The power of digital CRM


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In today's world of ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences, retailers need to keep up and cater to changing trends. The presentation talks about using technology for interactive marketing, analyzing consumer behaviour, and transforming-customer experiences.

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The power of digital CRM

  1. 1. The power of digital CRM customer centria The Customer Engagement & Experience Company 28 January 2011
  2. 2. The consumer awakening Technology Enabled !
  3. 3. The Ever Evolving Consumer
  4. 4. The And the complexity of staying relevant• Changing Consumer preference• More channel options• More device choices• More content formats• More online networks• Changing technology landscape• Sustained and accelerated changes ahead…..
  5. 5. customer centria Technology Analytics InteractiveKnowing that they’re talking to us.….amongst usToday we do BI & Customer Analytics We have Databases of Transactions We have Databases of Interactions – clicks, visits,views, registrations.
  6. 6. ..but Is there a need to shift perspectives?from Customer Data … … that of Human Expressions, Intentions and Desires
  7. 7. DELIGHT WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF INTERACTIVE MARKETINGDialogue InteractListen Engage Experience
  8. 8. A quick look atCustomer Engagement at work How technology enables transformational customer experiences
  9. 9. Meet Anna She is looking to upgrade her carHer auto manufacturer has the perfect opportunity to delight Anna
  10. 10. Enabling Customer Centricity, Engagement & Experience for Anna What makesDo we know Where, How, interaction Anna well When does with Anna enough? Anna prefer most to be reached delightfulANALYSE EXECUTE ENGAGE Right Customer Right Time Creating Right Offer Value Right Channel Right Dialogue
  11. 11. Customer Analytics to analyze Campaign Management to execute Digital Dialogue to engage
  12. 12. Where an auto advisor who knows all about Anna welcomes herAnna accepts an invitation to a members only car lounge
  13. 13. Anna, via her avatar, enters the car lounge
  14. 14. Anna meets Auto Advisor,He makes relevant recommendations and allows her to customise herown car
  15. 15. Anna is delighted !She makes a down payment She now gets an offer from her insurance company on her mobile
  16. 16. Redefine the concept of “flagship” Delight at every Touchpoint Customer Centralized Cross-Channel JAVA APIs Awareness Decisioning Execution Mail Web Data Customer Segmentation Outbound Analytics Fulfillment Offer Email Web Management Inbound SOAP/XML Customer Analytics Integration Interaction Call Data History Center Predictive Distributed Analytics Real-Time Marketing Targeting ODBCTransaction Web Data Event Contact Lead Detection Optimization Management Sales, Branch Integrated Marketing Operations Office Plans & People & Data & Measurement & Budgets Processes Assets Performance Windows / Unix / Linux Oracle / DB2 / MSSQL WebSphere / WebLogic
  17. 17. Add to it the explosion that internet retail is experiencing globally
  18. 18. Key Retail Marketing Trends• Leading retailers are focusing on cross-channel experience – By 2012, one-third of in-store sales – or $1 trillion – will be influenced by the web – Two-thirds of online shoppers engage in some form of cross-channel shopping behavior – Only 13% of retail web owners consider driving store sales a top priority.• Email is the most popular marketing tactic followed by paid search – Search drives acquisition with SEM and organic search delivering more than half of new customers – Email drives relationship marketing – 93% of retailers said email was more important in 2008 (gaining in importance every year)
  19. 19. Key Retail Marketing Trends• Lots of interest in mobile and social media but still limited action – Mobile technology is one of the top marketing technologies (#2) that marketers say they plan to use (site optimization is #1) – Marketers are more bullish that the effectiveness of mobile marketing will increase compared to most other channels (except social media and and SEM) – Lots of early stage participation in social media but efforts remain largely siloed• Field marketing is gaining in popularity – Campaigns executed by store managers – In-store events• Investment in planning applications to support production management processes – Facilitate time to market
  20. 20. The time has come to re-imagine the future of retailing BUY ANYTHING, ANYTIME ANYWHERE
  21. 21. Mobile Technologies are changingparadigms in digital retail
  22. 22. If you like that, try thisBehavioural driven recommendations
  23. 23. Social Media is a new dimension onretail experience
  24. 24. With so many consumers saying, doing and listening to so many things….
