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21 day challenge

  1. 1. * You may get an unexpected bonus from work.----------------------------------------------The 21-Day Manifestation Challenge - Day 1 * Someone who owes you money from long ago will suddenly decide---------------------------------------------- to pay you.$500. * A business idea works out to create more than you expected.Thats the goal. * Or, any combination of those combined to create an extra $500 or more...Does the idea of using LOA to get an extra $500 seem hard to you?Its not, really. After going through this Challenge and getting better Your first assignment is to decide...at LOA it will seem easy and that number will seem incredibly small. What You Are Going To Do With That Extra Money!Thats when you start adding zeros to the number and doing it again! You can do whatever you want with that money BUT Im going toWhy not more? Why didnt we create this challenge to manifest a suggest you use part of it to reward yourself in some way. Maybe youmillion? Or, $50,000? treat yourself and a loved one to a great restaurant.Because, that would bring up too much RESISTANCE. See, the Or, you buy something you wouldnt normally buy yourself.reason we dont have things is because we are actually PUSHINGthem away... that means we are RESISTING them. In short, REWARD yourself for a job well done.It means that you have negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings in And, watch the "Eerie Video" at:regards to money (or whatever else you are trying to manifest). http://loamastermind.com/blog/2008/11/new-video-the-eerie-Those negative thoughts/feelings/beliefs KEEP it away from you. technique/By keeping the amount small we allow you to practice this while only Follow those instructions and look for your next lesson tomorrow! Itbringing up a tiny amount of resistance. will be titled, "The 21-Day Manifestation Challenge: Day 2"Its no lie that you can have what you want. Jason The Law of Attraction Mastermind.So, sometime during this 21-day course, if you read our emails and http://www.loamastermind.com/special-offer-new.htmlfollow the instructions you will have an extra $500.That extra $500 may come in the form of: --------------------------- Day 2* Unexpected discounts on stuff you need to buy. (Ex: You need a ---------------------------computer for work. You shop around and have your eye on a $1500computer. You are debating whether or not to get it... a few days Do you hate money?later, a friend calls and asks you if you know anyone who needs acomputer. They tell you they have a great computer, similar to the When you dont have something you want, whether its money, aone you were looking at for only $1000. Most people would write that relationship, health or a certain experience then you have aoff as a coincidence BUT its not. Its the Law at work. If you subconscious AVERSION to it.appreciate it, you will experience it more).
  2. 2. Dictionary.com defines aversion as: a strong feeling of dislike, http://www.loamastermind.comopposition, repugnance, or antipathy. P.P.S. If this lesson helped you or youve ALREADY seen extra moneyMany are programmed from an early age that "money is the root of all come into your life, please let me know! Its EXTREMELY importantevil." Or, that in order to get money you have to be greedy. Many to celebrate the successes!today believe that if someone has a lot of money they had to dosomething unethical or not-spiritual. ---------------------------- Day 3It is important to examine yourself and your feelings about money. ----------------------------The easiest way to do this is to write down "Money is..." and just fillin the blank. Try to get 20-30 statements. Dont stop to think after Hi,each one, just write as many down as you can until you have a fullsheet of paper. Pivot to get more positive.Dont censor yourself. Remember yesterday how I talked about how you probably have some pretty negative feelings and views towards money? And, how I madeExample: "Money is... the point that if someone thought that about YOU that way, then you probably wouldnt want to hang around them either?* hard to come by* a hassle Well, heres a way to go throughout your day getting even more* only for people who are extremely smart positive about money. Its called Pivoting and its real simple when* going to make me unspiritual you get the hang of it.* scary because the IRS will watch me more closely* dirty and unimportant To pivot all you do is:Now, once you have a BUNCH of those written down, ask yourself 1) Notice when you are having a negative thought or feeling aboutthis question... "If a person felt this way about ME would I want to money. (Maybe you have to spend some money and you arent happyspend time with them?" about that... or maybe you are worried about an upcoming bill or something)We keep money away from ourselves with our thoughts. If youRELEASE your negative thoughts in regards to money more of it will 2) Recognize the thought/feeling and say "yes" to it. Most of the timeflow to you. we supress it or try to ignore it or send negativity to it. Yes is positive and when you add a Yes to the Negative it dissipates!You RELEASE it by deciding to let that thought go. It is a decision.So, go down the list and decide you no longer want that thought in 3) Now, reach for a slightly better feeling or thought. Not too big ayour mind. Decide to let go of mentally holding onto that idea. jump because that will cause a mental backlash. Just a small improvement in the positivity.And, continue watching for ways that extra money comes into yourlife. Heres an example: "I have that bill coming due soon. Man, that sucks. I just cant seemUntil Tomorrow, to make enough money."JasonThe Law of Attraction Mastermind. Now, feel that feeling and accept it... say yes to it. Allow that feelinghttp://www.loamastermind.com/special-offer-new.html to exist. Dont beat yourself up about it. Just accept it.P.S. Do you know others who would be interested in the Challenge?Please let them know about it by forwarding this link:
