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Customer Centria is a global customer engagement and experience company. We enable enterprises to engage with customers leveraging Technology, Analytics, Interactive Marketing, Digital and Social Media. We offer Products, Solutions & Services customized to integrate into the IBM Unica EMM Suite. We have demonstrated competence and experience across Telcos, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Airlines and Consumer Goods across geographies.

This presentation runs you briefly through the expertise, experience and offerings of Customer Centria.

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Customer Centria - Business Profile

  1. 1. Private & Confidential
  2. 2. We enableCustomer Centricity, Engagement and Experience
  3. 3. We are Customer Centria A Global, Multi-Channel Customer Engagement & Experience Company We strive to create delightful experiences for your customers through our basket of Products, Services & Solutions, serving clients across industries Insurance Consumer Retail Telecom Banking & Financial Travel & Products Institutions Hospitality
  4. 4. We are truly Customer Centric Listen to what my need is NOW! Make my experience Apply your knowledge about valuable both tangibly and me, and use it to my best emotionally and measure benefit. Know when I need you Its impact the mostDeliver your brand promise Give me services & offersconsistently especially when relevant to my needs andI need you most wants after analysing my needs Empower your people to Energize my engagement with my treat me well and make my family, friends and community experience delightful Engage me through the channel I prefer and I am most frequent on Listen Analyse Engage Measure
  5. 5. We are driven by Future Growth Drivers Our Pillars Technology Interactive Analytics Social Forms the Helps build strong Helps make sense Makes you customers backbone of personalized of your data and interact with each all modern relationships with your uncover hidden other & spread the systems customers patterns in it work about your brand
  6. 6. We focus on the end customer To us, data is not just a number, it is a customer and we use our knowledge of the data to understand the behaviour and requirements of a customer
  7. 7. Enabling the Customer Experience CC’s METHODOLOGYPRODUCTS Listen Analyse Engage Measure CC’s PILLARS Technology Interactive Analytics SocialSOLUTIONSSERVICES CC’s PROMISE Right Right Right Right RightACADEMY Customer Time Offer Channel Dialogue ROI, Revenue, Profitability, Conversion, Share of Wallet, Efficiency, Lower Costs
  9. 9. PRODUCTS SERVICES SOLUTIONS EXPERIENCE & LOYALTYCC SINGLEVIEW TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT Integrator ANALYTICS-BASED BUSINESS ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS Profiler Transformer ENTERPRISE MARKETING Deduper INTERACTIVE MANAGEMENT Singleview Generator SOCIAL INTERACTIONCC LOYAL MANAGEMENT Loyalty Program Designer Rule Management Engine Campaign Management IntegrationIBM UNICA Campaign Management eMessage Marketing Operations Interact DetectIBM COREMETRICS Web Analytics Social AnalyticsOTHER 3RD PARTY PRODUCTS IBM SPSS IBM Cognos IBM Websphere Commerce Tibco Loyalty Labs Webfluenz Products designed to enhance customer experience
  10. 10. PRODUCTS SERVICES SOLUTIONS EXPERIENCE & LOYALTYCC SINGLEVIEW TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT  Marketing Automation ANALYTICS-BASED BUSINESSCC LOYAL  Customer Data Management SOLUTIONS  Platform Integration ENTERPRISE MARKETINGIBM UNICA  App Development MANAGEMENT ANALYTICSIBM COREMETRICS  Predictive & Prescriptive AnalyticsOTHER 3RD PARTY PRODUCTS  Market Basket Analysis  Web & Online Analytics  Text & Speech Analytics INTERACTIVE  Cross-Channel Campaign Management Services  Digital, Mobile & Online Marketing  Cross-Channel (Web, Virtual, email, Mobile, SMS)  Creative Design & UX SOCIAL INTERACTION MANAGEMENT  Monitoring, Listening & Online Reputation Management  Games & Application Development Effective services to enhance customer delight
  11. 11. PRODUCTS SERVICES SOLUTIONS EXPERIENCE & LOYALTYCC SINGLEVIEW TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT  Customer ListeningCC LOYAL ANALYTICS  Cross-channel Experience Management & IntegrationIBM UNICA INTERACTIVE  Customer Loyalty Management ANALYTICS-BASED BUSINESS SOCIAL INTERACTION SOLUTIONSIBM COREMETRICS MANAGEMENT  Customer Lifecycle ManagementOTHER 3RD PARTY PRODUCTS  Churn Management  Channel Migration  Customer Lifetime Value ENTERPRISE MARKETING MANAGEMENT  Cross Channel Campaign Management  Event Based Marketing  Marketing Resource Management Sharp solutions to optimise business outcomes