  25. 25. So lets Listen….. Today: Pull Web intelligence Traditional Web channels Emerging Web channels Search Site Social Applications Offline data Customer Display Campaigns Email data Moblie Video advertising Trageting Widgets Web analytics platform Tomorrow: Push Web intelligence Web intelligence Enterprise Customer A/B Multivariate Behavioral CRM data database testing testing targeting warehouse Multichannel marketing Marketing laboratoryA world of Intelligence from within and outside
  26. 26. Building DigitalExperiences
  27. 27. A customer engagement platform that combines online gaming, virtual reality and social networking
  28. 28. to create a unique, integrated experience.
  29. 29. customer centria Technology Analytics InteractiveNot just a brand interaction platform but has created theconcept of “virtual customer experience”
  30. 30. An end to end customer engagement solutionEnd to End Customer Engagement touchpoints
  31. 31. Community Driven Segmentation Marketing Strategy for the 3,50,000 + Avatars THE NOW TREKKIE PAST ADVENTU- SPIRITUAL EXPLORER GEN MASTER RER -IST• Grounded History Thrives on Transcendent Free Spirit living on the in Reality Techno Buff Geek edge Rebirth• Lives for Flights of Enamoured the Fancy with the past moment
  32. 32. Urban FashionMapping in-world behaviour DancingConsumer segments Sports M Cricket Now Generation a Cricket Treasure Hunt n Diving i Explorer I f d e Crater Asteroid Moon Fashion Mapping Hopping e Trekkie s o t l Past a o master Sports Historical t fashion g i Adventurer Archery y o Ice Sculptors n Spiritualist s Forever Young
  33. 33. Analytics Driven, Community CreationDynamic Friend Matching EngineThe system identifies similarusers & polar users. FashionistaWith additional points for (L3)making friends with polar users Depending on Socialize level of avatar& users beyond two degrees of customization r (L1)separation. Depending Explore on the r (L3) number of friends Depending on number of easter eggs found AOK (L2) Tamer Depends on time (L4) spent in-world. Gamer Always on Depending on Keyboard (as number of pets (L2) against AFK) tamed and Depending on time spent number of with pets quests completed Dynamic scoring engine defined for friends recommendation
  34. 34. Transcending the Real into the VirtualVirtual Goods Virtual currency which can get you …….
  35. 35. A New lookOver a million avatar combinations to choose from
  36. 36. A NEW LOOK !100 + activities, across 5 regions
  37. 37. Community Driven, Insight BasedInteractive Marketing Promoting Virtual ) And Real Incentives
  38. 38. Enabling Engagement & Experience Parse and Analyse Unica Gojiyo Weblogs NetInsight Web design & layout inputs Customer Segmentation basis in-world behavior. User behaviour attribute on Gojiyo Automated marketing Program. Analytical data Analytic Periodic Delta Transfer Engine Multi-channel marketing Model Output Program .Gojiyo Database User Analytics Database Communication Message to User Campaign Definition Email to User Unica Campaign & eMessage
  39. 39. Case Study : ebayBusiness Objectives To build more complex campaigns with rich segmentation, maintain recurring campaigns Multi-channel campaigns with response and conversion reporting Campaign and offer optimization, need for a marketing foundation to support CRM goalsResults Empowered marketers and freed up IT resources Reduced time for new campaign launch New centralized infrastructure allows for reuse of campaigns across user segments and countries
  40. 40. eBay Complete your Collection Campaign #1 #2#3 #4 #5 #6
  41. 41. eBay Complete your Collection Campaign Results Complete Your Collection proved to be an outstanding campaign for driving buyer response and activity – 113% lift in Open Rates – 285% lift in Response rates – 274% lift in Click through rates – Email generated $4M in Gross Merchandise Bought 44
  42. 42. Personalization andDynamic Content E-mail • Personalized emails were labor intensive • Marketing focused on creating catalog quality emails rather than 1-to-1 messaging 45
  43. 43. Personalization and Dynamic Content E-mail After • Implemented a multi-variant “Test and Learn” methodology – Gender, Pricing Data, Category Recommendation, Last Viewed Items, Feedback Score • Retagged marketing creatives and started to leverage our Content Mgmt system • Leveraging Unica Campaign for segmentation and personalization rules • Results – 50% increase in Open Rate – >100% improvement in Click Through – Doubled Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) per email sent46 46
  44. 44. Community Driven SegmentationDriving Engagement
  45. 45. Strong Portfolio of Retail Customers More than 150 and Growing48
  46. 46. We understand the customer and design and deliver Customer ExperiencesProud to partner with
  47. 47. Thank You