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Gallery of california native plants s


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Gardening information sheets and pictures of California native plants suitable for S. California gardens.

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Gallery of california native plants s

  1. 1. Gallery of California Native Plants for S. California Gardens - S Download this file (click the ‘Save’ icon, below) – then open or save. You can then click on the links. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information Sairocarpus coulterianus Coulter’s (White) snapdragon dheim/gardening-sheet- sairocarpus-coulterianus m/sairocarpus-coulterianus-web- show * Sairocarpus multiflorus Multiflowered snapdragon dheim/sairocarpus-multiflorus Salix exigua Narrowleaf willow dheim/gardening-sheet-salix- exigua m/salix-exigua-web-show Salix laevigata Red willow dheim/gardening-sheet-salix- laevigata m/salix-laevigata-web-show Salix lasiolepis Arroyo willow dheim/gardening-sheet-salix- lasiolepis m/salix-lasiolepis-web-show Salvia apiana White sage dheim/gardening-sheet-salvia- apiana m/salvia-apiana-web-show * Salvia brandegeei Brandegee’s sage dheim/salvia-brandegei m/salvia-brandegeei-web-show Salvia carduacea Thistle sage dheim/salvia-carduaceae m/salvia-carduacea-web-show * Salvia clevelandii Cleveland sage dheim/salvia-clevelandii m/salvia-clevelandii-web-show
  2. 2. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information Salvia columbariae Chia sage dheim/gardening-sheet-salvia- columbariae m/salvia-columbariae-web-show Salvia leucophylla Purple sage dheim/gardening-sheet-salvia- leucophylla m/salvia-leucophylla-web-show Salvia mellifera Black sage dheim/gardening-sheet-salvia- mellifera m/salvia-mellifera-web-show * Salvia munzii Munz’ sage dheim/salvia-munzii m/salvia-munzii-web-show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-january-munz-sage-salvia.html * Salvia pachyphylla Blue/Pink sage dheim/gardening-sheet-salvia- pachyphylla * Salvia sonomensis Creeping sage dheim/salvia-sonomensis Salvia spathacea Hummingbird sage dheim/gardening-sheet-salvia- spathacea m/salvia-spathacea-web-show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-march-hummingbird-sage.html Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea Blue (Mexican) elderberry dheim/gardening-sheet- sambucus-caerulea m/sambucus-nigra-ssp-cerulea- web-show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-august-blue-mexican.html * Sanicula bipinnatifida Purple sanicle dheim/sanicula-bipinnatifida Scrophularia californica California beeplant dheim/gardening-sheet- scrophularia-californica m/scrophularia-californica-web- show
  3. 3. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Sedum spathulifolium Broadleaf stonecrop dheim/sedum-spathulifolium Senecio flaccidus Shrubby butterweed dheim/gardening-sheet- senecio-flaccidus * Senna covesii Coues' cassia dheim/senna-covesii * Shepherdia argentea Silver buffaloberry dheim/gardening-sheet- shepheria-argentea m/shepherdia-argentea-web-show Sidalcea malviflora Dwarf checkerbloom dheim/gardening-sheet- sidalcea-malvaflora m/sidalcea-malviflora-web-show * Sidalcea oregano Oregon checkerbloom dheim/sidalcea-oregana Silene laciniata Red (Cardinal) catchfly dheim/gardening-sheet-silene- laciniata * Simmondsia chinensis Jojoba dheim/simmondsia-chinensis Sisyrinchium bellum Western blue-eyed grass dheim/gardening-sheet- sisyrinchium-bellum m/sisyrinchium-bellum-web-show * Sisyrinchium californicum Yellow-eyed grass dheim/sisyrinchium- californicum
  4. 4. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Solanum umbelliferum Bluewitch nightshade dheim/solanum-umbelliferum Solanum wallacei Catalina nightshade dheim/gardening-sheet- solanum-wallacei Solanum xanti Purple nightshade dheim/gardening-sheet- solanum-xanti m/solanum-xanti-web-show Solidago californica California goldenrod dheim/gardening-sheet- solidago-californica m/solidago-californica-web-show Solidago spectabilis Southern goldenrod dheim/gardening-sheet- solidago-spectabilis m/solidago-spectabilis-web-show * Sphaeralcea ambigua Desert mallow dheim/sphaeralcea-ambigua m/sphaeralcea-ambigua-web-show * Spiraea douglasii Douglas’ (Rose) spiraea dheim/gardening-sheet- spiraea-douglasii * Spiraea splendens Large-flowered Spireae dheim/gardening-sheet- spiraea-splendens Sporobolus airoides Alkali sacaton dheim/gardening-sheet- sporobolus-airoides m/sporobolus-airoides-web-show Stachys albens White-stem woodmint dheim/gardening-sheet- stachys-albens
  5. 5. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information Stachys bullata California woodmint dheim/gardening-sheet- stachys-bullata m/stachys-bullata-web-show Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-december-california-wood.html Stachys rigida Rough (Rigid) woodmint dheim/gardening-sheet- stachys-rigida m/stachys-rigida-web-show Stipa (Nassella) cernua Nodding needlegrass dheim/gardening-sheet- nassella-cernua m/nassella-cernua-web-show Stipa (Nassella) lepida Foothill needlegrass dheim/gardening-sheet-stipa- lepida m/stipa-lepida-web-show Stipa (Nassella) pulchra Purple needlegrass dheim/gardening-sheet- nassella-pulchra m/nassella-pulchra-web-show Symphoricarpos albus Common snowberry dheim/gardening-sheet- symphoricarpos-albus Symphoricarpos mollis Creeping snowberry dheim/gardening-sheet- symphoricarpos-mollis m/symphoricarpos-mollis-web- show * Symphyotrichum chilense Pacific aster dheim/symphyotrichum- chilense m/symphyotrichum-chilense-web- show * Not native to Western Los Angeles County – but does well in local gardens Return to Native Plants Gallery: