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Reading works!5 prelims-watermark


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Reading works!5 prelims-watermark

  1. 1. Reading Works! 5 Textbook
  2. 2. Reading Works! 5TextbookPhilippine Copyright 2012 by DIWA LEARNING SYSTEMS INCAll rights reserved. Printed in the PhilippinesEditorial, design, and layout by University Press of First AsiaNo part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic ormechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval systems, withoutpermission in writing from the copyright owner. Exclusively distributed by DIWA LEARNING SYSTEMS INC 4/F SEDCCO 1 Bldg. 120 Thailand corner Legazpi Streets Legaspi Village, 1229 Makati City, Philippines Tel. No.: (632) 893-8501 * Fax: (632) 817-8700 ISBN 978-971-46-0298-4AuthorRachelle I. Torreon holds a master’s degree in teaching reading and a bachelor’s degree in secondary education,major in English (cum laude) both from the Philippine Normal University (PNU). She is pursuing a secondmaster’s degree in English language teaching also at PNU. She is currently an English lecturer at the Ateneode Manila University and Miriam College. Ms. Torreon was also a high school English teacher at Colegio SanAgustin–Makati for three years. She also taught college English at Assumption College–San Lorenzo.ConsultantCorazon Y. Delgado holds a master’s degree in education, major in English, and a bachelor’s degree in elementaryeducation both from the University of the Philippines–Diliman. She is presently a part-time professor of Englishat Far Eastern University–Makati. Ms. Delgado was a former faculty member of the Colegio San Agustin–Makati,where she served as the academic coordinator in reading and the head teacher for grades 4 and 5. She was a part-time college professor of English at the De La Salle University–Manila and a full-time professor of English at theFar Eastern University–East Asia College, where she was also a staff member of the English Resource Center.ReviewerCatherine C. Carag holds a master’s degree in reading education and a bachelor’s degree in secondary educationmajor in communication arts (English) both from the University of the Philippines–Diliman. She is presently anEnglish teacher at the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS). Ms. Carag is a founding memberof the UP Literacy and Language Educators Association of Diliman (UP LLEAD), where she served as vicechairperson from 2002 to 2005. She was a former grade level coordinator at UPIS and a writer-researcher at theInternational Association of Educators for World Peace.
  3. 3. To the Pupils The Reading Works! series was especially designed and created for you, the21st century learner. It aims to make you see that reading is still an important andenjoyable activity even in this very modern world dominated by super computersand hi-tech gadgets. To do this, the selections were specifically written to matchyour actual experiences as a family member, as a pupil, as a community member,and as a Filipino citizen. Each textbook is divided into four units. Unit 1 will let you get to know yourselfthrough your views, ideas, and feelings as a person. Unit 2 will help you developa deeper and more meaningful relationship with others, particularly your family,your friends, and the people in your community. Unit 3, will help you prepare forthe future and its many challenges. Finally, Unit 4 will tell you more about yourrole in ensuring a better tomorrow for yourself, your family, your community, andthe world. Each unit contains useful discussions and activities which will help youbecome a critical, highly skilled, and well-rounded person. • Connect – contains activities that will relate your stock knowledge and previous experiences to the lessons • Search – contains activities that will help you discover the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases • Download – contains specially written stories, poems, essays, and scripts which will engage your interest • Click – contains comprehension questions which will measure your understanding of the reading selection • Link – contains discussions and exercises on important reading skills • Upload – contains activities that will help you apply what you have learned in each lesson It is hoped that through this book, you will be able to learn not only a varietyof readings skills, but also important life lessons which will help you become thebest person you can possibly be. Happy reading!
  4. 4. Table of ContentsUnit 1 Knowing MyselfChapter 1 Appreciating the Wonders of Being Human ...........................1Lesson 1 Taking a Closer Look at Myself .......................................................2 (Classifying Words)Lesson 2 Learning to Take Care of My Body ................................................10 (Understanding Roots)Lesson 3 Recognizing My Personal Traits ....................................................22 (Affixes)Lesson 4 Making Time for My Favorite Pastime .........................................36 (Suffix)Chapter 2 Exploring My Potentials and Gifts ........................................ 44Lesson 1 Recognizing My Strengths and Weaknesses .................................44 (Syllabication)Lesson 2 Improving Myself ............................................................................55 (Word Association)Lesson 3 Discovering My Special Talents .....................................................61 (Recognizing Synonyms)Lesson 4 Appreciating Who I Am ..................................................................69 (Antonyms)Unit Test .........................................................................................................76Unit 2 Growing with OthersChapter 3 Discovering My Origin .............................................................. 80Lesson 1 Living Happily with My Family ....................................................80 (Word Formation)Lesson 2 Being Responsible ...........................................................................90 (More on Word Formation)
  5. 5. Lesson 3 Strengthening Family Ties ............................................................97 (Understanding Context Clues: Examples)Lesson 4 Learning Lessons from Home ......................................................106 (More on Context Clues: Comparison and Contrast)Chapter 4 Creating Meaningful Connections ....................................... 113Lesson 1 Making New Friends ....................................................................113 (Words with Multiple Meanings)Lesson 2 Enriching Life with Friends .........................................................122 (Denotations and Connotations)Lesson 3 Involving Oneself in the Community ..........................................130 (Idioms)Lesson 4 Working Together for a Common Goal ........................................139 (Figures of Speech)Unit Test .......................................................................................................146Unit 3 Gearing Up for SuccessChapter 5 Preparing for Success ............................................................. 153Lesson 1 Giving Importance to Education ..................................................154 (Classification of Books)Lesson 2 Setting the Right Goals for the Future .......................................163 (Call Numbers / The Card Catalog)Lesson 3 Understanding Good Study Habits .............................................172 (Parts of a Book)Lesson 4 Following an Effective Study System ..........................................181 (Parts of a Dictionary Entry)Chapter 6 Becoming a Lifelong Learner ................................................ 190Lesson 1 Using Technology Responsibly.....................................................190 (Parts of a Newspaper)Lesson 2 Embracing the Challenges of School Life ....................................199 (Skimming and Scanning)
  6. 6. Lesson 3 Understanding the Role of the Youth ..........................................210 (Following Directions)Lesson 4 Discovering My Leadership Potentials ........................................216 (Noting Details)Unit Test .......................................................................................................224Unit 4 Keeping Up with the WorldChapter 7 Exploring Global Realities ..................................................... 231Lesson 1 Staying Connected through the Internet ....................................232 (Sequencing Events)Lesson 2 Appreciating Overseas Filipino Workers ....................................242 (Main Idea / Supporting Details)Lesson 3 Understanding Cultural Differences ...........................................252 (Making Inferences)Lesson 4 Remembering One’s Roots ...........................................................261 (Outlining / Summarizing)Chapter 8 Helping Rebuild the World .................................................... 270Lesson 1 Combating Poverty .......................................................................270 (Perceiving Relationships)Lesson 2 Fighting World Hunger ................................................................281 (Predicting Outcomes)Lesson 3 Defeating Illiteracy .......................................................................289 (Drawing Conclusions)Lesson 4 Helping Mother Earth “Heal” ......................................................296 (Distinguishing Fact from Opinion / Making Sound Judgments)Unit Test .......................................................................................................304BibliographyIndex
  7. 7. Knowing Myself UNIT 1 We always look forward to new beginnings, and with every beginning, we want to do something good and new. As a new school year begins, you will discover more things about yourself and the world. You have to know yourself well first before you can find out more about what the world has to offer. In this unit, you will discover the real you by taking a closer look at your body; learning to take care of it; recognizing your traits, strengths, and weaknesses; exploring your favorite things; and discovering your talents which will let you appreciate who you really are. When you know yourself well, you will be more prepared for bigger journeys ahead. Enjoy your journey!
