Social Media Evolution: Impact of new Facebook on Marketers


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Most marketers were trying to learn and leverage on the 5th largest economy in the world – Facebook, only to realise that the rules of engagement recently changed and how fast!

So, What does Facebook’s bold and radical list of changes spell for marketers and corporates?

Goodbye to all the “digital agencies” who built their business on buying facebook fans. Its no longer How much- its only about HOW?

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Social Media Evolution: Impact of new Facebook on Marketers

  1. 1. customer centriaThe Customer Engagement & Experience Company Marketers’ face-off with the new Facebook Date: 03/10/2011
  2. 2. Most marketers were trying to learn and leverage on the 5th largest economy in the world – Facebook, only torealise that the rules of engagement recently changed and how fast!So, What does Facebook’s bold and radical list of changes spell for marketers and corporates?Goodbye to all the “digital agencies” who built their business on buying facebook fans. Its no longerHow much- its only about HOW?The Like button has been marginalised, and has a much smaller role to play. Brands, will thus start feeling thepressure to come up with some really compelling content and integrate it further into the right channels to trulybecome part of meaningful conversations or privy to the consumers inner circle.Facebook has created the ultimate divide – The haves and the have-nots. The brands that do have relevant,meaningful and ‘valuable content’, just don’t get a leg into the consumers private space.New Toys for the consumers.For the users, Facebook now has a completely different set of to tools to play with and explore. The most talkedabout being the Timeline that track your life story through your updates. The jury is still out on this one. But for amarketer, it provides an extremely rich peek into a consumer’s journey, and just what makes him tick.In this context, engagement can be taken to a completely new level, because of the emergence of Facebook Apps asa key engagement tool. The metrics of the game are about to change forever – the quality of the environment, thedepth of the interaction, and the impact of the relationship are only going to get better. The fact is, that socialmedia is no longer for the weak hearted and the fence sitters.Real-time Serendipity!The overall experience of being an integrated whole is what defines the new Facebook. Now users can listen tomusic together through Spotify and watch a video together through Netflix and Hulu. They can also make tea or gofor a jog at the same time through the multiple apps experience. Their Facebook friends get real-timenotifications and you have a timeline telling your story in sequence. Facebook calls it real time serendipity, andrightly so.Just to decode the new Facebook phenomenon for marketers: the few major changes on your Facebook page:The News Feed Ticker: All of the ‘noisy stuff’ on Facebook now gets relegated to the ticker. So only brands that aretruly strategic about what they publish will really make it to the wall. Plain old status updates are just not going tocut ice any more
  3. 3. Open Graphs: The intent is to bring together social actions from all across the web and aggregate them onfacebook, a social remote of sorts which allow users to watch TV shows, movies and listen to music without gettingout of Facebook. Netflix, Spotify and Hulu, just got hotter than they already were, and are ripe for partnering withbig brands to provide innovative solutionsThe Subscribe Button: ‘Like’ probably, the most abused term on facebook, because most consumers hated to“like” a brand, just to consume the content. And now a consumer can “subscribe” or follow people or brands that isnot ‘friends’ with.Timeline: The new layout has somewhat opened up new potential for tracking a consumer’s interests andengagement with brands over their lifetime.”‘Consumer is King’ gets new meaning in the case of the “New” facebook, and C2C is a whole new dimension.Brands can no longer be complacent, and rest on their large fan bases. Which makes the job of online marketingmanagers more challenging and creative, as tempting as it will be to just want a consumer to ‘like’ your page, andassume thereafter that he is ‘engaged’.How users can connect with brands With developers being able to turn any verb into a button, the opportunity for marketers just got endless, and engagement much deeper. Facebook’s Social Graph will enable marketers to be able to effectively track consumers and their brand usage. Some positives stand out in the new Facebook design 1 Stronger and Better Interaction with Fans As the Wall tab becomes the focus, Pages will have a much more active and dynamic feel2 Viral-friendly Setup Any content posted on the new Wall will also appear in the news feed of fans more often3 Multiple Ways to Communicate The Status Update will serve as an important way to share short, brief and interesting blurbs with Fans. Brands using Twitter will be able to sync their accounts so selected Tweets will reach the Facebook wall automatically4 Specific and Customised Landing Page for Non-Fans The Wall tab is the entry point for Fans, and for non-fans, the page admins can choose which tab to be used as the landing page. So if a page has some content to be promoted, it can be made the landing page for non-fans to increase the Likes.
  4. 4. Combating the ChallengesSo the new design makes the pages more dynamic and viral-friendly, and here’s how the marketers can make themost of the challenges: Update the content more frequently and consistently; ensure the Wall tab stays fresh and novel. Brands will have to establish specific guidelines on what content can be posted here on a more consistent basis. Most importantly, the brand’s page admins will have to think deep, and determine what type of content i.e. text, photos, audio, videos, links the fans are most likely to share Fan-to-brand interaction will gain prominence over static brand content, so it becomes important for brands to practice their control intelligently Watch out for the static brand content like About Us and Contact info on your page, as there will be a need to adhere to the standard template.What Next?The rules of engagement have changed – we need to surrender all that is familiar, reshuffle, relook and regroup –truly dig deep, to be able to get the ‘new engagement mantra’ right.Social CRM just became more meaningful.Customer Centria’s Data to Delight promise, becomes more significant in the new emerging Social Web. Andmarketers need to wake up and smell the coffee.Agencies with the ability to leverage the data thrown up by the various new facets of facebook, and use it as creativeleverage to build in a high degree of relevance and interactivity into campaigns, targeting and engaging users, thisprovides firms with unprecedented opportunities to take Social CRM to the next level.It is going to be interesting to wait and watch how marketers embrace the next generation of social mediamarketing, where transaction data, can be mapped to social behaviour, giving marketers an arsenal, which willguarantee them winning the war.