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Tradions easter


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Tradions easter

  1. 1. EASTER TRADITIONS IN PORTUGAL PÁSCOA Centro Escolar de Portela
  2. 2. In this time of the year we celebrate the rising ofJesus from the death.The Resurrection Day is celebrated after 40 daysfrom Carnival, the beggining of the Lent.
  3. 3. RELIGIONBraga in the north of Portugal has a festive atmosphereduring the “Semana Santa”(Holy Week). The EcceHomo Procession on Good Friday, led by the Farricocos(barefoot men in tunics with hoods) ,is one of the mostpeculiar parts of the Portuguese religious tradition.
  4. 4. On Easter Sunday, church bells woke up people toannounce Jesus ressurrection, people went to the messand then went back home to wait for the priest.Everybody received the priest at home so that thewhole family and the house itself could be blessed withholy water. All people used to kiss the holy cross.
  5. 5. All streets were beautifully decorated withflowers on the floor and the richer people usedto put at the windows rich embroiderycoverlets.
  6. 6. EATING TRADITIONIn Easter the tradition is eating almonds andchocolate eggs.“Pão de Ló”, a traditional cake..
  7. 7. THE “FOLAR”In Portugal, godparents and godmothers alwaysoffer a “folar”, the Portuguese Easter cake, togodchildren in tribute to the feast ofRessurrection of Jesus.“Folar” recipe:Ingredients:1 kg flour, 5 dl of milk, 250 gr butter or margarine, Salt, 35 gr ofbakers ferment, 1 spoon of coffee of herbsweet, 100 gr of sugar, 3 eggs, 1teaspoon of cinnamon.
  8. 8. PREPARATION OF THE “FOLARDissolve the ferment in some warm milk and, with 200 flour gr, make amass. Let to leaven .Work the remaining flour with the eggs, the sugar and the milk, untilobtaining a very light mass, with plenty of body. Add the margarinelater, salt, to herb-candy and the cinnamon. Work well the mass and, finally, join it the ferment that was to leaven.Work the mass until it comes off of the hands and of the alguidar(plastic pot). Cover with a cloth and let to leaven during 2 at 5 hours inwarm place.After that time, divide the mass in balls and flatten them. On each oneit places 1 or more hard eggs, according to the size of the base of themass.Hold the eggs with some mass ribbons. Paint with a brush with eggyolk and cook in hot oven.
  9. 9. THE EASTER SUNDAY LUNCHApart from Christmas Lunch , we can say that EasterLunch is the most important meal of PortugueseChristians. Traditionally, on Easter Sunday, we have ameat plate: generally kidgoat or lamb, but a lot of timesalso Pig (roasted pig or ham).In some areas they include in Easter menu a stuffed pieof several meats and eggs.
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