  3. 3. Next pick a better thought... "Well, Im sure there is some way to experience, and it works!!! Thank you for sharing this with the world.make a little bit more money I just havent seen yet." God bless you all..." -- David So, go and download and listen to the audios today.Does that feel a little better? If it does then pick another one that iseven a little more positive. "Others have been able to do it, there must http://loamastermind.com/blog/2008/11/the-secret-of-be a way." imagination/And, keep going until you feel a rush of positivity. Make sure you Use the goal of manifesting $500 and Im sure youll be pleasantlydont go TOO positive at first. surprised. Also, if youve experienced a success of any amount please share it with us! It will help others to know and it will cement theJumping from your initial doubt to "Im a MILLIONAIRE!" will only success in your own heart and mind.cause more doubt and a FAKE feeling of confidence. Your mind willrebel and youll soon find yourself even more down. Im sure youve Jasonexperienced that before. The Law of Attraction Mastermind. http://www.loamastermind.com/special-offer-new.htmlJasonThe Law of Attraction Mastermind. ----------------------------http://www.loamastermind.com/special-offer-new.html Day 5 ----------------------------P.S. Do you know others who would be interested in the Challenge?Please let them know about it by forwarding this link: Now, I want you to identify some bill or debt that is more than $500.http://www.loamastermind.com Once you have it in mind I want you to listen to the audios from yesterday and use the Revision process that Neville talks about.---------------------------- Many people have experienced a sudden disappearance of the debt orDay 4 the money for the debt to appear soon after.---------------------------- But, dont believe me... put it to the Test!Hi, JasonNovember 23rd of 2008 I posted an audio lesson by one of the most The Law of Attraction Mastermindinteresting LOA Teachers Ive ever studied. http://www.loamastermind.com/open.htmlThis audio recording literally saved my life. ----------------------------After downloading it and listening to it over 43 other people Day 6commented on the post. Here is just ONE of the many comments: ----------------------------"I read nearly all the New Thoughts Movement books, tons of them... Icross through thousand of pages full of inspiring text and similarteachings, looking for some magic formula. But all the writers seemto talk like Jesus, in parables, and you still have to read between the Do you feel uncomfortable when someone tries to give you a gift?lines. But now I can tell you that those 2 mp3 lead me to the TRUTH!A perfect understanding of the Secret of the Ages... It is so simple Do you feel uncomfortable if youre out and someone tries to pay forthat its even hard to believe, but Neville is relating his personal the dinner?
  4. 4. That is negative. And, adding negativity to negativity only makes itThis is a sign that you are resisting the wealth, abundance and stronger.nurturing of the Universe. When you resist receiving you are actuallyblocking TWO people from abundance. Yourself and the potential So, Im going to ask you to do something entirely different.giver. Instead of thinking about that thing and disliking it... could you loveThere are thousands, yes THOUSANDS, or people desiring to bless it instead?you and themselves with gifts of money, time, love and opportunity. How do you love it? Do you have children or a pet that you adore?But, since all people are connected, they feel your resistance and Can you imagine that love feeling for them?negativity around it and that you wont accept it. So, that causesthem to withhold. Good, now turn that love feeling towards the thing that you dislike about yourself.Could you look inside yourself and discover why you are resisting it? Imagine it and keep sending it love and approval.Then, could you decide to let that go? Make a list of these and do this exercise over and over.As soon as you do, youll find the people around you to be moregiving. Youll become more giving as well. What does this have to do with money? Well, when you have a feeling of disliking yourself you attempt to mask it, ignore it and escape fromIts truly win-win for all involved. it by buying things. The more you love yourself the less money youll spend frivolously on things JUST to make yourself feel better...Try it right now... Youll be amazed at what happens. Soon, youll discover youre spending much less money. Some peopleJason have SAVED hundreds per month they SWORE they didnt have.The Law of Attraction Mastermind. Try it... Im sure youll be surprised.----------------------------Day 7 Jason---------------------------- The Law of Attraction Mastermind.Do you dislike yourself? ---------------------------- Day 8This lesson is going to be a bit different than you are expecting. Its ----------------------------about plugging money leaks...Many people dislike or disapprove of themselves. Maybe they thinkthey are too fat, or too thin, or a failure or undeserving... or, Money is trying to come to you right now.whatever. But, you have in your mind that money only comes to you in certain Is there something you dislike about yourself? Is there something ways.that youve been beating yourself up about?
