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Indulge recruitment -

  1. 1. Visit Our Website for more information! Contact Us;(New Tab) Address: 122 Amersham Avenue N18 1DY Email: Tel: 02081441486 1-Home Page ;(New Tab) Under Company’s name at Home. (upper Image) Indulge Recruitment offers highly specialized professional recruitment, recruitment outsourcing, talent management and related staffing services and solutions. Indulge Recruitment manages the people, processes and technology associated with recruitment on a fully outsourced or project basis. A global force in talent solutions, Indulge Recruitment designs, implements and manages custom recruitment process outsourcing programs for mid- to large-cap multi-national companies. Indulge Recruitment is recognizing as the top recruitment process outsourcing providers worldwide. Sectors we deal (at home page) Accounting Automotive Aviation Banking & Finance Charity & Voluntary Work Construction Consultancy Customer Service Defence Distribution Education Electronics Energy & Utilities Engineering Graduate Health Health& Safety Human Resources Information Technology Insurance Legal Logistics & Transport Management & Executive Manufacturing Marketing Media Military Oil & Gas Production & Operations Public Sector Purchasing Recruitment Retail Sales Scientific Secretarial & Administration Telecommunications Training Travel & Hospitality
  2. 2. 2-About Us ; (New Tab) Since our beginning in 2007, Indulge Recruitment (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) has built a reputation by providing the highest quality recruiting professionals to companies and staffing agencies in the U.K. Our concept of Recruitment Process Outsourcing supports our customer base in several different ways. 1. We at Indulge Recruitment can augment the staff of contingency or retained agencies by providing virtual researchers, sourcers or recruiters to support their efforts. Whether you're a high-volume recruiting firm or a boutique search firm, our services are proven to enhance your delivery and placement rates while adding to your bottom line. We support some of the top staffing firms in the U.K, and now are exponentially serving smaller firms, which now contribute to 50% of our business. 2. At Indulge Recruitment we can contract directly with companies to supplement their in-house recruiting needs by providing virtual researchers, sourcers or recruiters who will seamlessly integrate into your organization. We allow your in-house resources to focus on high-touch, high-value work with candidates, advancing your company's high-growth initiatives and goals. 3. At Indulge Recruitment We can contract directly with companies that have hiring needs on a contingency, exclusive contingency or retained basis, and use our offshore and domestic resources to directly introduce candidates for full-time or contract hire. Indulge Recruitment Works from our operations center in Pakistan, our growing team of more than 50 recruiting professionals will take care of finding and weeding through potential candidates while you choose the best of the high-quality choices we provide. The mix of your in-house staff supported by our offshore team saves you valuable time & money - and most importantly - improves quality and productivity. We've successfully developed and implemented offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing programs that blend into U.K.- based companies and staffing firms without a glitch. They save valuable time and money with our cost- effective strategies, and you can too. Staffing agencies, especially, often struggle to meet long-term commitments while dealing with day-to-day recruiting challenges. Because we're recruiting professionals, we fully understand what it takes to execute an effective sourcing strategy. So, we can step in as a temporary solution, no matter how short, or we can be in it for the long haul. As a strategic partner, we add immediate value to your organization by providing an experienced recruiting professional to mine your candidates. Our employees focus on providing proactive results, so you can continue to advance your primary objectives and grow your business. 3- What is RPO & Benefits of Using Us (New Tab)
  3. 3. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the act of a business outsourcing some or all of its recruitment process. As an option to building an internal recruiting department or utilizing expensive contingent or retained search firms, RPO has redefined the process of talent acquisition. "When a provider acts as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. RPO providers manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the onboarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, method and reporting. A properly managed RPO will improve a company's time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance. Benefits of Using Us We claim that our solutions offer improvement in quality, cost, service and speed. Quality and Cost - We claim that leveraging economies of scale enables you to offer recruitment processes at lower cost while economies of scope allows you to operate as high-quality specialists. Those economies of scale and scope arise from a larger staff of recruiters, databases of candidate resumes, and investment in recruitment tools and networks. Our solutions are also claimed to change fixed investment costs into variable costs that flex with fluctuation in recruitment activity. Companies may pay by transaction rather than by staff member, thus avoiding under-utilization or forcing costly layoffs of recruitment staff when activity is low. Service and Speed - The commercial relationship between Indulge Recruitment and a client is likely to be based on specific performance targets. With remuneration dependent on the attainment of such targets, we will concentrate their resources in the most effective way - at times to the exclusion of non-core activity. Traditional internal recruitment teams are less likely to have such clearly defined performance targets. 4- Our Services ;(New Tab) Our services are designed to provide or enhance your internal recruiting capability, turning a cost centre into a value adding business asset. We can provide you with a total in-sourced solution or supplement your existing ‘internal’ recruitment team on an interim basis. We also provide advisory services, designed to give companies an independent assessment on the effectiveness of their current recruitment model and recommendations on how to improve it. Our Services Includes; a-CV Sourcing and Pre-Qualification Sourcing, Screening and Recruiting Programs Dedicated, trained and experienced recruiting staff who can augment your recruiting team in contract hiring as well as permanent full-cycle hiring.
