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Kuta Raja Heritage Bike Trail
Our urban architecture class trying to design facilities for cycling, that is the bike path.
The Bike path that we design is a bike path that can be used for cycling while enjoying the historic sites in the city of Banda Aceh.

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Bicycle way

  1. 1. Urban Design ProjectKutaRaja Heritage Bike TrailUrbanArchitecture Class
  2. 2. GroupBCUT RANI NOVARYANTI1004104010058PUTRI MULIA SARI1004104010061RENGGHA PRIMA10041040200SITI WAHYUNI1004104010035
  3. 3. BicycleWay inHeritage AreaInBandaAceh•Keyword : Bicycle WayHeritage Area
  4. 4. OUTLINE• Project Description ( Cut Rani Novaryanti )• Existing and Site Analysis ( Putri Mulia Sari )• Concept ( Siti Wahyuni )• Implementation Design ( Renggha Prima )
  6. 6. TheDefinition:(Bicycleway)• Bicycle Way : part of the shoulder of the road that designated forbikes and had the mark with road markings.Source :
  7. 7. • In the Oxford dictionary, Heritage written as historical, traditions,and values ​​that owned of a nation or state for many years andconsidered as an important part of their character.
  8. 8. ActorInvolved& TimeScope
  9. 9. ActorInvolvedandplanner•Government•Urban architecture class student from group B.- Cut rani novaryanti- Putri mulia sari- Renggha prima- Siti wahyuni
  10. 10. TimeScope1-2 years- 6 month for planning process- 1-1,5 years for design application
  11. 11. Background• In Heritage area there must be supporting facilities for thecommunity and also for the tourists to faciliate them to go tothese places, and one of facilities that can support it is bycycling.• We choose bicycle ways as our project because in Banda Acehthere is no specific route for cycling in those particular area sowe focus the route at the heritage areas in order to encourageand educate people about the heritage building and otherheritage relics in that site.
  12. 12. ProjectDescription
  13. 13. ProjectDescription• Bicycle way project is made in some roads that passesthrough the heritage area.• In each path will have each criterion based on existingpaths.• Heritage areas that selected is the area that has a lot ofheritage relics, so cyclists will be able to see many heritagebuildings and other heritage relic from the road.
  14. 14. Location:• This project is located: Banda Aceh, Indonesia(Around Heritage Area inBanda Aceh Downtown)
  15. 15. BandaAceh• Banda Aceh is the provincialcapital and largest city in theprovince of Aceh, Indonesia,located on the island of Sumatra,with an elevation of 35 meters.• Banda Aceh is a city full ofhistorical, there are so many relicsin here that must be preserved andcan be visited.
  16. 16. TheLocationAround BandaAcehDowntownLocation
  17. 17. LiteratureStudyThe Advantage of Bicycling :• healthy,• emits no pollution• low cost mode of travel• the most energy‐efficient form of transportation available.
  18. 18. • Bike Lane Facilities1. Pavement Marking Bike Lanes Bike route “sharrow” stencil
  19. 19. •2. SignageColored Bike Lanes •Contra flow bicycle lanes
  20. 20. • Special Purpose SignageInnovative signage is oftendeveloped to increase bicycleawareness and improve visibility.
  21. 21. 3. Bicycle Parking
  22. 22. • Free Bike
  23. 23. TheBikeLaneCriterion• Based on Road Volume1. High Volume Roadways2. Moderate Volume Roadwaywith On-Street Parking
  24. 24. 3. Low Volume Roadways
  25. 25. • Bicycle Lane according the way street :1. BICYCLE LANES ON TWO‐WAY STREETS2. BICYCLE LANES ON ONE‐WAY STREETS
  26. 26. BicycleSupportFacilities1. Main terminal2. Stop Point3. Bicycle repair Shop
  27. 27. SiteAnalysis
  28. 28. ExistingSite• Of Road: Gagak Hitam Road.By : Putri Mulia Sari
  29. 29. • Inner Road• The Heritage RelicsHotelAceh site TamanSariBy : Putri Mulia Sari
  30. 30. Reasonfor SiteSelection• The site is one of the heritage site.• Located in the new city center.• There are no cycling path yet.• The area is less crowded in compare with Peunayongdense area which is a trading center.• In this site there are many Heritage Building and otherheritage relics that deserves to see and visit.By : Putri Mulia Sari
  31. 31. • The heritage building and relics in that site :Masjid Raya BaiturrahmanMuseum AcehGedung JuangPendopoTaman Putro PhangKerkoffBlang PadangTaman SariBarata Tugu AdipuraHotel AcehBy : Putri Mulia Sari
  32. 32. • High Volume Road Ways23154By : Putri Mulia Sari153 42
  33. 33. • Moderate Volume Road Ways1234By : Putri Mulia Sari1234
  34. 34. Conclution :• Width of the street there are :▫ One way road : 6 meter, 8 meter, and 11 meter.▫ Two way road : 8 meter/ street.▫ Increase the vegetation in some road.▫ Main terminal with the car parking lot : Beside Masjid Raya (164 m) Blang Padang▫ Stop Point : Taman Sari In front Of Pendopo
  35. 35. PotentialAnalysis• Around the area of pendopo, blang padang and taman sari there are treeson the shady side of the road. it was a good potential as a shade to protectpeople from the suns heat.
  36. 36. • The roads in the chosen areas for bike lanes are in a good condition• In some areas there has been a pedestrian path• The selected area for bike lanes have an average level of the crowd being, themost congested areas are in taman sari and blang padang
  37. 37. DesignConcept• cycling route chosen and limited by the scope of some of the tourist areaof ​​heritage buildings inBanda Aceh with the aim of introducing and re-connect the community with the local culture.• We aim to design a bike path not only as a support activities but also as aform of historical and cultural sights of Aceh.• The concept of cycling with a blend of cultural values ​​applied to the electioncycle routes, shelter design and board design information• restrictions are based on the selection of the bike path a few areas that pointto areas with heritage buildings, the atmosphere and the circumstancessurrounding the activity supports
  38. 38. cyclingHealthy lifeandenvironmentTheintroductionof heritageareaHeritagebuildingBicycleways inheritagearea
  39. 39. Bike Lane Design Concept :• One way road :width : 6 meter = 4 feet / 1.2 meter8 meter = 5 feet / 1.5 meter11 meter = 6 feet / 1.8 meter
  40. 40. • Lenght := 400m= 300m= 500 m= 1,4 km= 1,4 km
  41. 41. M A P: bike rent, parking andRepair Shop: stop point: boundries
  42. 42. • Main terminalBike Lane Facilities
  43. 43. • Stop Point
  44. 44. Bikelanetype• Type ACycle track with open streetdesign on one side of thestreet.• Type BCycle track with open streetdesign on each side of thestreet.
  45. 45. • Note : Type A :Type B :
  46. 46. Thank You