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The professionals at Custom Credit Services have been helping people since 1998. Custom Credit Sevices are incorporated in the State of New York and we are a member of the United States Chamber of Commerce. We have provided our service to literally THOUSANDS of customers each year over the last 13 years. Typical approval amounts can be between $4,000 and $10,000, but the amount can be higher as well.

Custom Credit Services can help people in 48 states. Not available in North Dakota or West Virginia.

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Custom Credit Services

  1. 1. Custom Credit Serviceshttp://www.customcreditservices.comThe economy is still in recovery and, until things improve, many Americans will just have to get by withwhatever resources they have at their disposal. Unfortunately, if you have poor credit standing youroptions might be limited, prompting you to acquire loans to help pay for your daily expenses. The upsideis that in such a predicament you can opt to look into applying for bad credit loans.Much like the name implies, a bad credit loan refers to lenders who cater to the needs of people withbad credit. The main goal of such companies is to provide clients the opportunity to acquire loans whilesimultaneously helping them improve their line of credit. It’s important to note, however, that there areseveral opportunists disguising themselves as legitimate lenders. Don’t be fooled by scammers and takethe time to look for genuine bad credit lenders. One way you can avoid being scammed is by going toreputable firms such as Custom Credit Services.Custom Credit Services has been in the business since 1998 and continues to help a good number ofpeople with bad credit, A-1 credit, no credit, delinquencies, collections, liens, or judgments. Thiscompany is not a lender, but what they offer are personalized services by leading applicants to properchannels and matching them with the right lenders. The company has helped numerous people withtheir credit financial problems in 48 states.This New York-based company has approved loans between 4,000 dollars and 10,000 dollars. Theamount can be higher as needed, depending on the deal you have struck with the lender. They assistyou in improving your credit rating so it would be easier for you to acquire loans in the future.Many applicants are approved at a faster rate, and the process is not as complicated as usuallyexpected. They are also prompt in addressing your concerns or questions. Furthermore, companies likeCustom Credit Services are members of respected organizations, including the United States Chamberof Commerce, which means that they offer legitimate services.While it may take a while for the economy to improve, it doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t doanything to work around the situation. Acquiring loans even with a bad credit rating possible throughbad credit lenders, and could be the answer for you to get back on track with your finances. Check outthe services of companies like Custom Credit Services and see how they can help you.