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festivals of asia

about festivals of asia.

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festivals of asia

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: Festival is a celebration that last over a period of time, a day or may be longer. Festivals of different countries reflect their culture and traditions. These rituals are fun and bring family and friends together. There are total 48 countries in Asia. All these have mix traditions and cultural festivals which states that Asia has people belonging to different culture.
  3. 3. MUD FESTIVAL: Mud festival is an annual festival which takes place during summer in Korea. Mud is taken from different places and trucked to the beach area. This mud is rich in minerals and used in cosmetics. This festival includes mud pools, mud slides and many different type of mud activities which are of great fun. Colored mud is also present for body painting. There is a lot of music, dance and fun. The festival is closed with a large firework display.
  4. 4. HOLI: Holi is celebrated all over the world but as it is a Hindu festival so its celebrations are huge in India. Holi celebration starts with a Holika bonfire a night before holi where people gather, sing and dance. The next morning is a free-for-all carnival of colors where everyone plays, chases and colors each other with dry powder and colored water with water guns and color filled balloons for water fight. It is a game for everyone including old, young and children. People carry drums and other musical instruments, go from place to place, sing and dance.
  5. 5. HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL: This festival is celebrated in Singapore on 1st night of the seventh month of lunar calander and this day is called “the ghost day”. People believe that the ghosts and spirits come out from the underworld. The people pay homage to their deceased ancestors on this day. They believe that the gates of heaven and hell are open on this day so they perform such wills and rituals to transmute the sufferings of their deceased.
  6. 6. SONGKRAN: Songkran is traditionally been celebrated as the new year for many centuries in Thailand. People throw waters on each other. They roam the streets with containers of water and water guns, in addition many of them have small bowls of colored talc mixed with water and menthol which is then smeared on each other. Special arrangements are made for this festival. People celebrate it in gardens, lawns and even on streets with loud music and fun.
  7. 7. EID-UL-FITR: Eid ul fitr is celebrated world wide but in Pakistan its celebrations r huge as compared to other countries of the world.It is also called “sugar feast festival”. It marks the end of Ramadan. On the first day of eid is particular namaz and after that for 2 or 3 days common greetings with friends and family continues. People visit each other’s houses with traditional sweet dishes, wearing new clothes and elders give some amount of money to young ones called “eidi”.
  8. 8. EID-UL-AZHA: Just like eid ul fitr, eid ul azha is best celebrated in Pakistan . This eid marks the end of annual Hajj. It is a major festival, also known as “the greater eid” . It is celebrated for 3 days. Men, women and children dress in fine clothes to perform eid prayers. After prayers, men sacrifice domestic animals usually cow, goat, sheep etc. delicious food like bar-b-q is made out of this slaughtered meat.
  9. 9. NAVAM PERAHERA: It is a famous festival celebrated in Colombo, Srilanka. Elephants, dancers and musicians parade on the streets. Hundreds of visitors flock to this event every year to look at the amazing site of herds of decorated elephants walking down the streets with loud music and dance. Navam perahera festival is full of colors, fun and excitement and speaks a lot about the tradition of music.
  10. 10. UNDERWATER FESTIVAL: The underwater festival of Maldives highlight intense session of underwater photography. People dress up and dive underwater to take pictures. This festival is held by award winning photographers. Professional photographers from whole world visit Maldives to attend this festival. It also includes course of free diving, snorkeling, night diving and different water activities. It is great to be underwater in the middle of sea creatures and colorful life beneath water.
  11. 11. CONCLUSION: There are many more festivals of Asia out of which we discussed few which are quite famous of the reknowned countries of Asia. Each festival has some historical or religious background which reflects the culture and beliefs of people living there. Hence, these mixed religions, beliefs and ideas make Asia the most colorful continent of the world.
  12. 12. Thank you!