  8. 8. Chapter 1 What’s in a Name? Appreciating the Wonders of Being Human In this chapter, you will begin to find out more about yourself. Specifically, you will learn how wonderful a person you are by learning about your body and its importance. You will also learn how to take better care of yourself and to maximize your capacity to do various things such as studying hard, doing your household chores, and playing various sports. Lesson 1 Taking a Closer Look at Myself Connect Do you consider yourself a wonderful creation? What are the things that prove that you are one? In sentence form, list down at least three reasons why you should be called A WONDERFUL CREATION.1. ____________________________________________________________________________________2. ____________________________________________________________________________________3. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Search Study the following words and their meaning. Then use each one in a sentence. Write your sentences in the space provided.1. reflection – an image produced by a mirror Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________2. fragrance – a sweet, delicate, and lasting scent Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ Reading Works! 5
  9. 9. 3. gaze – to look steadily Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________4. crow – the sound made by the rooster during daybreak Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________5. vital – very important or essential to life Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________6. masterpiece – a great work of art Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________7. noble – dignified, righteous or stately Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ Download Human beings are the most Hello there, fellow fifth graders! I am complex and amazing living Darren, and I will join you in your reading things. We have been created in adventure! We will explore many selections such a way that we are able to that will teach us wonderful lessons. Are sense things around us, move, you ready? work, and enjoy life. Knowing Myself
  10. 10. I Am a Wonderful Creation Rachelle I. Torreon When I look in the mirror, a reflection is what I see; a reflection that looks inside of me. I gaze at it and I can’t help but be amazed at the masterpiece that is in front of me. I look at my eyes that I use to see the beauty of nature, the sky, and the sea. I stare at my nose that is made to smell the fragrance of flowers and the scent of summer breeze. I touch my ears which help me hear the sweet melody of the birds on the tree, the silence of the night, and the crow of the rooster in the morning. I see my mouth that speaks generously words of kindness and encouragement, and inspires others with words of love and hope. I glance at my hands which are made to build, to mold and create art, to write and draw works that express my emotions and feelings. Reading Works! 5
  11. 11. I see my feet that make me dance, and take me to places where I long to be. My imagination can take me to a world I have never been. The mind thinks such noble thoughts and ideas that could change the world. And there goes my heart, a vital body part. My heart beats for the people I love and for all humankind. I look in the mirror and again I see, all the things I can do and the person I can be. Then, I stop and appreciate the beauty of life that makes me say, Indeed, I AM A WONDERFUL CREATION. Click1. Enumerate the parts of the body mentioned in the poem and their functions.2. Which body part is said to have the power to change the world? Why?3. What do you think is the author feeling when he or she wrote this poem? Write down lines from the poem that support your answer.4. Why do you think is the last line written in capital letters?5. Which body part do you think is your best physical feature? Explain your answer. 6. What message is conveyed by the author in the poem? Explain your answer. Knowing Myself
  12. 12. LinkClassifying Words Classifying words is a process that involves grouping words according to their form or purpose. It will help you better choose and use words, which, in turn, will allow you to create grammatically correct sentences. Also, classifying words will eventually help you use different words effectively in communicating your thoughts and ideas both in speaking and writing. Words can be classified into categories. For example, the words eyes, nose, ears, hands, and feet can be classified as parts of the body, while see, smell, hear, speak, build, and dance are action words related to body parts. Words can also be classified into the following categories. Study each carefully.1. Content words are also called major word class since these words carry most of the content or meaning of a sentence. The words under this category are nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Examples: • When I look in the mirror, a reflection is what I see. (Both underlined words are nouns.) • I am a wonderful creation! (The underlined word is a noun.) • The eyes see the lush forest, the blue sky, and the deep sea. (The word lush describes forest, blue describes sky, and deep describes sea. They are all adjectives.) • The mouth speaks words of hope and encouragement generously. (The word generously is an adverb of manner that describes the verb speaks.) • Michelangelo created very beautiful works of art. (The word very is an adverb that describes the adjective beautiful.) • Every time I look in the mirror, I see a wonderful creation. (The phrase every time is an adverb of time that modifies the verb look, while the word wonderful is an adjective that describes the noun creation.) Reading Works! 5
  13. 13. 2. Function words are words that complete the structure of a sentence. They, however, do not have meaning by themselves. Words under this category include auxiliary verbs, prepositions, pronouns, determiners, and conjunctions. Examples: • I gazed at it and I can’t help but be amazed. (I is a pronoun, at is a preposition, and be is a verb.) • I see my mouth that speaks words of kindness and encouragement. (My is a pronoun, of is a preposition, and and is a conjunction.) • The mind thinks such noble thoughts and ideas that could change the world. (The is a determiner and that is a pronoun.) • When I look in the mirror, I see a reflection. (I is a pronoun, and in is a preposition.) • My heart beats for the people I love and for all humankind. (My is a pronoun, the is a determiner, and for is a preposition.)Activity 1 Classify the following words under the correct heading in the table on the next page. stare president editor in chief backbone courteousness ankle gratefulness gallop intelligence construct thigh soldier crawl student jaw benevolence mold navel patriotism nape newscaster scribble diplomat joviality Knowing Myself
  14. 14. Actions Body Parts Qualities PeopleActivity 2 Classify the underlined words according to their functions. Write C in the box if the word is a content word and F if it is a function word. 1. Humans are very complex forms of life. Humans belong to the animal kingdom.2. The human body has many parts. The smallest parts of the body are called cells. Groups of similar cells are called tissues, which form organs. 3. Organs include the eyes, ears, nose, heart, and brain. Organs, tissues, cells, fluids, and other structures work together in a system. Reading Works! 5
  15. 15. 4. The heart is a large muscle with four parts or chambers. They are the left atrium, left ventricle, right atrium, and right ventricle. The heart squeezes or contracts many times a minute to keep blood flowing to all parts of the body. 5. The bones of the head form the skull. The skull protects the brain from injury. The spine, on the other hand, has many small bones called vertebrae . They protect the spinal cord inside. Upload Reflect on the things and lessons that you have learned today. Write about your reflection in one paragraph only. Feel free to express your emotions as you write. Knowing Myself
  16. 16. Lesson 2 Learning to Take Care of My Body Connect Below are sentences about food and nutrition. Tell whether you agree or disagree with each statement. Write agree or disagree on the blank. ______________ 1. The food you eat determines how healthy you are.______________ 2. Children should enjoy eating whatever they like.______________ 3. Only older people should eat vegetables.______________ 4. There are more obese children today than 40 years ago. ______________ 5. Children who were taught to eat healthy food since childhood tend to eat more healthy food when they grow up.______________ 6. Proper nutrition helps children do better in school.______________ 7. Balanced food intake should go hand in hand with physical exercise.______________ 8. It is okay for children to eat lots of chocolates.______________ 9. A child who is properly nourished gets sick often.______________ 10. Proper nutrition results in a more enjoyable and healthy life. Search Identify the word defined in each item. Write your answer on the blank. Then encircle the corresponding word in the box on the next page.________________ 1. It is the sum of the processes by which an animal or plant takes in and utilizes food substances. ________________ 2. It means “having excessive body fat.”10 Reading Works! 5
