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Finding the Sweet Spot with SEO and Social Media #SOCIALCON


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Presentation given at the Social Media Association of Michigan #SOCIALCon event in Ann Arbor, MI on May 13, 2016. In this deck, I discuss why SEO matters for social media, the benefits of integrated social/SEO strategies, what makes Googlebot happy, and developing a search-optimized content strategy.

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Finding the Sweet Spot with SEO and Social Media #SOCIALCON

  1. 1. Finding the Sweet Spot with SEO and Social Media Nicole Bullock CDK Digital Marketing @cuteculturechic | #SOCIALCON
  2. 2. Why Does SEO Matter for Social Media? • Content that is gaining social traction will be indexed more quickly by search engines • Keyword phrases and business names can be naturally incorporated into social media posts • Businesses with a physical location will improve in local search, especially on mobile @cuteculturechic | #SOCIALCON
  3. 3. Benefits of Integrated SEO and Social Media Strategies • Credibility: Search engines reward quality content, and social sharing adds a level of credibility • Visibility: Social sharing increases the visibility of a page, which can lead to links and higher rankings @cuteculturechic | #SOCIALCON
  4. 4. What Makes Googlebot Happy? Freshness: Recent, relevant, updated often Reputation: Is your brand trustworthy? Consistency: Do your name, address, phone number, and URL match? Quality: Simple and clear content with a strong message @cuteculturechic | #SOCIALCON
  5. 5. Google+ Still Has SEO Value It may be a “ghost town,” but it’s still on the map • Google considers Google+ a “social layer”, not a social network • G+ allows more lengthy descriptions with keywords and hashtags. • You’ll get the biggest bang for your SEO buck in G+ posts of any social network • If you’re looking to have a piece of content indexed quickly, sharing on Google+ will essentially “submit URL” to Google @cuteculturechic | #SOCIALCON
  6. 6. Developing Your Search-Optimized Content Strategy • Identify your high-level goals • Determine success metrics • Develop content with indexability in mind • Monitor your competitors • Engage with your audience • Review analytics • Readjust your strategy, as needed @cuteculturechic | #SOCIALCON
  7. 7. My Content Publishing Workflow • Keyword and Competitor Research • Create/Refresh Content and Publish • Fetch as Google in Search Console • Post Keyword-Rich Post on Google+ • Share Content on Additional Social Media Channels @cuteculturechic | #SOCIALCON
  8. 8. Let’s Connect! Nicole Bullock Twitter: @cuteculturechic Instagram: cuteculturechick Facebook: /cuteculturechick LinkedIn: Email: @cuteculturechic | #SOCIALCON @cdkglobal