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Marco Zaccaria infographic cv

  1. 1. RELEVANT EXPERIENCES MARCO ZACCARIA infographic CV Author, Director, Editor Beauty Reactive Surfaces * In the Electric Cage **Stripping 18,2K views on Vimeo The Picnic Berlin 7step Meditation Confessions *** La prima volta **** Job Channel series of 40 music videos BthenD / To The Seaside Dipnoi Fish / Dipnoi Dipnoi Fish / Rising Sun Dipnoi Fish / Long Time Italian Tales Trailer Master of Carnival * VIDEOFORMES, Clermont-Ferrand EXxIMENT, Goethe Institut, Rome BALICART05, Roma IMAGINARIA, Bari BERGAMO, International Art Cinema UNIMOVIE, Festival Internazionale di cinema breve ** VIDEOFORMES Clermont-Ferrand SEMI_QUADRI, Bologna BALICART05, Roma REGENSBURG KURZFILM MARKET ABSTRACTA, Rome **** YASHUJIRO OZU, Modena CORTOCIRCUITO, Foggia CINEMA INDIPENDENTE, Foggia CORTICINEMA, Siena TRANI FILM FESTIVAL, Trani CINESOGNI, Ravenna MALESCORTO, Malesco IL CORTO IN GENERE, Bologna FIATI CORTI, Treviso SHORT CODE, Bologna *** VISIONARIA, Intl Short Film Fesl, Siena CINÉMAGES, Toulon DETMOLD Intl Short Film Festival I'VE SEEN FILMS, Milan NAOUSSA Greek Intl Short Film Festival ORVIETOCORTOFEST, Orvieto LO SGUARDO BIFRONTE, Rome CINERAIL, Paris DIECIMINUTI, Ceccano Screenings: MIPCOM, Cannes VENICE OFF, Intl Short Film Market NAOUSSA, Greek Intl Short Film Market OBERHAUSEN X Short Film Review 'O CURT, Naples CLERMONTFERRAND ShortFilm Market In 2009 I moved to Berlin 3d Prize First We Take Berlin (Projekt Zukunft, Deutsche Kinemathek, prize assigned by Dieter Kosslich director of Berlinale). CONTACTS L’ultima levata as writer Senza Voce The Middle Way as editor Precious Surface Vor Gott sind eigentlich alle Menschen Berliner. Theodor Fontane Precious Surface Strippers, archive fiction 38,2K views on YouTube CLICK ON IMAGES TO GO TO VIDEOS BaRock Show TUI Cruises FESTIVALS 030 767 41 696 0176 7856 1878 LANGUAGES ITALIANO : Perfetto ENGLISH : Good! TOEFL level DEUTSCH : befriediges B2 Niveau FRANCAIS : Un petit peu Committed to make content narrative: every item has a past a present and possibly a future. Seminar of cinematography leaded by Gherardo Gossi, Cineteca di Bologna. Preparation of a film. Seminar by Alan Parker, Cineteca di Bologna. My way of filming. Michael Cimino talks about his cinema, Cineteca di Bologna. Seminar of direction by Atom Egoyan, Ministero dei Beni e Attività Culturali-Dip. dello Spettacolo. Seminar of screenwriting by Tonino Guerra, Corso di cinematografia, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, DAMS, Università di Bologna. Laurea Degree Course in Cinema, Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna University. SKILLS Dedicated to make every work coherent and organic in terms of style, tone and sense. Strong sensitivity to music and rhythm in filming and editing. Always had excellent and fruitful collaboration with creative, technical and production staff. Very important: who is the client, which is his self image aspiration, what’s his audience like. I played drums for 15 years University of Bologna cinema studies Worked for Italian Public TV Worked mostly with this production STATEMENT The lead idea of my job is to create an inspiring emotional visual experience, which through its message, ability to entertain and to fascinate, is relevant to its audience. BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC VISUALS DOCUMENTARIES DOCUFICTION SHORTFILMS I Corteggiatori teaser 5 important things of my life and a quote