  17. 17. ________________ 3. It is an organic substance essential to human nourishment.________________ 4. It is an inorganic substance important to physical development and growth.________________ 5. It is the repeated use of bodily organs.________________ 6. It is the vigorous exertion of power. ________________ 7. It is the typical way of life of a person, group, or culture.________________ 8. It means progressive development or the process of growing. N O O D L V I T A L U S B M V I H T P I T E E I I T T R S F R I S N A A W Y M E I R E E D M O G C S T O A R Y I R R D T I L K A L N G E E Y O A O L U S H N F L N C E S I C R E X E Knowing Myself 11
  18. 18. Our health plays a very important role in Download the quality of life we live. If we are not in the pink of health, we easily get tired or sick. In the next selection, you will learn more about the importance of staying healthy. Read on! Eat Right and Live Right! Rachelle I. Torreon What is in your lunchbox for today? What did you eat yesterday? What will you be eating tomorrow? What you eat speaks so much about the kind of nutrition you are getting. Nutrition refers to our diet and the vitamins and minerals we take in. It is, therefore, important for every individual to get proper nutrition, which is the foundation for healthy living. Good health refers to eating healthy and sufficient food. Doctors and nutritionists recommend a balanced diet—that is eating the right amount of food from the three food groups known as GO, GROW, and GLOW foods. Children should get at least eight hours of sleep every day to speed up metabolism. Metabolism is a process within the body that turns food and other substances into energy used by the body. Good metabolism means a 1 Reading Works! 5
  19. 19. healthier body while slow metabolism can lead to unnecessary weight gain and other complications that will harm the body. Eating the right food and sleeping at the right time should also be supplemented by physical exercise. Why exactly does nutrition matter? Let us take, for example, a grade 5 pupil named Bobby. He wakes up late because he sleeps late. He skips breakfast and eats junk food on his way to school, instead. Inside the classroom, Bobby cannot concentrate because he always feels sleepy and hungry. He is unable to study and gets failing marks in his school subjects. Studies show that proper nutrition is very important in the total growth and development of a child. Recent studies also prove that children who are properly nourished perform well not only in academics, but also in extracurricular activities. They are more alert and are more inclined to face each day with a good disposition. Proper nutrition also helps people avoid lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Children should watch what they eat by eating a variety of foods such as fish, meat, and bread in the right amount. Remember to eat fruits and vegetables and avoid fatty and salty foods. Drink milk and plenty of water and avoid carbonated drinks. Try to get enough sleep and exercise. If you do these things, you will see how much energy your body can produce. Knowing Myself 1
  20. 20. Click1. Why is it important to have healthy eating habits? 2. What are the essential components of good health?3. Why do you think many children nowadays do not get proper nutrition?4. What happens when we do not eat the right amount and kind of food that our body needs?5. What steps can you take to ensure that you will get proper nutrition?6. What is the intention of the author in writing the essay? Explain your answer briefly. LinkUnderstanding Roots While reading, you will often encounter new words. When this happens, you usually look up their meaning in the dictionary. There are, however, techniques which can help you figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word without consulting a dictionary. One technique you can use is word analysis. This is done by breaking down the parts of a word and identifying what each part means. One part of a word is called root. The root is the base to which other words are attached. Knowing the root will allow you to identify the meaning of the unfamiliar word. Most roots are of Greek and Latin origins. On the next page are some common Greek and Latin roots.1 Reading Works! 5
  21. 21. Root Meaning English Words with This Rootanni, annu year anniversary, annualaster, astro star astrology, astronomyaudi to hear audible, auditoriumauto self-acting automatic, autocraticbene good beneficial, benevolencebio life biology, biographycap, cip, cept to take capacity, intercept, reciprocatecardio heart cardiology, cardiogramchrom color chromechron time chronology, chroniclecorp body corporation, corpse Knowing Myself 1
  22. 22. derm skin dermatology, dermis dict to say; to speak dictate, predict fer to bring; to carry ferry, transfer flor flower floral, florist geo earth geology graph to write autograph, biography homo same homogeneous, homonym herb plant herbal inter between intersection, intercept ject to throw eject, project lact milk lactate, lactose manu hand manual, manuscript1 Reading Works! 5
  23. 23. Root Meaning English Words with This Root ment mind mentality meter measure meter, thermometer nutri nourish nutrient, nutrition pathy suffering sympathy, apathy photo light photography, photosynthesisActivity 1 Name the word described or defined in each item. Use the root in the parenthesis as a clue. ________________ 1. an account of the life of a person (bio)________________ 2. an act of kindness (bene)________________ 3. an expert in the field of nutrition (nutri)________________ 4. the study of the heart and its diseases (cardio)________________ 5. a historical account of events arranged in order of time (chron)________________ 6. the study of objects and matter outside Earth’s atmosphere (astro)________________ 7. to imply the opposite (contra) Knowing Myself 1
  24. 24. ________________ 8. sugar present in milk (lact)________________ 9. the study of Earth (geo)________________ 10. an instrument used to measure temperature (meter)Activity 2 Complete the table below. Supply the Greek or Latin root of each and the meaning of each root. The first item is done for you. After completing the table, use each English word in a meaningful sentence. Write your sentences on the blanks. English Word Root Meaning of the Root 1. graphic graph (Greek) draw or write 2. geology 3. aeronautics 4. census 5. culinary 6. numeral 7. decathlon 8. generate1 Reading Works! 5
  25. 25. English Word Root Meaning of the Root 9. punctual 10. obstructSentences: 1. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Knowing Myself 1
  26. 26. 5. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 6. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 8. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 9. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________10. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________0 Reading Works! 5
  27. 27. Upload Creating a healthy weekly meal plan will enable you to select the food that you will be eating for the entire week. Doing this will help you and your family get proper nutrition. You can involve yourself in the food preparation by creating a meal plan for the week, paying close attention to healthy food as its main component. Look at the sample weekly meal plan below. Make one for yourself. Based on your meal plan, prepare a grocery list of healthy foods and present it to your parents or guardian. Then schedule a day when you will help buy your family’s groceries. After doing the groceries, check your list to see which healthy foods are bought. Sample Meal Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday hotdog and tapa and fried peanut butter loaf bread and Breakfast fried rice rice and pandesal canned tuna peanut butter pandesal with Snack (AM) ensaymada crackers sandwich corned beef fried chicken porkchop and Lunch adobo and rice tinola with rice and rice rice ham sandwich rice porridge Snack (PM) banana cue pancit canton with coleslaw and crackers steamed lumpiang chopsuey and Dinner pancit canton vegetables and sariwa and rice rice rice Knowing Myself 1