  4. 4. Unique Sourcing Technology Active database with links to multiple job boards - Jobsite, Monster, CV Library, Just Engineers, Reed, Planet Recruit and other sites - Unique searching and posting technology for better sourcing efficiency and effectiveness. Online Applicant Tracking System Web-based system to keep your recruiting process streamlined and to keep track of requisitions candidates and interviews. b- Leads Generation Our Resourcers find the New Leads for your business from different job boards or from companies’ websites. The companies who post their jobs on different job boards and/or on their websites we search different kind of jobs with the detail of vacancy and the contact details of the person who is hiring for the specific vacancy. By help of this service you’ll be able to get the new leads where you can get the new business by contacting the relevant person for the specific job posted on the job board and/or on website of the company. At times when you don’t have enough vacancies to work on, this service helps you to generate new business in a quicker way.
  5. 5. Our expert Resourcers first search the Jobs posted by the corporate end clients and then they call and/or email them on behalf of your company and they try to get new business for your company. So not only the resume sourcing, pre-qualification and Leads Generation, our Resourcers can also do Business Development on behalf of your company. c-Administrative Support; Data Entry Data Conversion Data Processing Forms Processing Document Scanning d-Recruitment Training Solutions Do you have a sense that your internal recruitment team could be more effective, but you're not sure what to change? Maybe your team would benefit from a skills refresher, or from a more standardized set of recruiting systems & procedures. Indulge's recruitment training solutions are designed to build best-in-class recruiting skills quickly, and with a minimum of fuss. e-Web Development Please ADD this data by yourself f-Job Posting and Response Processing The overall task of posting jobs, checking entries and screening candidate responses demands a significant amount of time of your recruitment team. Professional RPO can help you save considerable time through our specialized job posting and response processing services. Our team of RPO experts works on the entire job posting and response processing cycle, which includes, We offer high accuracy and reliability in posting jobs on job boards. Professional RPO posts hundreds of job offers on multiple job boards at regular intervals. Analyzing candidate responses and categorizing the information into broader categories such as job specific and industry specific candidates. Determining the suitability of candidates by matching resumes against the job order specifications.
  6. 6. Adding information, coding and organizing your database as per your defined database rules. Mailing job offer letters or assessment tools to selected candidates. Mailing response letters to rejected candidates. In this manner, our job posting and response processing team delivers a comprehensive and processed candidate list to your recruiters, thus saving considerable time and effort. 5-Free Trial Offer; (New Tab) In order to demonstrate the value of our services, we provide a free, no-obligations trial. Please email us your inquiry at info@indulgerecruitment.comor fill out the form below and our Internet support team will contact you within 24 Hrs. Make a form below like this image Your Information Your First Name* Your Last Name* Your Email* Your Telephone* Your Address* City* State* Country* Zip Code*
  7. 7. How did you find Us* Company Website/URL Comments 6- Refer Us a Client;(New Tab) £500 Referral Fee It's easy to earn up to £500. Do you know an organization that would be interested in aligning their People Strategy with their Business Growth? Do you know someone who might be interested in a new career or contract opportunity? Referral of a Client Client referral fees are subject to the following conditions: You must introduce us to your referral so that they'll know in advance that we'll be contacting them.
  8. 8. If we've already had contact with your referral's company, they will not be considered as your referral. However, if we've been unsuccessful in our contact with them, and there's a direct link between your referral and our success, we will consider it to be your referral. Referral fee is paid only once per company, regardless of how many services they engage us for. Your referral must result in the successful signing of the Indulge’s agreement. The payment will be valid after receiving payment from the company you referred. Indulge reserves the right to unilaterally change any of the above terms that we've listed due to special circumstances. If this is the case, these circumstances will be discussed with you at the time we sign the agreement. Please send referral contact information 7- Contact Us;(New Tab) Address: 122 Amersham Avenue N18 1DY Email: Tel: 02081441486 Add a Google map and a contact us form please