Preventing cancer with diet


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Here are some tips to help prevent cancer by changing your diet and getting more exercise.

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Preventing cancer with diet

  1. 1. Get a Free Spiritual Healing For E-Course at Cancer with Diet, Exercise and WeightBy Brian J MartinIf you are worried about cancer, then you are likely not alone. It seems to always be in the newsespecially with all of this technology around us that seems to increase our chances of cancer or newsabout how processed foods are so bad for us. It has been found that a good amount of cancer deaths arerelated to diet and that by changing your diet can reduce your chances of cancer. Now add in exerciseand ensuring a healthy weight you can reduce your chances of cancer even furtherPhoto Courtesy of Muffet1 at a Plant Based DietIf you want to improve your diet you will want to concentrate on eating more vegetables and fruits. It isproven by scientific evidence that a diet based on plants protects the body against many forms of cancer.The best type of diet to prevent cancer is one that is based mostly on a variety of plant foods. TheAmerican Cancer Society (ACS) recommends 5 to 10 fruits and vegetables a day.So why are plant based diets good for you. The reason is that vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes(dried beans and peas) help prevent cancer by something called phytochemicals in addition to manyother cancer fighting properties that are found in these plant based foods. Some research has found thatthese phytochemicals can help to block the development of cancer cell growth. Research has also shownthat plant based diets can aid in the prevention of many types of cancer including but not limited tocancers of the colon, rectum, stomach, lung, mouth, pharynx, esophagus, breast, bladder, pancreas andlarynx.
  2. 2. Get a Free Spiritual Healing For E-Course at Courtesy of amyability at is another great substance found in tomatoes that can help prevent cancer and that substance isknown as lycopene. Lycopene can help to reduce the risk of prostate and lung cancer. Another verybeneficial ingredient of plants that can protect you from cancer is lutein. Lutein can protect you from skin,bladder, cervix and lung cancer. Lutein can be found in spinach, avocado and other yellow or leafy greenvegetables. In addition to protecting you from cancer, lutein can help you avoid problems like cataractsand macular degeneration in your eyes. Even better is the fact that when lutein is combined with lycopeneyou are rewarded with additional protection from prostate cancer.Another benefit of a plant based diet is that it contains a lot of fiber and fiber is useful in helping youremove waste from your body more efficiently. When you remove waste more efficiently from the body,this will protect you from colon and rectal cancer. Eating more meat versus plants will slow this wasteelimination process and will increase your risk of colorectal cancer.
  3. 3. Get a Free Spiritual Healing For E-Course at Plenty of Exercise and Maintain a Healthy WeightPhoto Courtesy of arinas74 at good thing about a plant based diet is that it is lower in calories and will likely lead you to maintainingweight that is healthy. Being overweight has been linked to breast, colon, gall bladder and uterinecancers. You should try to maintain your weight close to what is recommended by the medical professionand not be either to heavy or too light.Another way to ensure that you maintain a healthy weight is to eat low fat alternatives to favorite foodsand cutting back on portion sizes. You should also try to avoid red meat and stick more to poultry andseafood. If you do have red meat, then you should look for leaner cuts which are not as fatty and high incalories. You can also switch to low fat or fat versions of things like cottage cheese, cheese, mayonnaiseand many other foods. It will take some getting used to but once you eat these foods for a while, you willno longer crave their fattier versions. You will also want to stay away from foods containing nitrates likelunch meat or hot dogs. Instead of ice cream for dessert have some fruit. You should also learn to avoidsalt and learn to season your foods with other herbs and spices that are better for you.You can also maintain a healthy weight by getting plenty of exercise. Exercise will also make your bodyand immune system stronger and this will help protect you from cancer. Your goal should be to try andget at least 1 hour per day of rigorous exercise. This can be accomplished by taking a brisk 30 minutewalk in the morning and then another 30 minute walk in the evening. These walks will also help to relaxyou and reduce your stress level.If cancer runs in your family, you should consider following some of this advice because it will not only
  4. 4. Get a Free Spiritual Healing For E-Course at your risks of cancer but will help you be healthier and have more energy. By following the advicein this article, you can potentially reduce your risk of cancer of up to 40 percent.