  28. 28. Lesson 3 Recognizing My Personal Traits Connect What a person says usually reflects the kind of person he or she is. Read carefully each character’s statements and then describe him or her based on the impressions you have of the statements. 1. “Ha! Who does not get bored with sports? C’mon! Let’s play something more enjoyable,” said Anton. I think Anton is ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________2. “I am sorry, Ma, I am really sorry for lying to you… I am sorry…, ” cried Andy. I think Andy is _________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________3. “Andy, welcome to the cyberworld! Just play the game and enjoy,” said Jack. I think Jack is __________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________.4. “My son, I am your mother. Please tell me your problem. Please tell me,” said Aling Emily. I think Aling Emily is __________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Reading Works! 5
  29. 29. . Search Study the meaning of each word. Then use the words to complete the sentences that follow. Write your answer on the blank. • sarcastic – mocking • grin – smile • explore – investigate • guilty – worthy to blame • alibi – excuse • crowded – filled with people 1. Manila’s population has increased that some places are so _________________.2. The scientists want to further _________________ on the causes of global warming. 3. Anna was being _________________ when she said that your outfit looks good but in reality it is old-fashioned.4. He had a _________________ on his face when he saw his crush on the corridor.5. My sister could not think of an _________________ for coming home late every Wednesday night.6. My brother felt _________________ after accidentally breaking the vase so he came up to my mother and admitted his fault. Knowing Myself
  30. 30. But sometimes, certain things or Download people come our way to challenge our values and even attitudes. In this story, you will learn how Our parents try their Andy dealt with a dilemma that very best to mold us challenged his values. into becoming good and responsible individuals. Andy’s Dilemma Rachelle I. Torreon Andy is now in grade 5, and many things have already changed in him. He is growing faster and his voice is becoming deeper. He already notices a few changes in the way he looks and carries himself in front of other people. He starts enjoying the company of fellow boys in school and enjoys playing basketball with them after school. One day after class, Jack and Anton approached Andy. “Andy, would you like to come and play with us?” Jack asked. “Of course, we always play basketball after school, right? So why ask?” Andy replied. “Because we will play a different game this time. I am already bored with basketball,” Anton said. Reading Works! 5
  31. 31. “What kind of game are we going to play? I only play basketball. I… I do not know any other sports,” Andy said hesitantly. “Ha! Who does not get bored with sports? C’mon! Let’s play something more enjoyable,” Anton said with a sarcastic grin on his face. “Really? Tell me what game that is,” Andy asked excitedly. “You will know when you come with us,” Anton said. “But where? Can’t we do that here in school?” asked Andy. “Of course not, we know a much better place. Just follow us,” Jack said. “But, the school bus…,” Andy muttered. “Just tell the driver that we have a group project to do and you’ll just go home alone,” Anton suggested. “But…,” Andy murmured. “Are you coming with us or not?” Jack said impatiently. “I… I am…,” Andy answered hesitantly. Andy followed the boys. After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at a computer shop crowded with a lot of boys their age, each paying too much attention to the computer screen. Jack approached the lady in the counter and shortly after, each of the boys is seated in front of a computer. Andy was clueless until Jack approached him. Knowing Myself
  32. 32. “Andy, welcome to the cyberworld! Just play the game and enjoy,” Jack said. “But I don’t even know how to play this,” Andy replied. “Just watch me,” Jack said. And so Andy watched Jack play the computer game. As he watched, Andy slowly understood the rules of the game. He got so excited to play it. When Jack finally gave him the seat, Andy immediately explored the game and got hooked to it. He did not even notice the time. When he looked at his watch, he was shocked to see that it was already 7:00 PM. He suddenly remembered his mother, who he knew was already waiting for him. He stood up and told Jack that he needed to go. He paid his rent and immediately ran home. When he was already near their house, he saw his mother at the front door. He also saw her worried face. This made him very guilty. “Goodness, Andy! Where have you been?” Aling Emily asked anxiously. “I am sorry, Mom… I… I…,” Andy started. “Tell me, where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you since 5:00 PM. The school bus driver said you were with your classmates for a project. What project is this and how come I did not know?” Aling Emily asked in a rather high tone. “Yes… Yes… I… I was with my classmates… We… we were at…,” Andy said in broken sentences. Reading Works! 5
  33. 33. “You were what, Andy? Tell it to me straight… Tell me the truth,” ordered Aling Emily. “We were… at… at… Jack’s house… We did our science project… ah… the solar system model…,” Andy said anxiously. “You should have at least called me up when you were at Jack’s house. I was so worried about you. Next time, call me and tell me where you are so I don’t worry too much,” Aling Emily said. “Yes, Mom. I’m sorry,” Andy said. Andy went up to his room feeling guilty for what he did and said. He did not know what to do. He was afraid to tell his mother about the computer game for fear that she might not allow him to play anymore. Andy liked the computer game and he wanted to play it again, but he also did not want to lie to his mother. He thought about it the whole night. The next day, Andy saw Jack and the rest of the group and they asked him again to join them play computer games. Andy thought of his mother and he told them that he does not want to lie to his mother again. Jack convinced him to just continue telling his mother that they are working on their project. After a few minutes, Andy was again convinced to play the computer game. That same incident continued for weeks. During this time, however, Aling Emily felt something different about Andy. At first, she thought that maybe Andy had problems at school. So she immediately went to Andy’s school. She talked to Andy’s adviser, who also happens to be the science teacher of Andy and his friends. “Good morning, Ms. Santos. I am the mother of Andy Reyes,” Aling Emily said. “Good morning, Mrs. Reyes. It’s a pleasure to meet you. What brings you here?” the teacher asked. “I came here to ask if Andy has problems in school. Lately, he has been coming home very late. He said that he and his friends are working on a science project––a solar system model, if I am not mistaken,” Aling Emily said. The teacher was surprised to hear about the science project. Knowing Myself
  34. 34. “But Mrs. Reyes, I never assigned such a project. I showed a model in class and I just told them to read more about it,” explained Ms. Santos. When she heard this, Aling Emily realized that Andy was lying all this time. She bid the teacher good-bye and went home immediately. She wanted to see Andy right away to talk to him about what she discovered. That night, when Andy arrived, Aling Emily was seated on the sofa. “Good evening, Mom,” Andy said. “How is your science project?” Aling Emily asked. Andy was surprised. He felt nervous because his mother’s tone was different. “It’s OK, Mom. It’s almost done,” Andy said quickly. “Really? So when will you finish?” Aling Emily asked again. “Maybe next week, Mom,” Andy answered nervously. “Okay. By the way, I went to your school this morning,” said Aling Emily. “Huh? Why? What did you do there?” Andy asked. “My son, I talked to your teacher. I already know. There is no science project,” Aling Emily answered. Andy’s face turned red because of shame. He did not know what to say. He looked down on the floor and could not say a word. “My son, please tell me the truth. I need to know what you have been doing all this time,” Aling Emily asked, almost in tears. “I am sorry, Mom! I’m really sorry for lying to you… I am sorry…,” Andy cried. “My son, I am your mother. Please tell me your problem. Please tell me,” Aling Emily begged. “Computer games, Mom. I’m sorry,” Andy cried. Reading Works! 5
