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Session Preview of various inspirational speeches by Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer - Mr. Simerjeet Singh.

Simerjeet Singh is an International Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer with over 10 years of work experience in the Middle East, North America, Europe, Australia and Asia with FT 500 Companies.

Leadership positions in diverse cultures offered him a chance to study the intricacies of human behaviour in people centric environs and to reap a rich harvest of wisdom and insightful experiences. Simerjeet is also a Certified NLP Practitioner (UK) and has a Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching (UK).

To find out how we can contribute to your organization with result orientated and fun filled workshops on Motivation, Team Building, Leadership, Innovation, Interpersonal Skills, Inspiration, Stress Management and NLP, email us today at or log on to our website

Our Core Expertise Areas are Motivation, Inspiration, Positive Thinking, NLP, Excellence in Customer Service, Inter Personal Skills, Team Building (Indoor and Outbound), Leadership Training, Faculty Development Programs, Faculty Motivation Programs, Youth Empowerment Programs, Student Motivation Program, Communication, Ethics, Stress Management and Inner Peace.

Our Clients include - Alembic Ltd, BenQ India, Birla Sunlife Mumbai, The British Council New Delhi, LTC Bahrain, E Kanoo Group Bahrain, Corbus India, The Reliance ADA Group, IBM Daksh, Capital Local Area Bank, BILT (Maharashtra), The Trident Abhishek Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, Punjab Tractors Limited, GNA Group, Indian Armed forces, Torrent Pharmaceuticals Baddi, Sara International Noida, Itron Noida, PSI Gurgaon,

To arrange an In- house or outbound corporate training program for your team in India, Middle East or South East Asia, please email us today at or Reach us on +91- 9216229268 or +91-9878529268
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  • wonderful speech really motivsting as well giving an insight to many things of reality...... i did like to download and use to motivate my juniors... how do i do that?????
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