Easter sunday


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Easter sunday

  1. 1. Easter SundayHe rose from the grave victorious!
  2. 2. Easter Sunday• Good morning children.• Do you know what special day it is today?• Yes, that’s right ______.• It’s the day we celebrate that wonderful miracle of Jesus being raised from the dead.
  3. 3. Easter Sunday• He was dead in the tomb but then on the third day he came back to life. Halleluiah!• Do you see this old dried up bulb?• It looks like its pretty dead.
  4. 4. Easter Sunday• Many people might think that if you put this in the ground nothing would happen at all.• It would seem like it would just stay in the ground dead forever and that would be the end of the story.
  5. 5. Easter Sunday• However, that’s not what happens.• What takes place if we put this in the ground?• That’s right it can grow into a beautiful flower full of life.
  6. 6. Easter Sunday• When they put Jesus to death on the cross most of the people thought that he was dead and gone forever.• He really died and they knew that dead people don’t normally come back to life!• But Jesus is different. He is God’s own son.• He is the resurrection and the life.
  7. 7. Easter Sunday• After they buried Jesus in the tomb they all went away very sad but then on the third day they discovered that he had come back to life! It was a miracle – He came back to life.• He rose from the dead.
  8. 8. Easter Sunday• The good news is that although we can’t see him now we know he is alive in heaven.• He loves us and he can give us that same resurrection life that brought him back from the dead.
  9. 9. Easter Sunday• So when you look around outside and see flowers coming up through the ground I want you to remember what a miracle it is.• Also, remember what a miracle it is that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive!
  10. 10. Children’s Prayer• Thank you God that an old looking bulb / seed can miraculously turn into a living flower.• Thank you also God for the miracle of Jesus being raised from the dead.• Thank you that he is alive and can be a wonderful friend to us today.• Amen.