  35. 35. “Stop crying, my son. Even if I was angry after I found out what you did, I still understand. Stop crying,” Aling Emily said. “I am sorry, Mom! I promise not to do it again. I am such a bad son. I am sorry,” Andy said. “I know that you will learn from this. My son, lying will bring you no good. I am your mother, please be honest to me. I am here to help and guide you,” Aling Emily said. After hearing this, Andy sat with his mother and hugged her tightly. Click1. What kind of game caught the attention of Andy and his friends?2. What reason did Andy give to Aling Emily when he first came home late after school?3. Based on the story, what kind of friends are Jack and Anton? Cite lines from the story that will support your answer.4. In the beginning of the story, how did Andy respond to the invitation of Jack? Cite lines from the story that will support your answer. Knowing Myself
  36. 36. 5. Describe Aling Emily as a mother. How does her attitude affect Andy in the last part of the story? Cite lines from the story that will support your answer. 6. What is the moral of the story? LinkAffixes Another part of a word is the affix. An affix is a group of letters attached to either the beginning or the end of a root word to form another word. An affix added before a root word is called prefix while an affix added after a root word is called suffix. Analyze how the following words are formed. • unkind • behold • returnPrefixes A prefix is a syllable or group of letters placed before a root word. It gives a clue to the meaning of a word. Examples: Prefix Root word New word un- (not) + kind = unkind (not kind) be- (to) + hold = behold (to see) re- (back) + turn = return (to go back)0 Reading Works! 5
  37. 37. Study the following prefixes and their meanings. Prefix Meaning Examplesab- not; away from absent, absorbante before antedate, antecedentanti- against; in opposition to anti-government, anti-mosquitoesauto self automatic, automobilebio life biology, biographydia across; through diagonal, dialoguedis- away; apart; opposite of disrespectful, disregardmal- bad; inadequate malfunction, maltreatmicro small microscope, microorganismmis- wrong misunderstood, misrepresentedmono one; single monopoly, monotone Knowing Myself 1
  38. 38. Prefix Meaning Examplesmulti- many; multiple multitalented, multipurposenon- not nonformal, nonlivingover- above; outer; in excess overestimate, overseepost after postpone, postscriptpre before preschool, previewre- back; again recall, reprintsuper above; beyond superhuman, superstartele distance telephone, televisiontrans across transfer, transporttri- three triangle, trimesterun not unbelievable, undecidedunder- below; beneath underwater, underground Reading Works! 5
  39. 39. Activity 1 Complete the table by picking out the appropriate prefix for the following root words. Write the newly formed words in the last column. Prefixes Root Word New Word 1. (mis, dis,un) interpret 2. (trans, re, over) discover 3. (re, dis, trans) size 4. (anti, ex, fore) shadow 5. (up, pro, retro) grade 6. (mis, dis, multi) talented 7. (anti, under, over) virus 8. (un, mal, dis) interested 9. (dis, anti, under) weight 10. (pre, in, super) mature Knowing Myself
  40. 40. Activity 2 Fill in the blanks to complete the following sentences. Choose from the new words you formed in activity 1. 1. Mom is an expert in many things. She could ______________________ things. 2. The children look bored and ______________________ in the lesson. 3. People sometimes ______________________ Mark’s confidence as arrogance. 4. The picture is too big. You need to ______________________ it before you can upload it. 5. My brother purchased an ______________________ program to protect the software installed in our new computer. 6. My computer is quite old, so it needs an ______________________ . 7. The family wants to ______________________ Manila by visiting its historical places. 8. My sister sings, dances, and writes well. She is ______________________ . 9. RV does not eat well so he has become ______________________.10. My aunt gave birth to a ______________________ baby. Reading Works! 5
  41. 41. Upload A Venn diagram is made up of two overlapping circles that show the similarities and differences of things, ideas, or characters being compared and contrasted. Accomplish the Venn diagram below by comparing and contrasting your traits and Andy’s. In the circle labeled Me, write the characteristics you have that Andy does not have. In the circle labeled Andy, write Andy’s traits which you do not have. In the overlapping area, write the traits that are common to you and Andy. Share your diagram with the class. Me Andy Knowing Myself
  42. 42. Lesson 4 Making Time for My Favorite Pastime Connect From the list below, check the top five things you do during your free time._______ Listen to my favorite music _______ Cook_______ Watch movies _______ Play sports_______ Write poems or songs _______ Work in the garden_______ Read _______ Go out with friends_______ Sketch random images _______ Make scrapbooks _______ Play an instrument _______ Travel with my family_______ Visit a museum _______ Chat on the Internet_______ Play computer games _______ Take care of my pets Search Write on the blank the word that means the same as the italicized word or phrase in each sentence. Choose from the words in the box. hobby workshops interest pursue fulfillment_____________________ 1. Playing soccer is Andrew’s favorite pastime. _____________________ 2. Lian will attend seminars to develop her speaking skills._____________________ 3. RV wants to go after his dream of becoming an artist._____________________ 4. Seeing the realization of one’s dream is priceless. _____________________ 5. Karl has always shown a fondness for children. Reading Works! 5
  43. 43. Do you know that you can turn your hobbies and interests Download into special skills? Read the selection about different hobbies and interests you may want to pursue. The “Coolest” Summer Classes Rachelle I. Torreon For many people, summer is the time to head to the beach and go on a vacation. But for some, it is a time to enjoy their hobbies and pursue other interests. They attend workshops or activities that will enhance their skills and talents. They also attend classes that will enable them to learn a new skill or a new language. Some engage in their favorite sports. In selecting which summer class you want to attend, consider what interests you the most. If you love drawing, you can enroll in a painting summer class. If you love dancing, you can enroll in ballet classes. If you love sports, there are swimming and tennis lessons being offered for beginners. Those inclined toward the arts may want to learn sketching and cartooning, scrapbook making, cross-stitching, or origami—the art of paper folding. Knowing Myself
  44. 44. In enrolling for summer classes, you need to consider your resources. Piano lessons are ideal for those who have a piano. Those who wish to learn how to play the violin should have a violin of his or her own. Besides, money is needed to be able to enroll in these classes. So it is necessary that you consider if these can be accommodated in the family budget. Those who are fond of writing can take workshops in writing poems, short stories, essays, and plays. Those who plan to take up journalism may enroll in journalism workshops. Those who love cooking will enjoy classes in culinary arts, baking, and pastry making. These are just some of the many summer classes that you can enroll in. Whatever your choice is, keep in mind that your hobbies and interests may go beyond mere activities during free time. If you take them seriously, they can be developed into skills and talents that can bring you a sense of fulfillment. Click1. What are hobbies and interests?2. What should one consider before enrolling in a summer class?3. Why do some people choose to attend summer classes rather than go on outings and trips?4. Who do you think will likely enroll in a journalism workshop?5. Why would some people challenge themselves in trying out new activities?6. What is the importance of developing one’s skills and talents? Explain your answer briefly. Reading Works! 5