  12. 12. CC SingleView - Our Flagship Product • Gives a full analysis on the quality of customer data in your databases providing you with timely opportunities to enrich your marketing communication • Helps you possess clean and rich data with less errors leading to effective marketing campaigns • Eliminates redundant entries within the data and reduces costs accrued to you caused by duplicates • Enables you to gain insights that help you understand your customer better and in turn be more relevant to them with the next communication Discover the customer within your data!
  13. 13. CC Loyal • In-built loyalty program manager which provides marketers the ability to define customer segments, program rules and reward structures • End-to-end flexible, highly configurable rule management engine that can help manage policies regarding point earning system, redeeming, reward tracking and fulfillment and member upgrade/ downgrade strategies • Easy-to-use marketer friendly GUI which can be modified as per changing business needs, with minimal intervention from the IT department • Dynamic loyalty management solution for small, mid and large sized enterprises especially with campaign management systems used for offer management The heart of your business lies with your customer!
  14. 14. CC Decision • Enables businesses to obtain a holistic view of their customer portfolio and allows them to forsee potential business opportunities using key business parameters • The customisable dashboard allows you to perform a ‘slice and dice’ analysis of various business parameters such as product, city, channel of sourcing, account vintage, etc • It helps you evaluate the performance of line of business (LOB’s) based on KPI’s such as sales, collection, etc. • Its modularised design provides the ability to create trackers that analyse and monitor specific business parameter or segments which can be done at a customer or an account level
  15. 15. Customer Centria Learning Academy (CCLA) • Practical coaching on Campaign Management, Marketing Automation, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Social Interactions and Loyalty Management Best • To get max output of your investments in these areas Practices Workshops • Customised to your business needs and employee preferences and at your location with flexible timings Trainings • Extremely interactive and Designed to help you enhance day-to-day efficiencies • Training that is Not restricted to strategy, but also helps you jot an execution plan CCLA • Covers the entire customer engagement and experience platterGive your workforce the knowledge and skills they need to meet your strategic goals. Go beyond, education and certifications – gain skills that matter in real-life!
  16. 16. Our Competence Framework
  17. 17. • Technology Management, Advisory & Implementation • Customer Analytics & Business Intelligence • Interactive Marketing • Marketing Resource Management (MRM) • Digital Engagement & Experience • Social Interaction Management • Loyalty Management Practices • Unica , Aprimo, SAS MA• Banking • Cognos, KXEN, Business Objects• Insurance • SAS Base, EM, EG, SPSS, R, S+• Financial Services Applications • Oracle, DB2, Teradata, SQL Server, Sybase• Telecom Domain • Amdocs, Siebel• Retail • Interwoven, Drupal• Consumer Products • Ajax, .Net, XML, XHTMS, etc.• Tours & Travel • Alterian, Comscore Technology • Enterprise Data-Warehousing & Customer Data Marts • Data Integration, Data Cleansing & De-Duping • Marketing Automation & EMM • Customer Analytics & Business Intelligence • CRM – Analytical, eCRM & Operational CRM • Content Management Systems • 3D Virtual World – Second Life / Open Sim / Unity • Advergames
  18. 18. Our Clients Include INDIA INTERNATIONAL Singapore New Zealand
  19. 19. Awards Internet Advertising Competition Awards 2011 – 1 Outstanding Website for GoJiyo and IDBI Federal Weathsurance. Global PR Conclave, 2011 – 2 Gold in the multimedia campaign category for IDBI Federal Weathsurance. 3 Internationalists awards for innovation in media 2010, New York – Silver in the Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions category for GoJiyo. 4 PCQuest Best IT Implementation awards 2011 – Overall Best IT Project for GoJiyo
  20. 20. Accolades Global Scanning – Digital Trends, 1 a leading UK based research consultancy featured GoJiyo as one of the most innovative social networks from around the globe. GoJiyo - rated as the second most 2 liked digital campaign of 2010 by Afaqs!
  21. 21. Our Global Footprint We are headquartered out of Mumbai, India We have a product development team based in Bangalore, India We have sales offices in New York and Singapore INDIA USA SINGAPORE Mumbai: 116 West 23rd Street, Suite Level 31, Six Battery Road, Premier House, 1st Floor, 500, New York , NY - 10011 Singapore – 049909 Plot # 38, Central Road, Tel : +1 646 375 2097 Tel : +65 67256296 Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400099 Fax : +65 67256297 Maharashtra Tel : +91 22 61435200 Fax : +91 22 61435252 Bangalore: Unit No. 306, “Brigade Garden”, #19 Church Street, Bangalore – 561001 Karnataka Tel : +918041474748
  22. 22. Thank You The Customer Engagement & Experience Architects @customercentria