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What Is Customer Service?


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On March 7, 2012, we asked 19 business, marketing and customer service experts the fundamental question:

What is Customer Service?

We received some truly insightful answers and thought we would revisit some of the better nuggets by creating a SlideShare presentation. For the full quotes from each expert, please check out the original post at

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What Is Customer Service?

  1. 1. What is Customer Service? A Roundup Post with 19 Customer Service Experts By Adam Toporek February 7, 2013©Copyright 2012-2013. CTS Service Solutions. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. On March 7, 2012, we asked 19 business and customer service experts the fundamental question: What is Customer Service? The responses were as varied as they were insightful and demonstrated the wide range of perspectives that exist on the nature of customer service. Read on to see what our 19 experts had to say!
  3. 3. Guy Winch, Ph.DGuy is a Licensed psychologist, speaker and author of The Squeaky Wheel:Complaining the Right Way to Get Results, Improve Your Relationships and Enhance Self-Esteem. Guy also blogs here. “Customer Service is about creating a relationship of trust and loyalty with customers that transcends the interaction of the moment.”
  4. 4. Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAEShep is a speaker and best selling author of The Cult of the Customer and The Amazement Revolution. Shep works with companies who want to build loyal relationships with their customers. Shep also blogs here.“Customer service is not adepartment. It is aphilosophy that includesevery person and aspect ofthe best and brightestcompanies.”
  5. 5. Erica Allison Erica is a PR and Marketing Strategist for her company, AllisonDevelopment Group. She uses a combination of market research andanalysis, social media applications and traditional media approaches.“Customer Service meansNOT reading from ascript, but instead readingthe customer. It meansknowing when to payattention and when to givespace.”
  6. 6. Kate Nasser Kate, The People Skills Coach, has inspired and taught thousands ofemployees for over 20 years to deliver platinum quality customer service. She blogs frequently about leadership and customer service. “Customer Service creates opportunities of mutual benefit… It brings new vistas into view for the companies who give and the customers who receive it.”
  7. 7. Vernessa Taylor Vernessa is a Technology Consultant and Internet Coach who works withboth online and offline business owners. Vernessa also writes about small business systems. “At the root of customer service is the old-fashioned notion of ‘serving’.”
  8. 8. Bill Dorman Bill is a principal insurance broker and owner of Lanier Upshaw, anInsurance and Risk Management company. Bill has an incredibly successful blog focused on social media… and life. “Customer service means taking care of the little things first; doing what you said you would do; do it on time; and say please and thank you.”
  9. 9. Richard R. Shapiro Richard is the Founder and President of The Center For Client Retention, which provides consulting services to Fortune 500corporations. He is also author of The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business.“Customer Service is allabout helping people findwhat they need or want,even if your establishmentdoes not stock those goodsor provide that specificservice.”
  10. 10. Extreme John Extreme John is an entrepreneur, small business and marketing blogger,and social media author of the eBook How To Succeed With Social Media. “Having passion, true passion for your customers and their complete overall satisfaction and happiness is where success is found.”
  11. 11. Debbie Szumylo Debbie is an Experience Marketing Design Specialist for Deluxe Corporation. She has 16 years of customer experience and loyaltyexpertise, event planning, project management and communications.“Customer Service is the actof providing your customerwith something theyneed, want or value.”
  12. 12. Laura Click Laura is Founder and CEO of Blue Kite Marketing, a strategic marketingand social media consulting company. She is focused on helping service- based businesses create extraordinary experiences for their clients.“It goes beyond having afriendly face at the receptiondesk answering the phone –customer service should bewoven into your entirebusiness and emphasized withevery employee.”
  13. 13. Michelle QuillinMichelle is an Internet marketing expert who helps run New EnglandMultimedia, a company focused on strategic web development, social media, and video to maximize their clients’ web presence.“It takesconscious, deliberatepractice to put ourselves inour customer’s shoes, tosee things through theireyes, to understand theirperspective.”
  14. 14. Scott Quillin Scott is the Founder, President and Technical/Creative Director of New England Multimedia. His multimedia company uses blogs, internetmarketing, video and social media to maximize web presence for clients.“Good customer service willalways result in thecustomer feeling like you’regiving them as much timeas they need.”
  15. 15. Micah SolomonMicah is a customer service and marketing strategist, speaker and author of the book, High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service. Find Micah at his blog, College of The Customer. “Mastering the fine points of customer service is a never-ending challenge in part because customer expectations and desires change all the time.”
  16. 16. Shonali Burke Shonali is an accredited, award-winning communication consultant andsought-after speaker based in the Washington D.C. metro area. She blogs about PR, communication strategy and social media. “Great customer service makes me feel as if, even though I may be one of several hundred… I’m still unique enough for the company to pay attention to me and my needs.”
  17. 17. Sean McGinnisSean is a digital strategist who ensures digital tactics are aligned with a compelling strategy that drives business results for clients. He is the principal at 312digital, which focuses on digital marketing training.“If every senior executive inevery company tested theircustomer service weekly,we’d all have nothing tocomplain about.”
  18. 18. Kaarina Dillabough Kaarina is a former Olympic coach, and a business consultant, coach, speaker and strategist. She inspires her clients to reach beyond their grasp to attain great things. She can be found on her blog.“Going ‘above and beyond’,doing the little extras, gettingto truly know the customer,smiling, showing passion andcaring and always exercisingbest judgment…”
  19. 19. Ken Mueller Ken is the owner of Inkling Media, a social media, marketing andcommunications consultancy. Ken is a professional resource for social media and Internet marketing.“Our businesses exist, firstand foremost, to createproducts and services forthe customer, and thebetter we do this, the moresuccessful we’ll be.”
  20. 20. Jeff ToisterJeff is the President of Toister Performance Solutions, Inc., a company that helps its clients increase customer loyalty, referrals and profitability through outstanding service. Find Jeff at his blog. “Like any great relationship, the best customer service relationships are based on trust, mutual respect and common interests. They’re genuine and real.”
  21. 21. Gini DietrichGini is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communication firm. She authors the PR and marketing blog Spin Sucks, and co-authored the book Marketing In The Round.“Now companies need tobe concerned with servingtheir customers on theoffline and online platformsmost convenient forthem, not the business. ”
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