  5. 5. For todays exercise I want you to get out a sheet of paper and a pen, Did you feel a twinge inside? Did you feel a tightness or a contractiongo ahead and do it now... Ill wait.... in your stomach or chest or throat when you thought about that.. What if I said $20? Or, $50!. Today, I want you to bless someone out of the blue. If you are at theOk, got it? Good. Starbucks drive-thru then pay for the order of the car behind you.Now draw a line down the center. Or, if you are at lunch pick up the check for someone you dont know.On the left hand side write "Ways Money Has Come to Me in the LastMonth" and on the right hand side write, "Ways Money Could Come And, let go if you feel a contraction or any negative feelings aboutto Me But Doesnt" that... It means you have a fear about Abundance.Youll probably find that the right hand column is MUCH bigger. Isnt Let that fear go and youll soon experience more Abundance.it? Just believe...I guarantee that you will get that money back and moreWhat you want to do is realize that you have blockages for the ways in ways you can not imagine right now.on the right hand side. So, ask yourself "WHY?" for each one. Then,decide to allow it. Jason The Law of Attraction Mastermind. After it feels possible, even LIKELY, that youll receive extra money inthis way cross it off the right hand side column and write it on the ----------------------------left hand side. Day 10 ----------------------------Do this until they are ALL on the left hand side.JasonThe Law of Attraction Mastermind. Hi,http://www.loamastermind.com/special-offer-new.html Did you do what I asked yesterday?----------------------------Day 9 If you did then applaud yourself because you were one of the VERY---------------------------- FEW!Hi, Now, this lesson might seem kind of strange. I want you to think of 3 past experiences when youve wasted money or lost money or createdThis lesson will probably annoy you. some financial fiasco.In fact, I bet less than 1 in 20 actually decides to do it. Got them?Do you have $10 in your pocket right now? Or, even $5? Take the first one and remember it as best you can.Well, your mission today is to give that away to someone... Now say this to yourself, "I forgive you."
  6. 6. You see, most people have been unconsciously beating themselves upand berating themselves for past financial mess-ups. Jason The Law of Attraction Mastermind.That locks it in place in mind where it perpetuates itself. http://www.loamastermind.com/special-offer-new.htmlForgiving yourself helps dissolve it. ----------------------------Jason Day 13The Law of Attraction Mastermind. ----------------------------http://www.loamastermind.com/special-offer-new.html----------------------------Day 11---------------------------- This lesson is about completing your past with money. I want you to imagine Money as a person. Think about it and create a picture so you could describe him/her to someone who has neverToday, Im going to turn the tables on you. seen him before.I want to hear from YOU about manifesting money. Believe it or not Hes tall. He wears a finely tailored blue suit with white pinstripes.YOU know more than you think about it. His hair is combed back. Not a hair is out of place.So, email me and let me know something. Even, if its only something Got it?you recently learned about Money. Then, I want you to search for all the ways you have been negativeDont be stingy. And dont be shy. about Money and write a letter to this personification. Write it out and then read it to him as if hes really there in your imagination.JasonThe Law of Attraction Mastermind. This letter should include all the times you were hurt by him, all thehttp://www.loamastermind.com/special-offer-new.html times you said you didnt want him, all the times you thought people who had him were bad in some way... dig it ALL up.---------------------------- For example, when I was a kid the neighborhood kids got to goDay 12 Rollerskating one weekend. I couldnt go because my mome didnt---------------------------- have enough money. I was upset and hurt by that even though I acted like I wasnt. Heres an example:Heres a sneaky way around money blocks. Dear Money,Imagine a Money Breakthrough for someone else! I want to ask you to forgive me for the way Ive treated you.Remember, the Law of Attraction says "like attracts like." Frankly, Ive been pissed at you for years. Ive been afraid I wouldntSo, when you imagine a breakthrough for someone else... you are have you when I needed you. I was pissed that others had you but Imaking it more possible for yourself as well. didnt.
