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Christian von hanno web-portfolio 2012

  1. 1. Scan the QR code for more information about the projects or visit www.vonhanno.comCHRISTIAN VON HANNO PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. CURRICULUM VITAEI’m an industrial design student from Norway. I use people-centered and systems oriented Employmentdesign methodology to create products and concepts that are sustainable, inclusive,innovative, and easy to use. I like to build models and make prototypes of my ideas as well • Setraveien auxiliary housing (auxiliary for kids with special needs), part-time 2005-11as sketching, drawing and rendering them. I believe I’m self-motivated, open-minded and • Kristensamfunnet ,Oslo, Music teacher for 20 confirmation students, part-time 2005-07positive, which makes me a good team-player. • Waldorf School for children with special needs Teacher assistant, full time 2003-05Skills Volunteer workSketching, 2D & 3D rendering, model making, prototyping, illustration, photography, music • Board member of Olsby support association ( 1999-06production • Associated board member of the Olsby support association 2006-08 • Activity leader at summer camps and confirmation campsSoftware skills organized by Kristensamfunnet in Oslo ( 2001-07Adobe CS5: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Cinema 4D, Solidworks, Microsoft: Excel, AchievementsWord, Power point, Cubase SX, Logic Studio Pro • AHO Works 2012 Winner - Prize for sustainability in designEducation • AHO Works 2010 Winner - Innovation prize for user centred design and technology • University of Hertfordshire, Graduation speaker at the awards ceremony in the• Oslo School of Architecture and Design, MA Industrial Design 2010-12 St. Albans Cathedral• University of Hertfordshire – First Class Honours Degree in Product Design (BA) 2007-09 • First Class Honours Degree in Product Design at the University of Hertfordshire• Einar Granum School of Art (Oslo, Norway) Model Design 2005-07 • University prize for best progress during studies at the University of Hertfordshire • University prize for highest overall performance at the University of HertfordshireWork experience Hobbies• RED Consulting - Designer on ongoing projects for other clients • Clear Channel Norway - Graphic design for catalog Besides design I have photography as a hobby, analogue and digital. In 2003 and 2004 I• Inora - Product designer on ongoing project had two pictures accepted for the well-known Norwegian Autumn Exhibition. In 2003 I also• Ypsomed - Character and product design and graphic layout on ongoing project had a photograph accepted for the “The Best of the Autumn Exhibition” in Sandefjord. I also• Hugo Industridesign - Product designer on various projects like to play, make and produce my own music.• Norwegian Felt - Logo design• Cultura Sparebank - Logo and layout for the gift found department• Photographer/Photo shoots for the band Heroes & Zeros Christian von Hanno
  3. 3. PLAYLIENSIn a galaxy far away, on the planet Playton, the Playliens live. The Playliens survive by playing In recent times a group of Playliens decided to leave their planet in search for other creatureswith the small creatures called the Funnibles that live in caves under the ground. Playton has to play with. Luckily, after a long journey, they found Planet Earth where children were playingalways been a happy place but recently the Funnibles have been very lazy and only wanted all the time, and the Playliens could finally play again! They have contacted their home planetto stay in their caves, so surviving have been difficult for the Playliens. and hopefully more Playliens will come along, but only if children play with them enough. Christian von Hanno 2009
  4. 4. PLAYLIENS - FEATURESThe playliens is an inclusive playground designed to suit all children. It is a place wherechildren can meet and have fun together, regardless of disability.The story makes the playground more fun and engaging and gives children a good startingpoint for playing together. With the Playliens children can swing, spin, rock, climb, slide, playmusic and have fun in an inclusive, exciting and safe setting.• The equipment is designed as different creatures which have a story. This way the children • The surface (Wet pour) is made from recycled rubber (EPDM) which is environmentallycan approach the playground in a more fun and creative way. friendly and safe. It is also convenient for wheelchair users.• The playground has bright colors which is good for children with visual impairments. • The equipment has soft shapes so children won’t hurt themselves on sharp edges.• Some playground equipment make funny sounds when it is being used which is good for • Ergonomic and supportive seating as well as soft and large sitting areas on equipment ischildren with hearing or visual impairments. good for children with physical impairments.• For easy access for wheelchairs and prams, and to make it easier for the parents or car- • The equipment has an original design and offer different challenging ways of playing.ers to watch their child, the equipment is placed in a ring with a rest place in the middle. • The sandbox is good for sensory play and so is the xylophone (Hearbert).
