Ringcentral vs onebox Review: Which one is the best


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Which one is the best, Rigncental Professional vs Onebox? In this slide,we will compare and review pros and cons between ringcentral and onebox, reputable company of VoIP Providers

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Ringcentral vs onebox Review: Which one is the best

  1. 1. Ringcentral VS OneBox Review: Which one is the best VOIP
  2. 2. Before you read Ringcentral vs Onebox comparison In this slide, we compare between Ringcentral professional and Onebox, because Ringcentral Office has different system and service, while all onebox plan is similar with Ringcentral professional
  3. 3. Similarities between Ringcentral and Onebox • Both Ringcentral Professional and Onebox don’t need additional phone and will work with any phone • Both have toll free number • Both have free online fax service • Can be used in any phone • Have additional software for Blackberry, iPhone and Android
  4. 4. OneBox Review visit onebox.com
  5. 5. Onebox Pros • They have live receptionist plan (start at USD $129.95 for 50 minutes) with real person where small business can have personalized live receptionist before transfer the calls • They have Web conferencing feature to conduct online meeting in every plan • Have text messaging service • Have plenty minutes call (up to 12.000 minutes calls)
  6. 6. Onebox Cons • No extension on Executive plan • The price is really high • According to Mouthshut.com there are lots of customer complain including: – Horrible customer service – Line occassionally down, result huge loss in business – It used to be a good provider with reasonable price, but recent reviews show more complaints than praises
  7. 7. Cons • Bad customer service (outsourced without enough knowledge) • Have bad history: Previous Better Business Rating of “F” (Now Upgraded to B+), because: – Difficulty cancelling account – Hold over 10 minutes to several hours to speak to customer service representative – Onebox doesn’t work as advertised
  8. 8. Now, it’s time for Ringcentral Review
  9. 9. Interested? Don’t forget to use current promo! Try it FREE for 30 days (RingcentralProfesional) Try it FREE for 30 days (Ringcentral Office!)
  10. 10. Ringcentral Pros • No charge to transfer local and 800 numbers • Affordable pricing, their price dropped from 2012 with MORE minutes and features • Reliable, few dropped calls experience • Have good sound quality • There are lots of happy user and positive review • More advanced Online Faxing system using Cloud Fax
  11. 11. Ringcentral Cons • No live receptionist plan like onebox • No Web conferencing feature in Ringcentral Professional (only available in Ringcentral office) • No text messaging service for Ringcentral professional (only available in Ringcentral office)
  12. 12. One Box Pricing Pricing on Receptionist Plan
  13. 13. Onebox Live Receptionist Plan Onebox Executive Plan
  14. 14. Ringcentral Professional Price
  15. 15. And the winner is… Ringcentral
  16. 16. Why? • Reliable VoIP with really low rate or almost no dropped calls  This is very important factor for choosing VoIP Provider. Imagine if your potential client called you and they can’t reach you, then they contact another company and deal the contract because of dropped calls! • The price is become more affordable, start only USD $ 8.29 a month while onebox pricing start at USD 16
  17. 17. Why? • There are lots of dissatisfied onebox customer, while are are only few complaints about Ringcentral For more Info, please read Mouthshut Website
  18. 18. Interested? Don’t forget to use current promo! Try it FREE for 30 days (RingcentralProfesional) Try it FREE for 30 days (Ringcentral Office!)
  19. 19. Thank you for reading our Comparison between Ringcentral and Onebox For more info, please visit our site www.voipunlimitedcalls.com