling for passerby as well as are used for charging electric vehicles. 22
  30. 30. Risks & Mitigation Policy Risk: Scramble or Blueprint?  Scramble is a scenario, where each country looks after their self-interest and try to optimize within their own boundaries.  In Blueprint, each country looks after their self-interest but they try to optimize globally, in step with the real boundaries of the problem. 1. Build a powerful MetroLITE alliance as a WIN-WIN with auto, Mitigation telecom, energy, IT companies to synchronize the MetroLITE cycle to the electoral cycles 2. Marketing programs aimed at creating aspirations and loyalty for the MetroLITE brand as an integral part of the Blueprint Scenario. Competitive Risk: Existing Players and New Players 1. Existing players offer products and services designed for the “troubled” legacy systems. Further, they provide one or a few of Mitigation the components of an integrated Intelligent Transport System. 2. New Players: TEN Systems has a headstart over prospective competitors who can match the ingenuity of the MetroLITE design, due to its partly tacit and experiential nature.