A2 media evaluation


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A2 media evaluation

  1. 1. A2Media Evaluation By Josh Cucyk
  2. 2. 1. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?• Film Poster• DVD Cover• Film Trailer
  3. 3. Film Poster• The film poster I have created ties in well with stereotypical conventions of a horror film. In order to get the effects of the poster what I wanted , I researched other horror posters such as Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. The colours used were generally dark, giving the sense of little hope and fear. I used these conventions in my poster feel it gives it a eerie and dark feel about the film. Although my poster follows some basic stereotypical conventions it alters when it comes to pictures most film posters are covered in a single main photo from main part of the film, where as mine has 2 photos and neither are the main attraction in the poster. Similar to “THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT” the main attention grabber of the poster is a mini story explaining what the story is actually about.
  4. 4. Film PosterOther horror poster conventions:• A centred main picture• Cold dark colours• Red writing or another use of red in the poster to represent blood• A black or dark background to represent the darkness of the film.My horror film poster conventions:• A centred main piece• A black background• Red writing to represent danger• Questioning the audience
  5. 5. DVD CoverI feel that my DVD cover follows most conventions with the front cover been covered by onemain image which although basic shows you exactly how the film will be (hand heldfootage, real footage). Another convention my cover follows is a strip of main photos fromthe film giving more insight into the happenings in the film.Other horror DVD cover conventions:• main single photo on cover• Actors/ actresses name’s on the cover• Title of the film in large font across the cover• Blurb on the backMy horror DVD cover conventions:• Main photo• Blurb on the back• Title written on the side
  6. 6. Film TrailerThe film trailer I have created has many convention of ahand held horror trailer/movie, and after studying andanalysing others, some of the conventions I found consistof:• Main character talking to himself with the camera facing a mirror• Quick changing scenes• Contains film title and opening date• Blackouts throughout with taglines on them (for example: “witness the truth”
  7. 7. Opening sceneThe start of my trailer isunconventional as most start outwith a nice peaceful scene , where asmy establishing shot is of mycharacter in a dark room panickingrecording himself. The second scene basically tells you what the film is going to be about as my character is standing in front of a mirror and recording himself saying BLOODY MARY. This is unconventional because in most Hollywood blockbuster horror movies you dont find out why the character is being haunted until the end, instead mine is at the start.
  8. 8. TaglinesThroughout the trailer I have added writing to thetrailer which is conventional with film trailers of allgenres. It is used to give clues about thenarrative, information on the film and some filmsuse quotes from reviews to make the film lookbetter, film makers will use reviews from journalistwho have a similar target audience to their film suchas if your film is a serious heart warming thriller, thefilm producers will use quotes from the independentand other highly acclaimed film magazines. Where aswhen compared to a film such as Piranha 3DD theywill use quotes from the sun and “lad mags” as theyhave similar target audiences.
  9. 9. What have you learned from your audience feedback• To gain audience feedback I have used questionnaires to decide which DVD covers and film posters to use. I have used that data and made graphs so the data is easier to use and see.
  10. 10. Feedback graph Film poster876543210 Film poster 1 Film poster 2
  11. 11. Feedback graph DVD Cover10 8 6 4 2 0 DVD COVER 1 DVD COVER 2
  12. 12. Improvements?When asked whether or not my trailer needimprovements this is what people answered.• Yes, there needs to be some creepy music added to add affect• Build pace more• Clips need to be connected better to make the trailer make more sense• Some of the tag lines don’t fit in with the trailer
  13. 13. Has this feedback helped me?After looking at my results, I have learnt that all together myproducts all fit in to the horror genre although some of myproducts don’t follow regular conventions of horror films, Ibelieve it would make the viewer more interested as theywouldn’t of seen many posters and film trailers similar tomine.The more negative feedback about adding a backing trackmakes sense as the more I have been watching horror trailersmost of them have a backing track even if its quiet most of thetime, looking back to the start of the project I would probablyadd one to the trailer.Altogether I have got mostly good comments on my productsan I am pleased as the as the effect I had aimed for at thestart of the project has been understood and recognised.
  14. 14. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation
  15. 15. Research and PlanningAt the start of my project I usedYouTube and trailer addict towatch trailers and it helped me todecide on which genre I wouldpick. I also used Google andGoogle images to find horror filmposter and DVD covers to find outthe conventions they use andwhich conventions I want to use inmy products. I also used a varietyof Microsoft documents, in theend I used power point to analysemy chosen DVD and film postercovers.
  16. 16. Construction• This part of the film making is where it began to be more hands on technology, for example hand held cameras and editing programmes, as I could finally put to practise some of my initial ideas.• I used Macamedia fireworks and Adobe Photoshop Element to edit my chosen pictures, for my DVD and poster cover. This was useful to get the right effects I wanted to use to get maximum horror feel about the products. As I felt that fireworks was the best programme to use for effect and professionalism I decided to use it for my DVD cover and Film poster. I used Photoshop to edit the photos I choose for the covers, I added effects to them to give an eerie feel about them and for them to look more professional.• For the filming and editing of my trailer I used a digital video camera and Pinnacle video editing. Once the footage was shot and uploaded onto pinnacle all that was left to do was edit the clips together. I also used pinnacle to add transitions (fades) and titles and taglines.
  17. 17. Overall how effective is the combination of your main products and your ancillary productsThe two ancillary texts (DVD Cover and Film Poster) and my main product(Film Trailer) all work well together to create what could be a realistic film.Horror conventions are within all of my products and reflect those of real mediaproducts. My DVD cover and film poster both share some similarities such as Ihave used the same character on both ancillary texts and have focused on himin all my products as he is the main character and he stars solely in my trailer.With my film poster I have been unconventional as most poster are filled withinformation and pictures of the film but I have opted to only use 2 photos whicharent the main attention in the poster, Instead I have decided use writing tograb the attention of the audience. This also links in with my unconventionalstart of my trailer as it gives you the reason why the character is beinghaunted.After looking over everything I have evaluated, by combination of vast amountsof new technologies, I believe my two ancillary texts and main product worktogether in challenging, using and developing real media products.