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Custom car-covers


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Custom car covers that fit right.

Published in: Automotive
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Custom car-covers

  1. 1. CUSTOM CAR COVERS Custom Car Covers are Specially Designed by Utilizing its own Fabrics.
  2. 2. Custom Car Covers are Specially Designed by Utilizing its own Fabrics. What Are Custom Car Covers? Custom car covers are custom fit covers that hug the contours of your vehicle perfectly and protect your vehicle’s paint finish from several finish destroying agents as well as from scratches, bumps and dings. Unlike the universal car covers; custom car covers are especially adapted to meet the requirements of your vehicle. Custom car covers protect your vehicle against dirt/dust particles and offer overall protection for your car.
  3. 3. Custom Car Covers are Specially Designed by Utilizing its own Fabrics. Why Do We Need Custom Car Covers? Cars parked outdoors or indoors are likely to be damaged by nicks, scratches and dings. In sunny climates, extreme heat might wreak havoc on your car on the other hand you need to protect your car from snow and ice during winters. Your car also needs protection from theft as well as from accumulation of dirt and dust. It is possible to provide your car with all these protective advantages once you get hold of a suitable car cover. Among the entire range of car covers available in the market, Coverking`s custom car covers offer the best protection to your car. So, get hold of Coverking`s custom car cover and ensure optimum protection of your car. Custom Car Covers Universal Car Covers 1. Custom Car Cover Fits Perfectly to Vehicle. 1. Universal Car Cover Fits to Vehicle. 2. Unlimited Material and Color Options. 2. Limited Material and Color Options. 3. Specially made for your Vehicle. 3. Ready to Use for any Vehicle. 4. Maximum Protection to your Vehicle. 4. Limited Protection for your Vehicle.
  4. 4. Custom Car Covers are Specially Designed by Utilizing its own Fabrics. Custom Car Covers: Special Features Custom car covers are specially designed by utilizing its own fabrics. In manufacturing its car covers, Avoids using “off-the-shelf” fabrics that are not suitable to fulfill its car cover requirements. Coverking has the world’s leading textile mills that carry on with the manufacturing of its car covers. All of outdoor car cover materials are highly breathable which means they allow the trapped moisture to escape through the car cover and thus prevent damage due to rusting. Custom car covers are manufactured by using the fewest seam design and also by using the blind stitching procedure. With Coverking`s fewest seam design restricting the seam pattern to three seams only, there are considerably less chances of seam leaking or seam failing. Top-notch CAD/CAM systems are used for the purpose of designing and manufacturing Coverking`s custom car covers. All of Coverking`s outdoor car covers are sewn by using special double needle and overlapped seams that result in a durable and leak resistant seam. This seam is further equipped with a backup stitch to protect the car cover if the main stitch fails.
  5. 5. Custom Car Covers are Specially Designed by Utilizing its own Fabrics. Material Properties Legend Water Resistance is a relative grade of how much water will penetrate the fabric. A "5" signifies the most water resistant material. WATERPROOF materials will not breathe, trapping moisture. All Coverking materials are water resistant, not waterproof. Breathability describes how much moisture vapor trapped under the vehicle can escape through the cover. If a material is not breathable, it will trap moisture and cause rust. A "5" signifies the most breathable material. Compactness measures how easily the material is to pack, and how small the final packed cover is. A score of "5" identifies the most compact cover. This is an important attribute if you will use your cover often. The Sun's UV Rays damage a vehicle's interior, finish, and also the car cover material. Materials with a "5" rating are most likely not to degrade under extreme sun conditions. Natural and Man-Made Hazards , such as bird droppings, tree droppings and industrial fall out are very acidic, and can eat through a car's finish. A score of "5" identifies the material most resistant to these dangerous chemicals. All Coverking materials are designed not to scratch a vehicle's finish (assuming the vehicle is clean when the cover is installed. However, some materials are softer than others. A "5" rating is the softest.
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