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Striiv vs fitbit ultra


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Read Striiv Vs Fitbit Ultra Review in this slide. Compare between Striiv review and Fitbit Reviews and find out which one is the best Pedometer 2012 for help you losing weight in fun way!

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Striiv vs fitbit ultra

  1. 1. Striiv Vs FitbitWhich one is the best?
  2. 2. Striiv Vs Fitbit Which one?(For Complete Striiv vs Fitbit Review, Click this link)
  3. 3. First, takea look at Fitbit
  4. 4. Pros• Small, light, handy• Have Sleep Pattern analysis (and dashboard as well!• Has (MFP) connect
  5. 5. Cons• Too small – easy to lose without even noticing!• You need to pay USD 79/year to get full feature of Online Dashboard
  6. 6. Now, takea look at Striiv Review
  7. 7. Pros• Cool Visual LCD and Display• Great Motivational system• Compete with Friend• Donate as you walk• Free Shipping All over US! Use FR2SHP12 at Striiv Website
  8. 8. Cons• Striiv is too big for some people. However, you will notice it if you drop it in the street.
  9. 9. So, who isthe Winner? Striiv or Fitbit?
  10. 10. We Choose…STRIIV!
  11. 11. Why???1. Gamefication + Pedometer  Great Motivational System!!  Lose • In MyLandGame, You can Build More Weight! Island as you walk! Walk more and you can buy more livestock, islands, and any other fancy stuff!
  12. 12. Why???2. Donate As you walk  The More you Walk, the More Donation will be given! (And you don’t need to pay any penny for that!)
  13. 13. Why???3. Fun and Engaging Interface Better than Fitbit (Sorry, Fitbit)
  14. 14. Interested to Purchase Striiv? Don’t Forget to useFR2SHP12 Coupon Code to Get Free Shipping! Buy from Striiv Official Site
  15. 15. Thank you For Reading! Check out our Striiv Vs FitbitUltraComparison for More Information!