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Building Your Blog With Organic SEO - Fitbloggin 2013


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Building your blog through Organic SEO, Social Signals, and Image Optimization - presentation given by Nicole Bullock at FitBloggin 2013 in Portland, Oregon on June 28, 2013. In this talk, I discuss rel=author, Google Panda and Penguin, crafting social media updates with keywords, and how to use image titles and alt tags to increase search traffic.

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Building Your Blog With Organic SEO - Fitbloggin 2013

  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. What we’re talking about  What is SEO?  Panda and Penguin  Rel=“author”  Linking to your G+ profile  Crafting great social media updates  Image optimization  Keyword Research
  4. 4. What is SEO?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that affects the visibility of a website in the search engine page results (SERP)  Organic vs Paid SEO  SEO can be used to target different types of search:  Websites  Video  Images
  5. 5. Is SEO Dead?
  6. 6. Panda and Penguin  Panda – February 24, 2011: Penalized sites with weak content, rewarded sites with quality content  Penguin – April 24, 2012: Evaluation of incoming links to see if your site includes link schemes to improve rankings
  7. 7. rel=“author”  Rel=Author is HTML markup in the code of a webpage that allows authors to associate their Google+ profiles. Once associated, a rich snippet (such as your Google+ profile picture) appears next to your result in Google's search engine results <a href=“[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>
  8. 8. Rel=“author” Use your Google+ profile number: <a href=“102155066952444013373?rel=author”>Google</a>
  9. 9. Where to Add rel=“author” code  Into site header (varies by theme)  Google+ ID in Wordpress Author Bio  Download plugin (Easy Rel=author)
  10. 10. Linking blog to Google+ Profile
  11. 11. Verifying the rel=author code
  12. 12. Are links the focus?  According to Google Webmaster Tools, the key to ranking success has shifted from number of links to quality content. Notice the shift in wording: Before: In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages. Current: In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.
  13. 13. Keywords are still important  People use search engines, you want to capture what people are searching for  You need to understand the users and what words they use to find your content  Use keywords that people expect to see  Add keywords into the text of your website in a natural way (avoid “keyword stuffing”)
  14. 14. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  15. 15. Google Adwords Keyword Tool Results
  16. 16. Soovle
  17. 17. Image Descriptions  Take the time to rename your photos with keywords  Use keyword rich file names  Use alt text for more detail File name: one-touch-ultra-mini-monitor.jpg Alt text: alt=“monitoring reactive hypoclycemia with one touch ultra mini monitor”
  18. 18. SEO and Social Signals  Search engines reward quality content, and social sharing adds credibility  Users are engaging with brands on social media and sharing products and purchases  Make it easy for readers to share your content through social widgets
  19. 19. Social Sharing Widgets  Make it easy for your readers to share your content by having visible sharing widgets  Widgets can be added by HTML code or as a plugin  Decrease indecision by offering only 3-6 of the most popular/relevant social networks
  20. 20. Sharing Your Content on Social Media  Twitter – Keep it consise (110 characters)  Facebook – Set an eye-catching meta image (it will grab more interest than any text description)  Pinterest – Add images with text for tutorial posts, use keywords in your description  Google+ - Use a more lengthy description with keywords and hashtags. You’ll get the biggest bang for your SEO buck in G+ posts of any social network
  21. 21. Create an Online Portfolio
  22. 22. My Favorite SEO Resources       
  23. 23. Let’s Connect!  Social Media Manager for Lead Media Partners and  Board Member for Social Media Club of Salt Lake City  11 years of blogging and social media experience  Follow me on Twitter @cuteculturechic My blogs      