  45. 45. LinkSuffix A suffix is a word part added to the end of a word. Just like a prefix, a suffix also changes the meaning of the word to which it is attached. Some suffixes also change words into nouns, adjectives, verbs, or adverbs. Knowing about suffixes and their meanings will help you form new words as well as understand unfamiliar words with suffixes. The following are commonly used suffixes: Suffix Meaning Examples Part of Speech possible to, capable of acceptable, -able, -ible adjective being convertible of; relating to; classical, -al adjective characterized by environmental governance, -ance, -ence action; process; state noun reference one that performs; thing -ant, -ent immigrant, student noun that promotes full of; having the helpful, grateful, -ful adjective qualities of useful of; relating to; -ish characteristic of; having bookish, childish adjective a touch of one that performs; one -ist that specializes in; a artist, feminist noun believer in without; not having -less hopeless, flawless adjective something Knowing Myself
  46. 46. Suffix Meaning Examples Part of Speech development, -ment a state; action; quality noun achievement state; condition; quality; -ness happiness, sadness noun degree generous, -ous full of; having adjective courteous clockwise, -wise in a particular way adverb lengthwiseActivity 1 Fill in the blank with the correct suffix. Use the meaning of the word as your guide. Word Meaning 1. depend _________ can be trusted 2. fool _____________ ridiculous; unwise 3. self __________ unselfish; noble 4. fiction _____________ imaginary; unreal0 Reading Works! 5
  47. 47. Word Meaning 5. perfection ______________ one who wants everything to be perfect 6. calm _____________ state of being calm or quiet 7. encourage _____________ support 8. assist __________ someone who helps; aide 9. cross ______________ diagonally 10. differ _________________ unlikeness; dissimilarityActivity 2 Add a suffix to each word below and write the new word that is formed. Then use each new word in a meaningful sentence. 1. enjoy + ____________ = ______________________________ Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ 2. comfort + ____________ = ______________________________ Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ Knowing Myself 1
  48. 48. 3. refresh + ____________ = ______________________________ Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ 4. paper + ____________ = ______________________________ Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ 5. read + ____________ = ______________________________ Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ 6. music + ____________ = ______________________________ Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ 7. fit + ____________ = ______________________________ Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ 8. wonder + ____________ = ______________________________ Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ Reading Works! 5
  49. 49. 9. do + ____________ = ______________________________ Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________10. column + ____________ = ______________________________ Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________ Upload A postcard is a rectangular piece of thin cardboard that has a picture (usually of tourist spots) on one side and a space for writing on the other. It is to be mailed as is, or without an envelope. Someone who has been to a certain place usually sends a postcard to his or her loved ones or friends to tell them how he or she is enjoying the place. Create your own postcard by doing the following:1. Prepare the following materials: thin cardboard, scissors, pencil, old magazines, paste or glue, and colored markers.2. Cut the thin cardboard into a rectangle that is at least six inches wide and four inches long. 3. On one side of the rectangular cardboard, draw a picture showing your favorite sport, hobby, or pastime. You can also cut out from old magazines a picture showing your favorite sport, hobby, or pastime.4. On the other side, write a short note to a friend telling him or her how much you enjoy your favorite sport, hobby, or pastime. You could also encourage him or her to try your pastime. Give it to your friend. Better yet, ask your parents or guardian to help you mail it to him or her. Knowing Myself
  50. 50. Chapter 2 Exploring What’s in a Name? and Gifts My Potentials In this chapter, you will learn more about your inner self, particularly your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. In addition, interesting learning tasks and exciting activities will help you discover your talents. Some activities, on the other hand, will help you improve in areas you are not good at. All of the lessons, selections, and activities in this chapter will help you better appreciate who you really are. Lesson 1 Recognizing My Strengths and Weaknesses Connect Write in the boxes your strengths and weaknesses. Then discuss your answers with a partner. Strengths Reading Works! 5
  51. 51. Weaknesses Search Complete each sentence by supplying the missing word. Choose from the words in the box. mechanical pledge excel dread challenge1. Bryan studies hard so he will ____________________________ in his classes.2. Failures and defeats will ____________________________ you to give up on your dream.3. I ____________________________ that I will do my best to improve myself.4. I ____________________________ school programs because I do not have a talent to share.5. The new school offers ____________________________ courses. Knowing Myself
  52. 52. Download Hello there! Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? In this essay, we will find out how to discover and develop your strengths and how to improve so your weaknesses can be turned into strengths. Enjoy reading! Spotlight on Your Strengths and Weaknesses Rachelle I. Torreon “I love math and I think I’m good at numbers.” “I believe I have a good voice, so I joined the school choir.” “I will never be able to play basketball well. It’s not the sport for me.” “I tried my best to get good grades in school but I still fail.” Did you notice anything about these statements? The first two statements reveal a very important aspect in a student’s life—strengths. Strengths refer to one’s “strong points” or one’s talents and skills. Some have a talent for the arts. Others are gifted in sports. Some are skilled in languages while others in mechanical trades. List down on a sheet of paper the things you can do well in school (whether they are related to academics or not). Reflect on these and make a pledge that you will do your best to use these strengths to further improve yourself and to help others. Reading Works! 5
  53. 53. While it is true that we have our own strengths, we also have our limitations. You may have noticed some people can sing but they cannot dance; some excel in science or English but they find it difficult to do well in math. This is not to say of course that we should simply accept our weaknesses and not improve ourselves. Sometimes, it all boils down to attitude. For instance, students who dread math look at it as a chore or something they have to get over with. Psychologists often tell us that sometimes, one cannot get things done because we “resist” them. The right attitude is to love or at least like something that challenges us. But, most of the time, we simply have to deal with our individual weaknesses, whether they are about our attitudes or our talents and skills. List down the things or areas in which you think you are not good at. Opposite each weakness, list the things you will do so you can improve on it. Discovering and using our strengths help us to be the best that we can be—for ourselves and for others. We can use our weaknesses to keep our feet on the ground. An American poet once said, “There’s a crack in everything that God made.” The important thing is to believe in oneself and stay positive in what one can do, but be humble to admit one’s limitations. Knowing Myself
  54. 54. Click1. Define strengths and weaknesses based on the essay.2. Why is it important for a person to identify his or her weaknesses in addition to his or her strengths?3. What does the statement “I believe I am gifted with a good voice, so I joined the school choir” show about one’s attitude toward his or her strength?4. Based on the essay, is having a weakness a bad thing? Explain your answer.5. How can the essay help you as a pupil and as a person? LinkSyllabication Syllabication refers to the division of a word into syllables. To syllabicate means to divide words into syllables. A syllable is a combination of a vowel sound and a consonant sound, or a consonant and a vowel (in that order), or a vowel alone. Examples:• pot (The word pot has one syllable: pot.)• po-tent (The word potent has two syllables: po and tent.)• po-ten-tial (The word potential has three syllables: po, ten, and tial.)• po-ten-tial-ly (The word potentially has four syllables: po, ten, tial, and ly) Here are the rules on syllabicating words. 1. A one-syllable word is not syllabicated. Examples: learn read Reading Works! 5
