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Social Media Tactics for Hyperlocal Follower Engagement


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Presentation for the Utah Association of Local Goverments, focusing on the top social media platforms for local government use.

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Social Media Tactics for Hyperlocal Follower Engagement

  1. 1. Social MediaTactics forHyperlocalFollowerEngagementNicole BullockSocial Media Club of SaltLake City
  2. 2. Nicole Bullock Social Media Manager for Lead Media Partners Board Member for Social Media Club of Salt Lake City 11 years of blogging and social media experience Follow me on Twitter @cuteculturechicMy blogs
  3. 3. Today’s Top 7 Social PlatformsFacebookTwitterYouTubeGoogle +TumblrLinkedInInstagram
  4. 4. Find your Voice and Embrace It
  5. 5. Facebook Facts Launched in 2004 The #1 Social Network in 127 countries Facebook Statistics  More than 1 Billion active users monthly  618 million active users daily  82% of Facebook users are outside of the United States
  6. 6. Facebook Pages Use properly cropped images! 180 x 180 (or larger) square avatar image 851 x 315 header image
  7. 7. Park City’s “Croppy” Example
  8. 8. Nice Job, Taylorsville City!
  9. 9. Facebook Promotions The current standard for successful engagement with Facebook fans EdgeRank matters, but money talks Invest in the best content for your promotions
  10. 10. Create Engaging Facebook Campaigns
  11. 11. ROI on a $75 Investment
  12. 12. Twitter is for Sharing, Not Shouting Have a relatable personality Reply to and follow your followers If you can’t say your thought in 140 characters, revise it to fit Use other platforms to maximize your reach
  13. 13. Helpful Twitter Tools URLshorteners Desktop Clients  TweetDeck  HootSuite Mobile clients  Echfon  Tweetbot  Twitter Twitter parties Imgur
  14. 14. Top Ten Twitter Mistakes Exploitinga Tragedy #HashtagAbuse Leaving @replies unaddressed The following/unfollowing game to get someone to follow you back Too much self-promotion(80/20 rule) Too many RT, not enough fresh content Long URLs ( or goo.glshortener) Insecure Passwords Omitting your location Lack of Personality
  15. 15. The #Aurora Tragedy
  16. 16. Have a Secure Password!Hackers “had it their way” - Account was breeched by underground hacking group Anonymous
  17. 17. Give Timely Responses McDonalds was not involved in the hacking but addressed the hacking empathetically
  18. 18. @Jeep’s Response @Jeep gave a public reply to the hacking within one hour of account being restored
  19. 19. Tumblr Tumblr has become the10th most popular website in the world 20 Billion page views per month The most popular social site for 13-25 age group Content shared through Instagram and Tumblr Mobile apps Most popular Tumblr content  Photos of daily life (studying, eating, pets)  Entertaining memes and gifs  Porn and near-porn images
  20. 20. Sample Tumblr Feeds Pro Tip: Be careful with search on Tumblr. The tags andkeywords you search at 11am may be very different at 11pm. Edit your NSFW settings!
  21. 21. Instagram Launched in 2010 Currently the most active photo sharing site in the world Stats  900 million monthly active users  40 million photos per day  8500 likes per second  1000 comments per second
  22. 22. How To Share Your InstaPics Tap to share your Instagram photos to:  email  Facebook  Twitter  Tumblr  Flickr Copy link, share photo later Sharing through the app is the easiest way to get new content on Tumblr and Flickr
  23. 23. Tips for Instagram Engagement Follow people in your city/district Like and comment on their photos Use appropriate hashtags (1-5 per photo) Create unique hashtags for events =
  24. 24. YouTube Launched in 2005 Acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.65 Billion #2 Search Engine Globally (behind Google) Statistics:  800 million unique visitors per month  4 billion hours of video watched every month  72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
  25. 25. Create a YouTube Channel
  26. 26. Pinterest Launched in 2009 12 million active users in the United States The 3rd most popular social network globally 16% of all social media traffic (now above Twitter at 15%) The average user is active on the site 98 minutes per month
  27. 27. What Interests Pinterest Users?
  28. 28. Google + Launched in 2011 Google considers Google+ a “social layer, not a social network” G+ by the numbers  500+ million users  235 million “active” (+1, Hangouts, connecting with friends in search)  125 million use news feed
  29. 29. Google+ Communities Far more user engagement in Google+ Communities than Google Pages
  30. 30. LinkedIn Launched in 2002  4,500 members in 2003  200 million members in 2012 The#1 social network for business professionals 64% of LinkedIn Users are outside of the United States Available in 19 languages
  31. 31. My Top Resources for Timely Social Media Information Social Media Examiner Mashable Social Media Today Social Media Club of Salt Lake City Facebook Groups for Social Media Managers Blogs
  32. 32. Let’s Connect! Nicole Bullock