  7. 7. Remember that time that XYZ happened and I blamed you? You know nothing about the Future. Keep listing as much of that as you can... let it ALL out. Get it all Try on the possibility that you cant know anything about thatdown on paper. because it is unknowable.Heres how Id end it... If a doubt or a hope or a positive or negative feeling comes up simplyI want you to forgive me for all that. It wasnt right of me to blame affirm, "I know nothing in regards to this..."you or others or myself. What I really want is for us to have an Why?excellent relationship so I can move onto other things like enjoyingmy family, pursuing hobbies and helping others. What you think you know blocks you from seeing new things. YouveI also forgive myself. done a LOT of work to create new things in your life. But, if you think you know things you will only see what you know.Love, So, know nothing.Your NameDO THIS exercise... It will probably be the greatest exercise in regards Jasonto money that you ever do. Write it all out and read it all out. If you The Law of Attraction Mastermindstart to cry just pause and let it out and breathe deeply until it http://www.loamastermind.com/special-offer-new.htmlsubsides. Then, continue writing. ---------------------------- Day 15When you are done read it out loud to your personification of money. ----------------------------JasonThe Law of Attraction Mastermind.http://www.loamastermind.com/special-offer-new.html Along the same lines as yesterdays exercise I want you to pay---------------------------- attention to any problem in your life, any thoughts about money andDay 14 wealth and ask yourself this question:---------------------------- "Now that I know that I dont know anything about that... What am I not noticing?"Did you do yesterdays exercise? Jason The Law of Attraction MastermindPlease do if you havent. A lot of people have told me it is one of themost powerful things they have ever done.Todays will be a little "lighter." ----------------------------I want you to go throughout your day realizing that you know Day 16nothing. ----------------------------You know nothing about Money. I stopped watching the news and reading the newspapers (or news websites) for a monthYou know nothing about the Economy.
  8. 8. to see what it would be like. Day 18 ----------------------------It is quite liberating! When you watch/read what they are saying,you are buying into their thought patterns and helping to perpetuate When you think about money, do yourtheir "Game." That Game is that of rich/poor, winners/losers, thoughts revolve around how youre going to pay yourconservatives/liberals, good/evil and various other opposing forces. bills or whether youre going to have what you need to survive?Do yourself a favor and decide to stop participating in that Game - tryit for a little while In this lesson, I am going to prepare to have theanyway...at least until day 21 (5 days) - you will be amazed at what mindset of self-made millionaires in order to manifesthappens. wealth into your life.Choose a new Game. Rich = smart + low mistakes?"I choose to play the Game of Universal and Complete Abundance." The most commonly misunderstood concept is that that people who are rich are somehow smarter than theJason rest of us...that they make fewer mistakes than theThe testimonials continue pouring in. Its magnificent. The rest of us.Challenge is doing even better than I thought it could.---------------------------- In reality, self-made millionaires have a remarkablyDay 17 average IQ, and in fact they make MORE mistakes than---------------------------- your average person. But here is the difference... They never stop believing in the possibility that theyIf you havent yet achieved the $500.00 I want you to consider you will have money. They are optimistic. If they lose moneyhave mental blocks AND you get a PAYOFF for not achieving it. today, they think they will make it up tomorrow.Some of us are attached to the PAYOFF of what not having or not And thats where the second principle comes into play...being able to do something gives us. Millionaires Dont Pass the BuckMaybe you are afraid that if you make money at will you will becomenonspiritual. Or, the IRS will attack you, or you wont be able to One of the clues to why the general population isseparate friends from moochers. broke can be seen in the level of victimization and "you owe me" thinking that pervades society. It might be easy toOr, maybe you LIKE how it gives you an excuse to be less than what look at a rich person and think that theyve somehow madeyou can be. less mistakes than broke people have....but the opposite is true...they have made MORE mistakes.Not saying any of it is true, but be honest with yourself and ask"Whats the possible payoff of NOT being able to do this?" But the rich tend to accept full responsibility for their mistakes, and so they learn from them, reinventOnce you get what this payoff is, then it becomes easier to dismantle themselves and correct course. The more they do this,it mentally. the wiser they become and the more empowered they become to create their own wealth out of that wisdom.JasonThe Law of Attraction Mastermind. But those who pass the buck or blame someone else,---------------------------- dont learn from their mistakes, and never get the chance