  55. 55. 2. Divide a word with double consonants between consonants. Examples: lit-tle sum-mer3. Words with two or more consonants (not double consonants) appearing between two vowels are usually divided between the first two consonants. Examples: or-bit un-der4. For single consonants between two vowels, the consonant goes with the second vowel. Examples: so-fa le-gal5. Digraphs and blends are not separated. Examples: mo-ther com-plaint digraph blend6. Divide words with affixes (a prefix and a suffix) between the base word and the affix. Examples: beat-ing dis-be-lief7. Divide compound words between the words that make up the compound word. Examples: home-work cross-roadWord Stress Syllables in a word are pronounced with varying degrees of emphasis. One syllable in a word receives the highest degree of emphasis while the others receive less emphasis. This feature of spoken English is called word stress. Knowing Myself
  56. 56. Word stress is marked by a short vertical line () placed before the syllable to be stressed. The syllable with the stress mark should be pronounced with more emphasis than the other syllables. Identifying word stress is important in speaking English and in determining the function of the word. The following words have stress on the first syllable. Read each correctly. • peo-ple • cli-mate • tem-po-rary • plat-form • sur-face • en-trance • blub-ber • gen-er-ate Below are words with stress on the second syllable. Read each correctly. • com-mu-ni-ty • ac-com-mo-date • syn-thet- ic • pro-vide 0 Reading Works! 5
  57. 57. • ex-is-tence • pre-pare • ma-te-ri-al • ob-tain • tra-di-tion Some words change their meaning when the stress is shifted from the first syllable to the second syllable. Nouns Verbs (Stress on the First Syllable) (Stress on the Second Syllable) re-cord (an account of things or re-cord (to account or write down) events) di-gest (a summary) di-gest (to absorb) im-ports (goods brought to a country im-ports (brings in) from another country) re-bel (one who forcibly resists lawful re-bel (to revolt) authority)Activity 1Syllabicate the following words. 1. excel – _______________________________________ 2. weakness – _______________________________________ 3. academics – _______________________________________ Knowing Myself 1
  58. 58. 4. discover – _______________________________________ 5. betterment – _______________________________________ 6. overcome – _______________________________________ 7. guidance – _______________________________________ 8. humble – _______________________________________ 9. achievements – _______________________________________10. failure – _______________________________________Activity 2Place the correct accent on the following words.1. present (noun) 6. content (adjective)2. potential 7. record (verb)3. hidden 8. success4. ceremony 9. utensils5. address (verb) 10. digest (verb) Reading Works! 5
  59. 59. Activity 3 Determine whether the underlined word is a noun, an adjective or a verb. Write your answer on the blank. Then place the stress mark correctly on the underlined word. __________________ 1. Is she making any progress in her presentation?__________________ 2. Did you progress in your studies or not?__________________ 3. Our group will conduct an interview with the mayor.__________________ 4. Your conduct is truly praiseworthy.__________________ 5. She projects the image of a true artist.__________________ 6. The class is doing well in its science projects.__________________ 7. It takes some time to perfect one’s skill.__________________ 8. The young gymnast got an almost perfect score.__________________ 9. The produce of the farmers and the fishermen could not fill even a small truck.__________________ 10. Produce good harvest and most likely you will earn more. Upload Knowing and recognizing one’s strengths and weaknesses is a sign of humility. It is also a good starting point for improving oneself. Using the human bingo card below, interview some of your classmates who fit the given descriptions. Be ready to be interviewed by your classmates, too. Complete the human bingo card on the next page by writing the names of your classmates under their corresponding descriptions. Knowing Myself
  60. 60. Find Someone Who... excels in math speaks fluent English shows great basketball skills possesses a beautiful dances gracefully creates artistic drawing singing voice outputs exhibits good needs to improve his or wants to excel in sports leadership skills her reading skills wants to be an artist tries his or her best to be needs help in his or her good at singing math lessons Reading Works! 5
  61. 61. Lesson 2 Improving Myself Connect Accomplish the first two columns of the K-W-L chart below by writing what you know and what you want to know about the topic self-improvement. Finish the last column at the end of the lesson. What You Know What You Want to Know What You Learned Search Read the words carefully. Encircle the word that does not belong in each group.1. frustrated – elated bothered discouraged disturbed2. perseverance – resolve determination fortitude compliance3. entails – requires involves needs excludes4. devote – remove dedicate give allot5. importance – value worth worthlessness significance Knowing Myself
  62. 62. DownloadDo you know what the phrase room forimprovement means? It is an expression normally used when something can still be improved. What aspects in your life have room for improvement? Room for Improvement Rachelle I. Torreon What do Charice Pempengco, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, and Bill Gates have in common aside from fame and fortune? You may find it difficult to believe this, but all of them, at some point in their lives, failed while pursuing their dreams. But they have another thing in common—they never gave up despite the odds. They worked very hard until they finally succeeded. Let me tell you a story about a high school student who barely passed his math subject. He was always Reading Works! 5
  63. 63. frustrated with his performance but he challenged and told himself he would major in math in college. In about six or seven years, he not only earned a degree in that field but he also graduated magna cum laude! Then there is the story of a young girl who dreamt of becoming a singer. In every singing contest she joined, she always lost. After several more tries, she won a national singing competition. Since then, many doors were opened for her here and abroad. The rest, as they say, is history. These stories tell us the importance of improving oneself to reach one’s goals and dreams. Self-improvement, though, is not an easy task. It entails a lot of patience, determination, and perseverance. In school, improving oneself means to devote extra hours in studying. It may help if you ask yourself these questions:Why do I want to improve? Your answer to this question depends on your goals in life. This far, your goal is to get a good education, and in several years, finish college. And you can do that only by studying hard. You want to improve because you wish to get ahead in life, secure your future and that of your family, and live in the service of others.What do I need to improve? After setting goals for yourself, you need to identify what specific areas you should improve on. Do you need to work harder on your English or science lessons? Do you need to improve on your attitudes toward studying and doing your tasks and work as a student? Or is it how you manage your time? Is it lack of self-discipline?How do I improve? The answer to this question involves an inner resolve to set things right. It is not an easy task but putting your heart into whatever you need to improve on is not a waste of time. In fact, you owe it to yourself to give it your best and to faithfully persevere. Highly successful people are guided by this principle. Knowing Myself
  64. 64. Click1. Who are some famous people who failed at first but persevered to succeed? Describe their story briefly.2. What should one do to succeed in school?3. What does the line “Self-improvement, though, is not an easy task” mean? Explain and give a real-life example.4. What role does failure play in the life of every person?5. What is the impact of the essay on you? LinkWord Association There are different ways of expanding the meaning of a word. One way is through word association, which involves the process of thinking of words closely related or connected to a given word. Observe how the words in the cluster connect to the topic self-improvement. strength time and effort process Self-improvement acknowledgment of one’s weaknesses weaknesses Reading Works! 5
