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cVidya and Atlantic Tele-Network Inc - Revenue Assurance Presentation


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Atlantic Tele-Network Inc presented the following on "End-to-End Revenue Assurance in a Group Company Environment" in April 2011 at the TeleStrategies Revenue Assurance and Management Conference.

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cVidya and Atlantic Tele-Network Inc - Revenue Assurance Presentation

  1. 1. ATLANTIC TELE-NETWORK, INC. End-to-End Revenue Assurance in a Group Company Environment April 12, 2011
  2. 2. Atlantic Tele-NetworkWe are a telecommunications company that providesservice to under-served markets in North America and theCaribbean. Through our operating subsidiaries, we provideboth wireless and wireline connectivity to residential andbusiness customers, including a range of mobile wirelesssolutions, local exchange services and broadband internetservices 2
  3. 3. ATN Approach Build a Diversified Portfolio of Telecom Businesses Operate in underserved and niche markets Compete effectively through:  Market tailored service offerings  Superior customer care Empower local management teams Acquire – Invest – Enhance 3
  4. 4. ATN and Affiliates 4
  5. 5. ATN Subsidiaries Name Region TypeAlltel U.S. Top Ten Wireless Operator providing CDMA Wireless servicesCommnet Rural U.S. Wholesale Roaming operator providingWireless – both CDMA & GSM Voice and DataGT&T Guyana Subscriber service providing offering Landline, Internet and GSM facilitiesBDC / Bermuda HSPA+, CDMA and GSM WirelessCellularOne Network operatorIslandcom Turks and Caicos 3G GSM Wireless Operator providingWireless subscriber service & international roaming.Choice U.S. Virgin Internet (WiMax) & 3G CDMA Islands Wireless OperatorSovernet Vermont, U.S. Internet and telecom services provider 5
  6. 6. Revenue Assurance Concept Revenue Assurance – the use of data quality and process improvement methods to improve profits, revenues and cash flows without influencing demand. (TM Forum). Revenue Assurance as a separate department is becoming more common. Cross functional groups within Finance, IT, Network, Billing and Operations. 6
  7. 7. Revenue Assurance Maturity Level 0: No revenue assurance practices, processes, policies or tools are in place. Level 1: Basic revenue recovery consists of ad hoc, manual audits – small teams or individual efforts. Some revenue is recovered. Level 2: Basic project and process management involving repeatable tasks is implemented. Level 3: Revenue recovery shifts to revenue assurance with greater automation. Level 4: Leakage is quantitatively understood and controlled. Formal processes and controls are in place. Level 5: Revenue assurance shifts to revenue management. Revenue assurance practices, processes and tools are analyzed for performance and continuous improvement.7
  8. 8. Our Original Vision Commnet Wireless Revenue Assurance Solution  Manually driven excel based RA approach  Outsourced rating and billing vendor  Manual periodic check on accuracy and completeness  Limited budget and resources Evaluated different approaches  Hosted  Licensed  Hybrid 8
  9. 9. Proof of Concept POC conducted by cVidya for Commnet Wireless  Early findings proved to validate early assumptions  Initial review led to internal process changes  cVidya RAP approach  POC discoveries led to quick ROI  Validated that all revenue streams required review  Provided enhanced reporting from raw data 9
  10. 10. Change in Perspective Enter ATN Corporate  Other subsidiaries were faced with same challenges.  I.e., Manually driven excel based RA approach  Business plan to share services/cost to subs.  Technology allowed for sharing hardware infrastructure.  Leveraging the license to maximize value. 10
  11. 11. Our Current Vision Common Revenue Assurance solution  End to end visibility at a corporate level to all markets  Consistent reporting across business segments  Consistently applied metrics for all markets  Leveraging the combined scale of implementation  Provide Tier I applications to smaller subsidiaries who otherwise could not financially access these applications 11
  12. 12. Revenue Assurance Guidelines CFO and local GM’s are the clients Whatever impacts our finances needs control  Revenue leakage from billing  Revenue leakage from fraud  Revenue leakage from provisioning  Roaming reconciliation for voice and data  Billing conversion and validation 12
  13. 13. Shared Services Concept Leveraging the shared services concept  Sharing of set-up and design across operating units  Shared Services is not just Revenue Assurance  Shared data and RA controls Company-wide implementations  Single location for hardware and infrastructure  cVidya’s approach allowed for single license/multi-market implementation 13
  14. 14. Shared Services Implementation Revenue Assurance for all ATN companies  Created shared services group  Monitor RA system  System Administration  Control Creation & design  Shared Services is not just Revenue Assurance  Contracts and compliance  Roaming and billing  Testing and documentation  Fraud initiatives  Shared knowledge  Hybrid installations 14
  15. 15. Where are we now? cVidya / ATN shared services implementations  RAP – Phased Rollout to subsidiaries  Commnet Wireless  GT&T  Others  FraudView – active implementation  BusinessView – active implementation  RBV – Q4 2011 Use tools for Billing conversion validation  Alltel Wireless  Commnet Wireless 15
  16. 16. How are we planning to do it? Build and expand controls and measurements  Share the setup and design between companies  Use of common footprint to share knowledge  Use integrated implementation to expedite growth  Replicate any successes across business lines Support other Finance operations  Audit support (SOX - SAS70, Internal and External) Discover ways to use data across enterprise for dashboard presentation, analytics and reporting. 16
  17. 17. Prepare for success Review business needs Identify areas of revenue and data streams Provide risk based assessment, driven by value Design documentation to match business needs by subsidiary Gain acceptance from business owners Deliver project jointly with cooperation from key stakeholders at each business Provide feedback and cooperation to maximize functional ROI at a subsidiary level 17
  18. 18. Q&A 18
  19. 19. THANK YOU!