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7 Core Steps to Develop IT Strategy For Executives


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This presentation explains C-Level executives regarding the critical 7 steps required to develop their IT Strategy for their organization.

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7 Core Steps to Develop IT Strategy For Executives

  1. 1. 7 Steps To Developan IT Strategy
  2. 2. 7 Steps to developing an IT Strategy1. Conduct business strategy assessment via diagnostics tool2. Establish IT governance structure & guidelines (Vision Alignment, Decision Structure, People, Values, Policies)3. Assess current software licenses and usages4. Identify applications to sunset5. Design future enterprise architecture/wireframes6. Develop information technology roadmap and audience adoption scenarios7. Develop a change plan for adoption 1. Game plan for execution 2. Manage Transitions 3. Sustain Momentum
  3. 3. Business Strategy Diagnostics
  4. 4. Define Experience Priorities
  5. 5. Define Clear Vision5 Website, 5 commerce One website with oneengines, 100M revenue integrated leaked every year commerce, 100% revenue captured
  6. 6. Develop Audience Value Proposition
  7. 7. Develop Change Plan For Organization Q3 Q4Urgency Q2 Q1Opportunity
  8. 8. OUR MISSIONTo empower our customers to transform andoptimize their business programs andtechnologies with excellence.
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