  65. 65. Activity 1 Fill in the blanks with the words and phrases from the given cluster in Link. 1. One’s _________________________ may include his or her defects or faults.2. Self-improvement is done so that a weakness will become a/an _________________________.3. Self-improvement does not happen in an instant. It undergoes a long _________________________.4. Self-improvement requires a great deal of _________________________.5. Self-improvement will be meaningful if there is a/an _________________________.Activity 2 Complete the cluster below by writing in the circles words or phrases you can associate with the given words.1. Goal Knowing Myself
  66. 66. 2. Success3. Failure Upload Form a group with four to five members. Prepare a short dramatic skit that would encourage people to improve themselves. Your skit should also show the importance and benefits of improving oneself. Perform your skit in class. 0 Reading Works! 5
  67. 67. Lesson 3 Discovering My Special Talents Connect Name some famous Filipinos who have excelled in the following fields: 1. singing _____________________________________________________2. performing arts/theater _____________________________________________________3. acting _____________________________________________________4. basketball _____________________________________________________5. taekwondo _____________________________________________________6. bowling _____________________________________________________7. boxing _____________________________________________________8. billiards _____________________________________________________ How do you think did these people discover their talents? Search Look up in the dictionary the meaning of the following words. Write the definitions on the blanks. Then use each word in a meaningful sentence.1. dwell – _____________________________________________________________________ Definition: _____________________________________________________________________ Sentence: _____________________________________________________________________ Knowing Myself 1
  68. 68. 2. melody – _____________________________________________________________________ Definition: _____________________________________________________________________ Sentence: _____________________________________________________________________ 3. prominent – _____________________________________________________________________ Definition: _____________________________________________________________________ Sentence: _____________________________________________________________________ 4. embarrass – _____________________________________________________________________ Definition: _____________________________________________________________________ Sentence: _____________________________________________________________________ 5. discovery – _____________________________________________________________________ Definition: _____________________________________________________________________ Sentence: _____________________________________________________________________ DownloadTalents are gifts we should be thankful for. They say some people are born with so much talent while some wait a while to discover their gifts. In this fable, you will find out how Lucy waited patiently for her talent to shine. Reading Works! 5
  69. 69. Lucy’s Melody Katrina Anne Ricarte Once there was a place in the forest called the Woods of Songs where the “melody makers” dwelt. Music was everywhere in the woods because the birds sang their melodies together. Of all the birds, the Nightingale family was the most prominent because they produced the best music. Mr. and Mrs. Nightingale had a daughter named Lucy who also wanted to be like her parents. But she had a problem—she could not sing. “Lucy, do not lose hope. You are special. You’ll see. Someday, the woods will hear your beautiful voice. We are here for you,” Mrs. Nightingale said. Lucy took her mother’s words to heart. One day in school, Ms. Tweet, the class adviser, announced that she would hold an audition for the school’s singing contest. The students were called to sing and everybody performed well. Finally, it was Lucy’s turn. “Lucy, it is time to show your talent. Good luck!” Jenny, Lucy’s best friend, said. “But Jenny, I do not want to embarrass myself and most especially my parents,” Lucy cried. The class waited for Lucy to sing. They waited for a minute or two, but Lucy remained quiet. Ms. Tweet encouraged Lucy to sing, but Lucy just cried. “I’m sorry, Ms. Tweet. I cannot sing. I don’t know how to sing. I’m sorry,” Lucy cried. Lucy then flew to the river. She cried and cried. But as she was crying, she found herself humming a sad tune. Without her knowing it, she was singing for the first time! She kept on singing while tears were rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly, she heard an applause coming from behind. It was her father and mother. Knowing Myself
  70. 70. “Beautiful! That’s the sweetest melody I have ever heard!” Mr. Nightingale exclaimed. “You have finally discovered your hidden gift. I know it was not easy, but it was all worth the wait. You are wonderful, my daughter!” Mrs. Nightingale said proudly. Lucy ran to her parents and hugged them tightly. “Thank you, Mother and Father. I never thought I would be able to sing this way. Thank you! I will take care of my voice and I will fill the woods with my melody. I love you, Mother and Father. Thank you for your support and love,” Lucy said joyfully. The Nightingale family went home singing happily. Click1. What was Lucy’s problem?2. Why was Lucy so embarrassed when she could not sing in front of her classmates? Explain your answer.3. What kind of mother is Mrs. Nightingale? Cite lines from the story to support your answer. Reading Works! 5
  71. 71. 4. Why is it important to encourage people?5. What values are taught by the fable? How did the Nightingale family show these values? LinkRecognizing Synonyms Another way of improving your vocabulary skills is being able to give the synonyms of a word. A synonym is a word that means the same or nearly the same as another word. Knowing the synonyms of a word means having other words to use in place of it. Examples:• melody – tune, music, song• dwells – lives, stays, inhabits• contest – competition, challenge, match• produce – make, create, compose• beautiful – wonderful, brilliant, greatActivity 1Encircle the synonym of each given word. 1. symphony – music poem lyrics 2. prominent – infamous famous anonymous Knowing Myself
  72. 72. 3. expertise – skill incompetence idea 4. embarrass – humiliate applaud raise 5. encourage – uplift dishearten express 6. audition – skill performance access 7. importance – sincerity character value 8. represent – reserve create symbolize 9. perform – unlock execute activate10. announce – denounce put declareActivity 2List down 10 words and their synonyms. Then use each synonym in a sentence. Word Synonym Sentence 1. 2. Reading Works! 5
  73. 73. Word Synonym Sentence 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Upload Write an alternative ending to the story. Limit your alternative ending to 8 to 10 sentences only. Use the space provided on the next page. Knowing Myself
  74. 74. My Alternative Ending to the Story “Lucy’s Melody” Reading Works! 5
  75. 75. Lesson 4 Appreciating Who I Am Connect Reflect on the things you have discovered about yourself, both strengths and weaknesses, good or bad, talents and potentials and answer the question, “What do you most appreciate about yourself and why?” ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Search Give a synonym for each word. Then use the synonym in a sentence. 1. unique Synonym: ___________________________________ Sentence: ______________________________________________________________________2. flaw Synonym: ___________________________________ Sentence: ______________________________________________________________________ Knowing Myself
  76. 76. 3. distinct Synonym: ___________________________________ Sentence: ______________________________________________________________________ 4. strength Synonym: ___________________________________ Sentence: ______________________________________________________________________ 5. pride Synonym: ___________________________________ Sentence: ______________________________________________________________________ Download Read this poem and reflect on the question, “Have you ever Every individual is unique and appreciated yourself despite has special characteristics he your imperfections?”or she must be thankful for. We may have flaws but we also have gifts and talents. Whoever we may be, whatever personality, ability, and talent we have, we all have to appreciate ourselves first before others could appreciate the beauty in us.0 Reading Works! 5