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Positive thinking for lottery success


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Positive thinking for lottery success

  1. 1. Positive Thinking for Lottery Success Recommended Positive Thinking Resources 1. Secret Mind Weapons – Think and Grow Rich For the New Century 2. Think Rich Club – Join the Club and Start Attracting Money Today 3. Think Rich Secrets – Learn the Secrets of Wealth Attraction Today 4. Think and Grow Rich Mastermind Course – Free Think and Grow Rich E- Course 5. Instant Positive Attitude – Free Report – 5 Ways to Create a Positive New You Have you heard the phrase “Think Positive?” Could it be possible to win the lottery just by thinking positively about winning the lottery? It is probably not quite that simple, but the power of positive thinking could potentially help you to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Thinking positive is definitely a great starting point for turning your luck around. Get a Free Win The Lottery E-Book – Custom Hypnosis Your thoughts can have a tremendous impact on how your life plays out and this includes your lottery success. You need to start paying attention to your thoughts and changing them to positive ones. It can actually be a difficult task but it can potentially help you meet your lottery dreams. Your mind has a direct impact on your meeting your dreams. Get a Free Report – 5 Ways to Create a Positive New You. Science has long since proved the power of the mind in relation to a person’s success. There is definitely a relationship between your thoughts and your ultimate success. Positive thinking can lead to success if you learn to do it properly and put the required effort toward it. Put the Secrets of the New Think and Grow Rich to Work For You – Get Started Today It may seem easy to always think positive but it can be very difficult. The reason for this is that your thoughts are controlled by your subconscious
  2. 2. mind and not your conscious mind. If your subconscious mind is programmed for negative thoughts, then your thoughts will be primarily negative. If your subconscious mind is program for positive thoughts, then you thoughts will primarily be positive. This is why positive thinking comes naturally for some but not others. If you are not a natural positive thinking person, then you will need to use tools to change your subconscious mind so that it learns to think in a positive manner. Learn More About Positive Learning Here There is one thing that you can do to jump start your positive thinking and get you started down the road to lottery success. Positive thinking is like starting your car down the road to get the results that you desire. The road that you need to take comes from your subconscious mind and this road is your feelings. It is these feelings that cause you to act and it is these actions that will help you win the lottery. These actions are controlled by your subconscious mind so you need to monitor your thoughts to help you take the proper actions to lead to your success. Get a Free Think and Grow Rich E-book Why is this important? You can spend all day thinking that you are a lottery winner but you will likely not increase your chances of winning the lottery by just doing this exercise. The reason for this is that you need to truly be positive about winning the lottery. The window to see if you are truly thinking positive is your feelings. All you need to do is spend time monitoring your feelings to ensure you are being positive about winning. So start thinking about being a lottery winner as much as you can
  3. 3. throughout the day. As you do this positive thinking exercise, monitor your feelings and see what they are telling you. Do you feel in any way negative or discouraged as you do this exercise or are you feeling great and excited about being a lottery winner? If you are feeling great, you are on the right track. If you are feeling discouraged then you need to step up your positive thinking. One way to do this is to add some feeling and emotion to your thoughts. One way to add feeling and emotion is to really try a feel what it will be like when you win that jackpot as you are thinking about winning the jackpot. Do you feel like you are going to faint or will you jump up and down with pure joy? Once you determine how you will feel, add this emotion as you conduct your positive thinking exercises. Another technique to use as you conduct your positive thinking exercises is to try and get all your senses involved. For example see the lottery officials drawing your winning numbers. Hear the other people in the room root for you as they pick your numbers. Getting your senses, emotions and feelings involved should help overcome the negative feelings that you are experiencing and change them to positive feelings. Get the greatest success book ever written for free – Find out how here! Also monitor your feelings throughout, the day. When you are feeling down or negative, take few deep breaths to relax and then do some positive thinking about winning the lottery including your senses as you did earlier. You should keep thinking about winning the lottery until you no longer feel negative and discouraged. You need to remember this will take some effort on your part. You need to spend time analyzing how you feel. Then you need to spend the time making the adjustments that you need to make to ensure you are thinking positively. The more you do this and the more success you have will lead to more confidence. This will lead to less negative feelings and more positive feelings and bring you closer to being the next lottery jackpot winner. Don’t Forget Your Free Win the Lottery E-Book - Custom Hypnosis
  4. 4. Check Out These Other Great Lottery Resources 1. Free Lottery Method E-Course – 2. Learn the Lottery by Steve G Jones - I highly recommend this program 3. Lotto Black Book – Free sample chapters 4. Lottery Method – Free Lottery Newsletter 5. The Inverted Lottery System – Free Demo 6. Lottery Checkmate 7. Beat the Lotto 8. Subliminal Messages Extreme – Free Video Download 9. Secret Mind Weapons (Think and Grow Rich Got Better) Note: I am a paid affiliate for all of the links on this article and I do get paid if you purchase any of the products through these links