Viguiera laciniata


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Viguiera laciniata

  1. 1. * San Diego Sunflower – Viguiera (Bahiopsis) laciniata (vig-EER-uh lah-sin-ee-AY-tuh ) Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower Family) Native to: San Diego Co. south to Baja, Sonora; on shrubby slopes, lower elevations in dry sandy or rocky soils. perennial sub-shrub mature height: 1-3 ft. mature width: 1-3 ft. mounded evergreen (semi-deciduous) sub-shrub. Leaves medium green, lance-shaped and sticky. Looks somewhat like CA Encelia, but more delicate. Growth characteristics: Blooms most months in many gardens. Main bloom period is in spring (Mar-June). Flowers are yellow sunflowers – similar to Encelia but with yellow disk flowers. Very showy in bloom and good for attracting butterflies & insect pollinators. Lovely bright spot in the garden! Blooms/fruits: Uses in the garden: Most often used as an accent plant – for its golden0yellow flowers over a long time period. Does great on slopes and hillsides, where the roots stabilize the soil. Combine with its natural associates (Rhamnus crocea, Delphinium cardinale, Mimulus aurantiacus, Phacelia grandiflora) for a colorful mixed bed. Good for wildlife habitat gardens, butterfly gardens. Sensible substitute for: Non-native sunflowers. Attracts: Excellent habitat plant that attract butterflies, pollinator insects, birds (eat the seed). Requirements: Element Sun Soil Water Fertilizer Other Requirement Full sun to part shade. Wide tolerance – sandy to clay but no standing water; any local pH. Wide range: regular (Zone 3) to occasional water (Zone 2) Not needed Management: Easy to grow. Cut back stems in fall (taper off water in fall) to renew. Propagation: from seed: fresh seed; slow germination by cuttings: semi-soft in summer Plant/seed sources (see list for source numbers): 1, 8, 10, 13, 14, 16, 20 4/28/10 * CA native plant but not native to Western L.A. county © Project SOUND