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Unica: Automating marketing processes for the Airline industry

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Unica: Automating marketing processes for the Airline industry

  1. 1. Marketers DilemmaYour Boarding Pass • Limited Loyalty • Lack of direct brand interaction with the consumer due dominance of agents and OTAsTo Customer • Constantly providing quality service despite price pressure and high operational costsEngagement • Providing an integrated customer experience – online, offline, mobile, kiosk, etc.With over 90 million passengers flying on anannual basis, India is the 9th largest aviationmarket in the world. In June 2011, Indiasgrowth in domestic aviation was second only toBrazil and it is anticipated that the civil aviation CC as an Enablermarket will grow at a CAGR of ~ 16%over thenext 2 years. (Source: IBEF). • Build strong communities of consumersToday flying is the most preferred mode of • Create an immersive and integrated experiencetravel, especially for business and most economy • Multi-channel customer engagementtravellers. Large amount of flyers will pick any • Conduct in-depth analysis and provide valuable insightsairline with the cheapest price even at the cost of • Ensure smooth execution and enhance RoIservice and quality. Hence its even moreimperative for airlines to engage with theirexisting, and potential customers, and developbrand loyalty to ensure efficiency in cost peravailable seat kilometres. However, thechallenges faced by the marketers are notlimited to providing the better, faster, cheaper, Energise with Unicabut also in the Who, What, Where, When, Whyof the marketing initiative itself. • Reduce campaign costs and execution time • Build strong relationshipsGrowing transactional data needs the right tools • Communicate the right message to the rightto monitor, analyse and execute marketing user at the right time via the right channelinitiatives. The idea is to understand thecustomer, the segmentations based on flightpatterns, preferences, and behaviour before andafter a flying experience.Customer Centria (CC) helps you use powerfulanalytical tools, powered by IBM Unica, Resultseffectively to deliver quality multi-channelmarketing efforts. CCs experience with one of • Proactive ServiceIndias largest airline company serves as a strong • Personalised Offersproof of our understanding of the aviation • RoIsector, and associated issues, concerns and user • Share of Walletprofiles. • Efficiency • Cost Reduction customer centria The Customer Engagement & Experience Company Technology Analytics Interactive
  2. 2. From Data to DelightCCs end-to-end customer engagement solutions energise and deliver a winning multi-channel customer experience.• Personalised communication to improve client interaction, lower costs and improve marketing efficiencies translating into enhanced ROI• Create an integrated customer experience across multiple points of contact including email, web, mobile, kiosk, branch, IVR and call centre• Analyse customer behaviour to provide valuable insights on their travel, meal, spending and buying preferences CC’s solution for the Civil Aviation Industry, powered by IBM Unica IBM Unica Campaign Management IBM Unica eMessage • Providing delightful customer experience by • Delivery and tracking of emails having a unified messaging and branding to all and SMS sent to current and valued customers via different mediums potential customers while • Creation and execution of targeted campaigns capturing throughout, based on segmented lists to provide economical open-rates, click-through rates and speedy campaigns to reduce time to and conversions Email and SMS market Channel Communication Customer Insights Metrics and Response and Analysis Tracking IBM Unica Customer Analytics IBM Unica Detect IBM Coremetrics • Include customer equity and lifetime value management to create clusters • Improve cross-sell and retention by • Track online behaviour • Analyse historical portfolio of various types of identifying patterns and trends based and customer profiling marketing actions and campaigns on transactional data such as flight to create a robust bookings, preferences, online database of customer transaction data through airline loyalty interactions and pattern programs and bank/retail tie-ups Source 3 Source 1 Source 2 Response History and Customer Data Marketing Data MartCCs Centre of Excellence and Product Incubation We provide the full spectrum of services for allCentre UNICA productsCCs Centre of Excellence incubates novel product development: • UNICA Campaign • UNICA NetInsight • UNICA Interact • UNICA Customer Insight• Creative solutions for all gaps identified, educate employees about the adoption of new technologies and create a pool of global best • UNICA Detect • UNICA Predictive Insight practices • UNICA Leads • UNICA Marketing Operations• Share and apply key learnings from each project to create world- class proprietary products that provide ready solutions to clients Technology Digital Engagement• Key CC products include Data De-duplication Engine, Loyalty Management Tool, Social Media Listening Tool and many more! Marketing Services Loyalty Management Insights Social Interaction ManagementFor more information email