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Ringcentral vs GrassHopper - the comparison


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Here is the comparison between Ringcentral vs Grasshopper. Both of them offer Toll Free number, lower your phone bill, and help make your business looked more professional using VoIP. Both of them aiming entrepreneur and small business, not residential voip as the customer.

Between Ringcentral and Grasshopper, which one is the best and worth to subscribe?? Read this slide to find out!

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Ringcentral vs GrassHopper - the comparison

  1. 1. Ringcentral vs Grasshopper Compare the Best VoIP for your small business
  2. 2. RingcentralvsGrassHopper: The Similarities • Both offer Toll Free Number • Standard Service like Greetings, Voicemail, and Extension that make your Phone call professional • Can be used in Smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)
  3. 3. First, take a look at Grasshopper Review
  4. 4. Pros • Unlimited Extension for All Plan • Works in All phone, No phone Setup needed • 30 day Free trial for ALL plan • Get Voicemail via email (both Mp3 or PDF transcript)
  5. 5. • No Free outbound Internet Fax (Receive Fax only, but can’t send fax) • Expensive for one user, but for several users could be more affordable • Not too popular, There are more Ringcentral user and review than GrasshopperLimited to 8 users/account  • Not good if you want to scale your business Cons
  6. 6. Now let’s read Ringcentral Review Visit Ringcentral Website
  7. 7. Don’t forget to take advantage of Ringcentral Promo 30 day free trial (RingcentralProfesional) 30 day free trial (Ringcentral Office!)
  8. 8. Ringcentral Pros • Have the most Advanced internet fax using CloudFax • Have lots of happy users • The sound is clear, high quality, support are great • Affordable price with High Quality
  9. 9. • Get Dedicated Fax Number for Most Plans • RELIABLE. No dropped call experience • Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry • Can be used in UNLIMITED Phone! Ideal for small, Medium and even Big entrerprise Ringcental Pros
  10. 10. Cons • For Ringcentral office, Special VoIP phone is needed (But in Ringcentral Professional, you don’t need to buy new VoIP phone) • Some plans are more expensive than Grasshopper
  11. 11. RingcentralvsGrassHopper Price Comparison Click here to Visit Grasshopper website
  12. 12. Below is Ringcentral Professional Price
  13. 13. Ringcental offices
  14. 14. The winner is…
  15. 15. Why?? • Based on Many Customer reviews (read this customer review) Ringcentral is FAR more superior than Grasshopper • Ringcentral is RELIABLE.Compared to other Cheap VoIP, No dropped calls report it means you Don’t Lose your customer!
  16. 16. Why?? • Free Fax is Essential for Business • Affordable price with High quality • Great Customer support
  17. 17. Don’t forget to take advantage of Ringcentral Promo 30 day free trial (RingcentralProfesional) 30 day free trial (Ringcentral Office!)
  18. 18. But if you still want Grasshopper.. Click here to Visit Grasshopper website
  19. 19. Thank you for reading our Comparison between Ringcentral and Grasshopper