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CustomWare's Atlassian Services Overview


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This is an overview listing of CustomWare service offerings for Atlassian products. CustomWare offers Enterprise level solutions in areas of integration, collaboration, plugin development, implementations, and deployments. We integrate systems such as Confluence, SharePoint,, JIRA, NetSuite, Seibel, etc.

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CustomWare's Atlassian Services Overview

  1. 1. integration and collaboration “We're an Enterprise level corporation - we need things done properly, accurately and professionally. CustomWare completed this in a timely and professional manner. They said what they could do, and did it - no ifs, ands, or buts... We would be happy to use their services again, and we have.” - Kent Bodell, Director of SW and HW Development, Polycom Enterprise Level Atlassian Services Our team of over 65 full time employees located throughout the world have served hundreds of customers worldwide. We actively contribute Open source plug-ins and contribute to the Atlassian forums. Atlassian Services Full or partial system design, setup, configurations Structured documentation platforms - single-source, Implementation of ITIL processes for Support and online help, professional book PDFs, technical writing, Product Management release management Custom themes or dashboard designs Integration with Enterprise Systems e.g., SVN, Performance diagnostics, tuning and best practice, SharePoint, NetSuite, Siebel, etc. maintenance consulting Custom workflow development and business Software and hardware architecture, small to logic translation large enterprise deployments, clustering, Extended dashboard configurations (portlets, reports, project management filters, etc.) Controlled, methodical, and low impact upgrades JIRA custom fields, screens, transitions or from any release customizations Clean and effective migrations from any legacy Web service front-end portals to JIRA system to JIRA or Confluence Complex Active Directory or LDAP integrations Post-migration information architecture and and filtering adoption Multi-application SSO support e.g., JIRA, Confluence as your website - fast content Confluence, SVN, Google apps, Open ID, Jive Forums. development, blogging, easy maintenance, ClearSpace, etc. SEO rankings Professional training - admin, user, workflow design Application or plugin development Confluence templates, scaffolding, reporting, Partner Resales and Support visibility, etc. Partner and supporter of Atlassian commercial plugins (Balsamiq, GreenHopper, Scroll Wiki, ALMWorks, Gliffy, Tempo, Comala Tech)
  2. 2. CustomWare plugins for Atlassian Products make life a little easier Auto Space Archival Find inactive spaces for archival automatically and with admin notification. Autowatch All contributors to a space will start watching their contribution automatically. Booking Booking Sheet setups in Confluence. Composition Finer control over the layout (or composition) of a Confluence page. Crowd to Confluence Directory connector allowing AD user searches which are carried back to Auto-Users Adder Atlassian Crowd. File Type Upload Admin Restrict certain file type uploads in Confluence. Flexi-Blog Posts Render blog posts in a sortable dynamic table; navigate results page-by-page. Google Calendar Display Google Calendars in Confluence. JIRA Web Part for View and interact with JIRA issues from Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint License Creator Add licensing (user license keys) to Confluence plugin development projects. Link Validator Check provided URLs to ensure they are valid when accessed. Linking Link to templates, dashboard, and other Confluence features. NetSuite to Integrate JIRA and NetSuite. JIRA Integration Page Approval Manage Confluence page approvals with decentralization/user empowerment. Space Perimeter Enable view access from one Confluence space to another despite security. Redirection Confluence page redirection macros. Reporting Expansive Confluence reporting on almost any data source within Confluence. to Integrate Confluence and Confluence Integration to JIRA Create, update, and comment to JIRA issues from, and Integration vice-versa. Scaffolding Create sophisticated permanent templates and editable forms. System Message Pop-up Create system message pop-up notifications in Confluence. “CustomWare consistently Table of Contents Generate Confluence TOC for current page based on heading definitions. demonstrates an innate Tracking Anonymously track Confluence content access. knowledge of the products Utilities Classes and utility objects useful to Confluence macro builders. (Confluence & JIRA). Visibility Show or hide Confluence content based on usernames, groups, or space access. This allows them to create WAP Access Access Confluence sites with WAP 2.0-compatible cellular devices. scalable, stable plug-ins. Zip Upload Upload zip files and expand as zipped files individually to Confluence page. They are the only third-party All plugins are downloadable at plug-ins we inherently trust and officially approve. Plus, their plug-ins are just damn useful!” - Matthew Porter, Contegix United States: +1 888 707 0088 Australia: +61 2 9900 5700 2009.05 [CW50-10] integration and collaboration