How to create pop up ads in pdf files pup


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Learn how to add Pop Up Ads to PDF files that you give away to increase your sales effectiveness and potentially make more money

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  • This is now possible with a Software Called PDF Pop-up Creator by zeescripts at It just like a factory where you select your pdf file, and add messages and also optin forms for list building.
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How to create pop up ads in pdf files pup

  1. 1. How to Create Pop Up Ads in PDF FilesNote: I am a paid affiliate for this product and I will get a commission if you purchase this product thruany of the links in this document.Create PDF Pop Ads To Help Increase Your Conversions – Get PDF Pop Up Magic
  2. 2. IntroductionCreate PDF Pop Ads To Help Increase Your Conversions – Get PDF Pop Up MagicIf you are into internet marketing, then you likely have given away PDFreports or books to promote your products or affiliate products. Youmay even use these reports or books to promote your website that isgeared toward making money from Adsense. Well wouldn’t it be coolto give away a PDF file that has a pop up ad that automatically pops upwhen the user opens the book and also when the user closes the book.Internet Marketers use pop up ads all the time on their websites to tryand promote their products or affiliate products. Pop ups most workbecause they seem to be very common on most Internet Marketingwebsites in some form or another. Even major brands of products willuse pop ups for various promotions so they must work. The bad thingabout pop ups on a website is that people are used to them. So most ofyour traffic will just click them closed and move onto the website. Alsoon a website you have to deal with pop up blockers that are alwaystrying to keep those pop ups occuring.However if you add pop ups to a PDF, your readers will not beexpecting them. They will likely be curious as to what the pop upmessage is telling them and will click it just out of curiousity becausethey have never seen a pop up ad in a PDF file. So what does this meanto you as an Internet Marketer? It potentially means that you will get ahigher click thru rate and potentially make more money. The best partis that all you can get them when they open the PDF and when theyclose it.
  3. 3. The other great part is that the possiblities are endles. You might bethinking that it sounds like a great concept but you do not have a lot ofebooks to give away and or writing an ebook takes a lot of time andresearch. You will find that with some creativity you can easily create allkinds of PDFs to get your message out.One example is articles. Let’s say that you have written an article andyou are going to email it to you email list. You add a couple ads into theemail but people are used to this so they do not click on the ads.However when you write your article, you can save it in word or openoffice as a PDF. You can then add the pop up ads to your PDF and emailthe PDF to your email list as a free report instead of an article. I betpeople are more likely to read a report versus an article. They open itup and wham a pop up ad. They wonder what that is. Then curisoty islikely to get them to click on the ad.You can also take a PowerPoint presentation and save it as a PDF.PowerPoints are easy to make and you can make a quick report justusing PowerPoint Slides. Again just ad your pop ups and you haveanother revenue generating report. One idea for PowerPoint is to use itto create a Top 10 List. I am sure you have seen a lot of websites useslideshows and some of these are for things like Top 10 Ways to LoseWeight. I personally think they use these slideshows to cram moreadvertising down our throats. I mean you can get a lot more ads viewedby your traffic using 10 pages of a slideshow versus 1 page of an article.Anyways back to my point. You could use PowerPoint to create a Top10 list in like ½ an hour, save it to PDF and then add your pop up adsand bingo you have another money making product in no time at all.
  4. 4. How to Create Pop Up Ads In PDF FilesOk so you are excited about the possibilities right? Well unfortunatelyunless you are a computer programmer, you will need some softwareto add pop ups to your PDF files. The software used in this called PDFPop Up Magic and I highly recommend it. The pop up you saw in thebeginning of this book and the one that you will see when you close itwere created using this software.Get PDF Pop Up Magic HereOk the first step is to add the PDF file or files that you want to add yourPop Up ads to. Just click on the add files button and then browse thefolders and files on your computer until you find the PDFs you want toadd the pop ups to.
  5. 5. Once you have added your PDF files you will then need to select youroutput folder. This is where your final PDF document will be saved.Once you have completed this step, you will hit next.
  6. 6. Step Two is to add your pop ups to the document when it is opened. Todo this you will select “On Open File” and then select “Add MessageBox”. You will then click on the Add Message Box to bring up a windowwhere you can create your pop up ad.
  7. 7. You will then add your message title, your ad message, an icon toindicate what type of information you are providing, the type ofselection you wish to use and then the actions that will occur. Once youselect an action, you will select it. So for our example ad I am going touse yes/no. For yes it will take me to a website (in this case it is anadsense website I am promoting). For No, I will select do nothing andthe document will be opened.
  8. 8. You will then want to test you ad to make sure it does what you desire.Once you have tested your ad hit confirm
  9. 9. You will then want to follow the same steps for when some closes thedocument to get a pop up ad. The only difference is that for the NOoption you will select – NO – Close Document
  10. 10. You are almost done now. All you need to do is select generate files andyou are done.
  11. 11. Now You Have A PDF with Pop Ups –Get PDF Pop Up Magic – Here
  12. 12. From your PDF pop up to your affiliate site or your site! It is that easy.Get PDF Pop Up Magic HereGet PDF Pop Up Magic Here