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                             HOTEL MAYA P...
CUTTING           EDGE        LEARNING                SYSTEMS

                             Here’s what the participant...
CUTTING          EDGE         LEARNING                SYSTEMS

                             Here’s what the participant...
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'Living in Inspiration' - Motivation & Self Development Workshop by Corporate Trainer & Inspirational Speaker Simerjeet Singh


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This newsletter contains first hand participant feedack and pictures of an Open House Workshop conducted by Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer Simerjeet Singh at Jalandhar.

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'Living in Inspiration' - Motivation & Self Development Workshop by Corporate Trainer & Inspirational Speaker Simerjeet Singh

  1. 1. ‘LIVING IN CUTTING EDGE LEARNING INSPIRATION’@ HOTEL MAYA PALACE, JALANDHAR. SYSTEMS Workshop Duration: 1 Day Intensive ( 8 am to 6 pm) Number of Participants: 22 Participant Age Group: 25-46 Participant Profile: Software Professionals and HR Managers Here’s what the participants had to say about their experience: “I have gained a lot from this seminar like living in the present, no regrets of the past and no worry for the future, the importance of connection/love and gratitude. I enjoyed the exercises that we all have done and especially the meditation session’ Navjot Kaur, HR, Tarkia Software “I explored my inner self, came to know about my strengths and have more clarity about my per- sonality. I especially liked the interaction exercises, self exploration, games and the theoretical concepts given by the faculty. The prof. has been very informative and it was a new learning ex- perience for me” Ajay Aggarwal, Corporate HR, Vardhman Group. CUTTING EDGE LEARNING SYSTEMS “I have learnt to start and make the best of whatever we have, the importance of gratitude, initia- 40-SF, Saraswati Vihar, tive, self-reflection and the importance of learning everyday no matter even if it is not a major Kapurthala Chowk, chunk. The parts I enjoyed most were the brain storming, taking out a few moments to reflect on Jalandhar - 144 001 what I am today and where do I need to move on. It was great learning” Shikha Garg, Corporate Phone: 9878529268 HR, Capital Bank. Email:
  2. 2. CUTTING EDGE LEARNING SYSTEMS Here’s what the participants had to say about their experience: “It indeed was a wonderful feeling to be part of the session, major take out was the intrinsic meaning of inspiration and motivation. It inspired my soul, mind and body to........ see, hear and feel the mounting positive energy . I believe it is really difficult to express the feelings in word as when ever we try to do , then it can only lead to examples” Rajesh Sharma, HR Man- ager, JCT Ltd. “I have gained myself . I have rediscovered my aim and will be working hard to attain it. In the end, a truly self awakening call. I also enjoyed all the meditation exercises and also the games which helped me change my state. Best Seminar ever attended” Ankur Mehra “I feel really inspired to start a new life right NOW. I don't have a specific moment that I en- joyed the most because I enjoyed every moment. Really a “Nice Nice” experience, very good presentation with very useful material” Gagandeep Kaushal, Tarkia Software “Last session was wonderful for me, it changed my life by helping me to think positive and staying away from negative emotions. This seminar has guided me to live in present, pay grati- CUTTING EDGE LEARNING SYSTEMS tude and work extra. Really it was a wonderful experience. I liked the team exercises, sharing thoughts with colleagues and the wonderful presentation. I am feeling enlightened and want 40-SF, Saraswati Vihar, Kapurthala Chowk, to say thanks from the core of my heart to your team” Sandeep Kath, Tarkia Software Jalandhar - 144 001 Phone: 9878529268 Email:
  3. 3. CUTTING EDGE LEARNING SYSTEMS Here’s what the participants had to say about their experience: “I think I am feeling lucky now to be a part of such a wonderful event. It really helped me to refresh my inner soul. I am filled with a lot of positive energy now and I am sure this will help me attain my goals before time, THANKS” Atul Sharma, Tarkia Software “I especially liked the participation of everyone in the exercises And Simerjeet’s capability to keep our interest lively from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. It is difficult to make people active participants the whole day. I gained energy and the power to get inside myself and learnt how to live in the present moment.” Gurpreet Kaur, Tarkia Software “I enjoyed the last seminar a lot and it was more enjoyable today , as it was more interactive than the last one. We had lot of exercises that were very interactive. I enjoyed the team games also” Harbinder S Hanspal, Tarkia Software I gained countless things from this seminar. To name a few, I was benefited with visualizing my mission, focusing on ‘Now’ and the interactive sessions, where I got a chance to talk and share my views” Gurpreet Singh, Tarkia Software. CUTTING EDGE LEARNING SYSTEMS “ I have learnt to live in the ‘Now’, clarity about the psychological needs, clarity about my life’s mission and the feeling of achieving the same, living in an attitude of gratitude and going that 40-SF, Saraswati Vihar, Kapurthala Chowk, extra mile. The parts that I enjoyed the most were– Case Exercises, Involvement (of the peo- Jalandhar - 144 001 ple and trainers) and the positive thoughts.” Jaspal Singh, President, Tarkia Software Phone: 9878529268 Email: