Cervical cancer prevention


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http://www.custom-hypnosis.com/cancer to learn about the power of spiritual healing and how it can help you by taking this free e-course. One type of cancer that is not as common as other types of cancers is cervical cancer. However cervical cancer is just as dangerous. Because this type of cancer is potentially life threatening, it is worth learning more about the condition, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

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Cervical cancer prevention

  1. 1. Cervical Cancer Prevention - What You Can Do to ProtectYourselfBy Brian BowieReiki MasterCreative Expressions E-learning LLCLearn Ways To Heal Cancer for Free atwww.custom-hypnosis.com/cancer
  2. 2. Cervical cancer is not as common as some cancer but it isjust as dangerous. There ways to potentially preventcervical cancer. Some of these prevention methods arevery effective. You should use as many of thesepreventative measures as you can.One of the most important things that you can do is toget regular pap smear screenings. These tests are used tohelp identifyu abnormal cells by taking some cells fromsurface of the cervix. Testing for abnormal cells can helpto prevent cervical cancer by finding this cancer earlywhich will make it easier to treat in most cases. Youshould discuss with your doctor how often you shouldget a pap smear test.
  3. 3. One of the most effective ways to prevent cervical canceris by getting a HPV vaccine. At the time of this writing,this is a pretty new vaccine but it has proven to be prettyeffective. The vaccine is designed to offer protectionfrom the two HPV viruses that most commonly causecervical cancer. It is suitable for girls and womenbetween 9 and 26 years of age. Still, according to doctorsthe best time to have the shot is at the age of 11 to 12.Women who are sexually active will have to undergo atest for the presence of HPV before they can bevaccinated. You should discuss with your doctor if thisvaccine is right for you.HPV which is the cause of cervical cancer is a bascially asexually transmitted disease. The best way to preventHPV is by practicing safe sex. Research indicates that theuse of male condoms reduces the rissk of getting an HPVinfection as well as other STD’s in general. Also the fewresexual partners you have, the less of a risk you will haveat getting HPV.
  4. 4. Some research has shown that there is a potentialcorrelation between smoking and cervical cancer. It hasnot yet been determined exactly what that correlation isexcept that smoking does seem to increase the risk ofHPV causing cervical cancer. Because of this research, itis advised that if you want to reduce your risk of cervicalcancer even further, then you may want to considerquitting smoking.Because the cause of cervical cancer is known, it can beprevented and treated easier than other types of cancersif the proper precautions are taken. So you shouldconsult with your doctor to find out exactly what you cando to prevent HPV and ultimately cervical cancer.Learn Ways To Heal Cancer for Free atwww.custom-hypnosis.com/cancer