  5. 5. PLAYLIENS - PRODUCTS Wheely, like his sister Spinnie, Hearbert loves music and really thinks spinning is very fun. He likes it when people play on his loves it when children sit on ears. But don’t hit him too hard. his arms and help him spin He might not like it then. around. Eaton is a big guy with a big Springle enjoys rocking back mouth. If you hit him on the red and forth and loves being spot on his right side he might hugged once in a while. He scream a little, but only because makes weird sounds when he he enjoys it. He actually loves to is happy, which is quite often. be climbed on.
  6. 6. PLAYLIENS - PRODUCTS Swingle simply loves to swing Groggle has always liked to people in her basket. If they rock in all directions. Groggle is ask kindly even grown-ups can Springle’s cousin and he also swing with her. makes funny noises when he is having fun. Spinnie never gets tired of spinning Pinkle is a bit shy, but children around. She loves it when children are always welcome to walk holds her arms and help her spin, up her curly tongue and slide but does not like it when it goes too down her back. She likes that fast. Spinnie is Wheely’s sister. very much.
  7. 7. PLAYLIENS - RESEARCH Meadow wood, Special school for children with physical and neurological impairmentsDuring the research phase I have been in contact with parents, carers and teachers of chil- but also want to meet other young disabled people to share experience.dren with disabilities. I have also visited Meadow Wood a primary school for children with •Sharing and playing with other children helps to develop friendships and self-confidence.special needs in Watford and Setraveien Auxiliary housing for children in Oslo to better •Disabled children benefit from contact with their non-disabled peers in terms of communi-understand the children’s needs. Through my research I found that: cation skills and social and emotional development. •Non-disabled children and practitioners’ benefit from the change in attitude that familiar-•Friendship and fun is the most important aspects of inclusive leisure for young disabled ity and acceptance can bring – they learn to look beyond disability, focusing instead on apeople. unique valued person, thereby enriching their own lives.•Young people with disabilities value the opportunity to be involved in mainstream activities,An inclusive playground needs to offer different levels of challenge and adventure for chil-dren to have fun, and it also needs to be accessible for all children. A playground are oftendesigned for a certain age group, which is fine, but it is hardly ever suited all children withinthat age group. The Playliens’ playground however is design to be challenging and fun forall children.
  9. 9. DIO PUMP How to use 1. Attach the Insulin 2. Connect the tank to your skin. dioPump to the insulin tank. 3. To fasten the 4. A blue light will dioPump rotate to the indicate that everything is right. The DioPump will working properly. automatically lock itself to the insulin tank if it is The disposable 200 unit connected correctly. insulin reservoir should be replaced every 2 or 3 daysToo many people with diabetes are letting the disease control their life. dioPump’s mission 1. Prize: Accenture’s User centred design and technologyis to restore normal physiology as closely as possible and help people of all ages being incontrol of their diabetes. dioPump automaticly calculates how much insulin the body needs Finalist: Diabetes Mine Design Challenge 2011by constantly monitoring the blood sugar levels. It then provides the right amount of insulinto the body. Christian von Hanno 2010
  10. 10. DIO PUMP - TECHNOLOGY Insulin administrator Connection point 1: Connection point 3: Connects to the insulin tank Charger port. to pump insulin through the microneedles Connects to the pump Computer controller Connection point 2: Collects data from the circuit board and sends it to the main circuit board. Two set of microneedles. Pancreas One for monitoring blood Connects to the circuit sugar levels and one to board Glucose monitor deliver insulin.An artificial pancreas will enable people living with type 1 diabetes to better maintain bloodsugar levels within a target range with minimal effort, essentially acting as an artificialpancreas. The results for millions will be better quality of life over an entire lifetime, andlower risks of complications.The most common types of diabetes are type 1 and type 2. In type 1 diabetes the dioPump uses the Artificial pancreas system which has two currently available technologiespancreas stops making insulin. Without insulin, the body’s cells cannot turn glucose integrated: A continuous glucose monitor and an insulin pump with an algorithm that(sugar), into energy. Insulin therefore needs to be injected or pumped in using an insulin provides the right amount of insulin at the right time. The dioPump are equipped withpump, to control the blood sugar. Blood sugar levels are tested frequently with a blood Debiotech’s Nanopump and uses micro needle technology which is virtually pain free.glucose meter.