  9. 9. to learn and advance their lives. They keepblaming, and so they stay stuck where they are. The reason is to lessen your attachment mentally. You see if you have any fear or other uncomfortable feeling about throwing money away itSo heres what I want you to do: is because you feel like you dont have control over manifesting it.Embrace and accept the fact that you really are on your own. So, imagine it until you can easily imagine tossing gobs and gobs ofDeclare right now, that you are NOT waiting for your money in the streets, in trash cans, off of balconies, into lakes, intoemployer, your spouse, your government, the stock market fire, in the toilet. Get creative and do it until it is fun!or the economy to "get it together" before you can starton your wealth journey. Next, take all the money out of your wallet and toss it out your window! (Just kidding! But if you felt a negative emotion at thisDeclare right now...that you will not be afraid of making thought, let it go.)mistakes but will embrace them as they come...the moreof them you make, the more you will learn. In fact, each What I actually want you to do is crumple it up and begin tossing itmistake will get you closer to your goal - so welcome around away from you. Crumple and toss until all your bills arethem, do not fear them. scattered about the room. Pick them up, flatten them again and start all over. The only perfect time to start building financialsecurity and living out of possibility instead of Keep doing it until you have a really carefree fun feeling about thenecessity is right now. The longer that you put it off, whole thing. Then, stop and enjoy it until it subsides.no matter what the reason, the more powerless youbecome. Go to the blog and tell me about your experience! TIP: If you have a plan as to how youre going to begin Jasoncreating wealth, start right now. The best way to do this The Law of Attraction Mastermind.is to simply dive in...I mean dive in - even if you donthave a plan and have no idea how youre going to do it....Just take the next small step - I mean today - nomatter what! ----------------------------Jason Day 20 -------------------------------------------------------- Throughout your day today I want you to look at people and notice ifDay 19 you think/feel they have either more or less money than you do.---------------------------- If you think they have more, ask yourself:Were getting ready to wrap up... only 2 days left! "Could I allow them to have more money than me?" and keepIf youve succeeded in manifesting all or part of the $500 please post answering/deciding "yes" until it feels true and you have a sense ofyour success on the LOA Blog, itll encourage others! elation and peace.Todays assignment is to imagine throwing money away. Sounds Should you feel jealous of people who have more money than you?weird, doesnt it? No - but heres why... you have NO IDEA what their journey is all about. You have no idea what sacrifices they have made to get to this
  10. 10. part of their lives. And you have no idea what the rest of their life Then, ask yourself, "Could I allow her/him to have as much moneyentails. as he/she wants?" and keep asking and saying "yes" until you feel an elation or pure positive feeling. When you feel it, stop asking theThe universe has a special journey for each of us. If you threw all question and rest in it for a few minutes.your problems in a pile and saw everyone elses, you would takeyours back. As the feeling subsides start to wonder, "I wonder in what marvelous way will it come to me!" or some people like the Neville version ofIf you think they have less, ask yourself: simply asking/feeling, "Isnt it wonderful?""Could I allow them to have less money than me?" and keep Jasonanswering/deciding "yes" until it feels true and you have a sense of The Law of Attraction Mastermindelation and peace.Do they deserve to have less money than you? YES - for the samereasons that they deserve to have more money than you.Keep doing this exercise with everyone you meet - until you are atpeace with this concept.JasonThe Law of Attraction Mastermind.----------------------------Day 21----------------------------Well, this is the final day!Successes have been pouring in at the blog and they are wonderful!http://loamastermind.com/blog/Todays exercise takes place in front of the mirror. Make sure youwont be interrupted for 15-20 minutes and there arent any othernoises or distractions in your environment.Look at yourself in the mirror quietly for 2-3 minutes. Dont lookaway. Hold eye contact with yourself, your face, your body.Now, ask yourself, "Could I allow her/him to have as much money ashe does?" and keep saying "yes" until you feel an elation or purepositive feeling. When you feel it, stop asking the question and rest init for a few minutes.