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Gallery of california native plants l


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Gallery of california native plants l

  1. 1. Gallery of California Native Plants for S. California Gardens Download this file (click ‘Save’ below) – then open or save. You can then click on the links. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information Lasthenia californica California goldfields lasthenia-californica Lasthenia glabrata Coulter’s goldfields lasthenia-glabrata * Lathyrus splendens Pride of California Lathyrus vestitus Hillside/Canyon pea lathyrus-vestitus Lavatera assurgentiflora Southern island mallow lavatera-assurgentiflora show Layia platyglossa Coastal tidy-tips platyglossa Lepechinia fragrans Fragrant pitchersage lepechinia-fragrans * Lepidospartum squamatum California broomsage squamatum * Leptodactylon californicum California prickly phlox californicum
  2. 2. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information Leptosiphon dianthiflorus Fringed linanthus leptosiphon-dianthiflorus * Leptosiphon grandiflorus Largeflower linanthus leptosiphon-grandiflorus *Lewisia cotyledon Siskiyou bitter-root lewisia-cotyledon Leymus condensatus Giant wildrye leymus-condensatus show Leymus triticoides Creeping wildrye leymus-triticoides * Lilium pardalinum Leopard lily * Lilium washingtonianum Washington lily * Limnanthes alba White meadowfoam limnanthes-alba * Limnanthes douglasii Douglas’ meadowfoam show Limonium californicum California sea lavender limonium-californicum
  3. 3. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information * Linum lewisii Blue flax * Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal flower * Lobelia dunnii Dunn’s lobelia * Lomatium californicum California lomatium Lomatium utriculatum Spring gold * Lonicera ciliosa Orange honeysuckle Lonicera hispidula Purple (Hairy) honeysuckle * Lonicera interrupta Chaparral honeysuckle * Lonicera involucrata Twinberry Lonicera subspicata Southern honeysuckle
  4. 4. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information Lotus scoparius see Acmispon glaber Deer vetch Lotus unifoliolatus (purshianus) Spanish lotus unifoliatus Lupinus albifrons Silver bush lupine lupinus-albifrons Lupinus bicolor Miniature lupine lupinus-bicolor Lupinus chamissonis Dune lupine lupinus-chamissonis Lupinus concinnus Bajada lupine lupinus-concinnus Lupinus excubitus Grape soda lupine lupinus-excubitus Lupinus formosus Summer lupine lupinus-formosus Lupinus hirsutissimus Stinging lupine lupinus-hirsutissimus * Lupinus latifolius Broadleaf lupine
  5. 5. Name Garden Information Sheet Photo Gallery More Information Lupinus longifolius Longleaf bush lupine longifolius * Lupinus nanus Sky lupine lupinus-nanus Lupinus sparsiflorus Coulter’s lupine lupinus-sparsiflorus Lupinus succulentus Arroyo (Succulent) lupine lupinus-succulentis Plant of the Month: http://mother-natures- month-arroyo-succulent-lupine.html Lupinus truncatus Collared (truncated) lupine lupinus-truncatus * Lycium andersonii Anderson wolfberry * Lycium brevipes Baja desert-thorn Lycium californicum California boxthorn californicum Lyonothamnus floribundus Catalina (Island) ironwood lyonothamnus-floribundus web-show 10/30/14 * Not native to Western Los Angeles County – but does well in local gardens
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