  11. 11. DIO PUMP - EXTRA FEATURESApplication SkinsdioWatch diAvatarThe dioPump communicates with other bluetooth devices like smart phones and computers. The dioWatch also comes with a built in program named diAvatar which is a friendly wayWith the dioPump application these devices can be used to control the dioPump and be of keeping track of blood sugar levels, designed for children. When the levels are good thesynchronized with each other. avatar is happy, when the blood sugar levels rise or lower the avatar lets the user know by changing face expression.The dioWatch is a status watch witch continuously collects and displays data from thedioPump. It also works as a remote control if extra insulin is needed. The watch is equippedwith a vibrating alarm and displays time, date and year just like a regular watch.
  12. 12. DIO PUMP - PROCESSDuring the research phase I talked to diabetics, experts and parents of children with Always having to worry about your blood sugar levels and what you eat and drink all daydiabetes. I also attended the diabetes conference in Sarpsborg where I got in touch with can be very demanding. The final concept is a response to all the challenges diabetics facemany interesting people. in their daily life. The dioPump will enable people with diabetes to achieve tight blood sugar (glucose) control, reducing the risk of the disease’s devastating complications. With theFor a person with diabetes It is all about being in control and not letting the condition control dioPump people with diabetes no longer have to worry about their blood sugar levels, ortheir life. I found that especially children and teenagers had difficulties coping with diabetes. what they eat or drink.This will make their lifes easier and better.
  13. 13. THE MEDEMA EXPERIENCEWe have worked with Medema, a company that design and manufacture electric scooters On the strategic side we are proposing an future imagined scenario and explore a moreand technical aids for people with disabilities. By using a systems- oriented approach we commercial based strategy where the company is free to give the user a more completehave found innovations on different levels of this company. We have explored company experience and be a high-end innovation driver.strategies, branding and new product innovations. A central part have also been to map thecurrent customer journey for applying for a aid in the Norwegian social security system. Julian Guribye & Christian von Hanno 2010
  14. 14. THE MEDEMA EXPERIENCE - SCOOTER CONCEPT New seat with new functionality and better design Storage compartment replace basket -Extra back support -Replaceable modules Integrated blinkers -More sporty look and feel -Easier adjustment Stronger frame, reflecting brand DNA RFID/USB key with reflector Detachable litium-ion battery Wind protection and security design controller Current Medema scooterOn the product side we have developed a new concept scooter representing a renewed Nominations AHO Works:brand identity that communicate the scooters strengths. Also we have made a number ofsmall functional innovations including a new more ergonomic seat, a redesigned controller Sustainability in design, Franzefosswith improved screen interaction, an industrial configuration to make the scooter better suitedfor use outside the aid market and a new electronic key that solve a number of practical Complexity and holistic approach, Norske Industridesignereproblems both for the user and the company. Form and expression in design, Bonytt
  15. 15. THE MEDEMA EXPERIENCE - SKETCHING PROCESSThe product concepts are based directly on the earlier mapping we have done which initiated All this were worked on simultaneously and we made what we called a sketching map infour design issues. The first was a scooter configuration for use outside the aid market, addition to the system map that organized our work but also as an experiment for testingthe second a concept scooter reflecting our proposed brand DNA, the third the scooters out a way to combine a sketching with complexity-thinking. It was beneficial to have both thecontroller and interaction with its display and fourth the seat which needed a major overhaul, sketching map and the system map hanging on the wall together so that we had the abilitybased partly on our finding on importance of posture and talk with the technicians in Denmark. to continuously check that our sketched concepts were in accordance with the system.
