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Gardening sheet plantago erecta


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Gardening sheet plantago erecta

  1. 1. Dot-seed Plantain – Plantago erecta (plan-TAY-go ee-REC-tuh) Family: Plantaginacaceae (Plantain Family) Native to: Throughout California from OR to Baja; on grassy beaches, dunes, stable sandy flats, vernal pools, ridges and rock outcrops. herbaceous annual mature height: 1-12 in. mature width: Slender, erect plant with slightly hairy stems and flower stalks. Attractive light green. petite. Growth characteristics: 1-5 In. Neat & Blooms Mar-May. Flowers are small, papery, white-green and borne on erect stalk. Very small but attractive up close. Blooms/fruits: Uses in the garden: Pleasant in annual wildflower garden (plant up front – very small). Excellent for rock garden, miniature garden or in pots as a cover for bulbs. Does well in disturbed soils, so good for restoring disturbed areas. Useful as an annual groundcover or to fill between other plants. Sensible substitute for: Small non-native annuals, ornamental grasses. Attracts: Larval food for Checkerspot and Buckeye butterflies. Birds eat seeds. Requirements: Element Sun Soil Water Fertilizer Other Requirement Full sun to part shade Any; sand to clay No summer water; requires winter water to germinate none Out-competed by non-native annual grasses. Does best if soil is bare, and surface is slightly disturbed. Easy under right conditions. Let plants dry out after flowering to promote seed-set. Will reseed but may not come back every year. Management: Propagation: from seed: no special requirements; sow in place; will germinate in warm spring weather. Plant/seed sources (see list for source numbers): 1, 2, 14, 16, 24 12/9/10 © Project SOUND