YourAmerican  College in Tokyo
4                                           11                                      Short-term Study in Japan:            ...
One of the best attributes of                                                                                             ...
Cultural events, shopping,nightlife, museums, and a whole                                     The Safest Big Citylist of t...
From General                                               Year-round Enrollment    Education                             ...
Don’t Get Lost     in the Crowd     With both Japanese and international students as     classmates, LCJ classrooms are al...
Opened in 1991 as a branch campus to Lakeland                                                             College Wisconsi...
So when can you start? Contact      the LCJ Admissions Office to help     formally coordinate your short-term     study ab...
Lakeland College Brochure
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Lakeland College Brochure


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Lakeland College Brochure

  1. 1. YourAmerican College in Tokyo
  2. 2. 4 11 Short-term Study in Japan: Make the Most of Your Study Abroad/ Get an American Education Housing and Spice up Your College Life 7 12 The Safest Big City in the World Far Away but Affordable 8 13 From General Education to Japan- and Asia- College Background Focused, There’s Something for Everyone 9 15 Year-round Enrollment Contact Information 10 Don’t Get Lost in the CrowdWhether you want to study a new language, learn a new culture,or just see a different part of the globe … LCJ is here. 3
  3. 3. One of the best attributes of Lakeland College Japan is its wide range of courses, which helps us find our majors and what studies best fit us … without the hassle they have at larger and impersonal universities. Short-term Study in Japan: Get an American Education and Spice up Your College Life As a fully accredited U.S. college, Lakeland College Japan (LCJ) offers an authentic American education in the heart of downtown Tokyo. Get the best of both worlds and more—joining students from around the world in an earnest commitment to learning, while getting the most from living in this exciting city. Credits are easily transferrable to your own institution, so that you’re sure to stay on track for your studies back home.4
  4. 4. Cultural events, shopping,nightlife, museums, and a whole The Safest Big Citylist of things to keep us enjoying in the World life after classes are right at Tokyo is at LCJ’s doorstep, and rarely is there a place our fingertips. where students can feel so at ease. Deep in Shinjuku— the entertainment district of Tokyo—step outside the LCJ campus and find a city packed with restaurants, museums, parks, theaters, shops, and all manner of attractions. The beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, historic Meiji Shrine, trendy Harajuku, theater-rich Kabukicho and some of the city’s most towering skyscrapers are all within walking distance. Strike out in any direction and you’re bound to meet a wide variety of faces and places. Also, more than a dozen rail, subway, and bus lines head to all points of Tokyo and all destinations in Japan. 7
  5. 5. From General Year-round Enrollment Education “Want to study abroad but can’t find the time? LCJ offers year-round enrollment for short-term study abroad, to Japan- and making it easy to find at least one semester during your college program. Take it a step further and consider what Japan offers at that time. Asia-Focused, There’s Something Spring Term (January—April) for Everyone Visits to Hot Springs, Plum Blossom Festivals, New Year’s Shrine/Temple, and Skiing Offering a variety of general education courses ensures you can continue your current studies over here, and add Summer Term (May—August) something exciting from living in Japan. Here’s some Cherry Blossom, Firework, Obon and Music Festivals Japan and Asia focused classes you won’t want to miss: Japanese Language Fall Term (September—December) (beginner to intermediate) Mt. Fuji Hike, Autumn Colors, Tokyo Illumination Festivals Eastern Religious Traditions US-Japan Relations Elementary Chinese Introduction to Mass Media Introduction to Business The full list of available courses can be found at: Application Deadlines Spring Term: September 30th Summer Term: February 28th Fall Term: May 31st8 9
  6. 6. Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd With both Japanese and international students as classmates, LCJ classrooms are always exciting. Small class sizes averaging a student-to-professor ratio of 17:1, LCJ offers the perfect environment to make friends quickly and feel comfortable away from home. Student-run clubs and organizations make for great relationships outside the campus, and there’s always somebody ready to enjoy the city with after studying. LCJ’s highly qualified professors are committed to reaching out to students in their classes. And with office doors always open, they are devoted to giving each student the individual attention needed. With many years of experience living overseas and in Japan, our professors are able to help with more than just the academic side. Make the Most of Your Study Abroad LCJ offers a number of both on- and off-campus events. Come with us off campus and hit one of the hundreds Being on campus and attending the International Food of festivals in Japan as well as cherry blossoms, hot Festival will give you some new ideas for the kitchen and springs and the famous hike up Mt. Fuji together—so our biggest event, the LCJ Arts Day, puts you in a Tokyo you can say that you truly experienced Japan before Live House for a full day of student performances. heading home. Housing through LCJ puts you within an easy commute to the college at an affordable price. Living in Tokyo, students need a place to call “home” where they can relax and unwind after a busy day of classes or enjoying the city sights. Rooms come fully furnished and include private bedrooms, student lounges to hang out with your friends, laundry facilities, Internet, and everything else you would find in a standard dormitory. LCJ looks after our students and provides support for all students when moving in with airport pickups and full orientations. LCJ staff members are always ready to give extra help when needed. Lists and maps of nearby attractions, commuting routes to the college, and even English-speaking hospitals nearby help students feel confident even in a new country.10 11
  7. 7. Opened in 1991 as a branch campus to Lakeland College Wisconsin, our fully accredited liberal arts college offers short-term study abroad (minimum one semester) in addition to our A.A. degree program. Easily transferable credits, earned in a completely English curriculum, allow students to study abroad in their native language while experiencing this exciting and booming city. American and European professors in the classrooms and bilingual staff members in the office combine to make this study abroad program in Japan as comfortable and smooth as possible. Enrollment three times a year allows students to choose their term of study to best fit their home institutions and personal schedules. Far Away but Affordable Not everyone needs to quit everything to save up for studying abroad. LCJ’s short-term program comes at an affordable price. ESTIMATE FOR ONE SEMESTER Costs: Application and Visa Support: ¥20,000 Airport Pickup and Orientation: ¥20,000 Tuition (12 credits): ¥530,400 Administration: ¥80,000 Event/SAB Fees: ¥31,500 Textbooks: ¥30,000 Housing/Food (four months): ¥300,000 Commuting Transportation: ¥20,000 TOTAL: ¥1,031,90012 13
  8. 8. So when can you start? Contact the LCJ Admissions Office to help formally coordinate your short-term study abroad opportunity in Tokyo. Contact Information Tel: (from overseas): +81-3-3225-0425 Fax: (from overseas): +81-3-3225-0428 E-mail: Address: 5-7-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan14 15