  16. 16. THE MEDEMA EXPERIENCE - RESEARCHProduct testing with user, Visiting the Medema factory Scooter fair at NAV with therapists Visiting the Medema office at Experimenting with shapes in the workshoptherapist and seller from in Herning, Denmark and people representing the different Skytta outside of Oslo. and mapping out Medema.Medema scooters in Norway.
  17. 17. SALTO DC QUICK CHARGER www.salto.noAn electric vehicle normally takes 6-8 hours to charge. With DC quick charging technology This project investigates and maps out the challenges and needs of quick charging. As athe charging time is reduced to 20-30 minutes. By installing quick chargers in urban and result of my findings I have designed a quick charger concept for Salto. The new DC quickrural areas it will reduce range anxiety amongst EV drivers and make electrical vehicles a charger provides an intuitive, inclusive and user-friendly charging experience and can easilymore attractive choice. adapt to different environments and locations with its module based system.Salto is a company based in Oslo that develops and design new products and infrastructuresolutions for charging of electric vehicles. Salto aims to release a new quick charger forelectric vehicles in 2013. Christian von Hanno 2011
  18. 18. SALTO DC QUICK CHARGER  - INTERFACE1. When touching the 2. A blue light indicates 3. Charging time are chosen 4. A QR-code appears on 5. The charging station also 6. When charging, a pulsingsurface within the blue that the charger is ready by rotating and pushing the the screen. After the code accept debit/credit cards green light appears aroundcircular light, the control to connect. If connected button. An animation in the is scanned with the Salto and are RFID compatible. the button.button appears. properly to the car, the light top-left corner of the screen application the charging can on the plug turns green. Car gives simple instructions. start 7. A green light on the status then appears on the charging plug indicates that screen. it is properly inserted Christian von Hanno 2011
  19. 19. SALTO DC QUICK CHARGER - FEATURESFiber-reinforced concrete frame Glass roof or solar panel Charging plug with light 12” display Add-ons-Reduces risk of collision -Pattern float glass roof for outdoor -CHAdeMO compliant EV connector -Clear and bright LED display -Security camera-Concrete made from hydropower locations -Light indicates if charging plug are -Good contrasts -Solar panel/glass roof-Solid, sustainable and safe -Solar panel can easily be mounted on inserted correctly. -Viewpoint construction-Easy to mount additional products the concrete frame. User friendly interface( roof, security camera, solar panel) Card reader -Intuitive, large symbols and text Inclusive design-Possible to add heating cables LED Salto logo -User friendly card reader with light -The charging station is designed to-Easy to install -Lets the user know if the charger is Different payment methods meet the needs of people with reduced occupied by turning red Touch key-pad -Easy QR-code payment physical abilities.Long charging cable -large and clear numbers -Credit card and RFID compatible-3 meter long, 2.7 m reach -SMS payment Maintenance-High connection point for extra reach Control button with light  -Removable front and back cover makes -Intuitive and easy to operate maintenance easy.LED lights -Can be used with glows-Lights up charger and surroundings-Makes the charger more visible Modular system 95 cm 190 cm -Adaptable to different types of use -Easy to upgrade with new technology -Low production costs Anodized aluminium cover -Easy to customize appearance 235cm Environmentally friendly -Eco friendly and sustainable materials -Local suppliers means less pollution due to less transport Christian von Hanno 2011