Claire Wright on Ghana Changemaker Week 2013


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Claire Wright on Ghana Changemaker Week 2013

  1. 1. Who are we? Claire Wright Pre placement: Social and community development student Post placement: 3rd year social and community development course representative Ben Powell Pre placement: Full time baker Post placement: teaching assistant and college student.
  2. 2. Why are we standing before you today? • We were privileged enough to be sent on a 3 month development project placement in Ghana, West Africa as part of the ICS scheme funded by the Department for International Development. (International Citizen Service - ICS) By their own admission: “ICS is a UK government-funded development programme that brings together 18 to 25-year-olds from all backgrounds to fight poverty in overseas and UK communities. You don’t need cash, skills or qualifications to take part in ICS – just the ambition to make a difference.”. Only guaranteed until 2015!!!!
  3. 3. An introduction to the ICS scheme working in 5 countries in Africa, South America and Asia as an umbrella organisation who works with several partners, these are: • International Service ICS, working in 5 countries in Africa, South America and Asia. • Lattitude ICS, working in Ghana and Malawi • Progressio ICS, working in 5 countries in Africa and Central America • Raleigh ICS, working in India, and Tanzania • Restless Development ICS, working in 7 countries in Africa and Asia • Skillshare International ICS, working in Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa • Tearfund ICS, working in Bolivia, Burundi and Rwanda • VSO ICS, working in 12 countries across Africa and Asia. All organisations have specific interest areas. A preference of organisation can be mentioned on application, your skill set and preference are taken into account if successful. All organisations centre around making long lasting positive change in the community. The departure dates run throughout the year starting from January and every 3 months afterwards.
  4. 4. International Service • International service was our chosen partner organisation. • Personal story – helped run the Resource Centre for Persons with disabilities in Tamale, Ghana. Created a questionnaire used to interview a random selection of 250 disabled individuals in the Tamale metropolitan. These interviews gained insight into livelihoods, living conditions, health, education and civic participation. We then analysed results and suggested how future cohorts could setup specific disabled programs, and to support evidence for future fundraising. • International Service mission statement -‘Empowering people to achieve long lasting positive change’ – – – – – The language barrier (national volunteers) Emotional strain of working with vulnerable people(rewarding) Culture shock Budgeting Safety
  5. 5. How did we make change? Last known statistical data on disabled people in the Tamale region was more than 20 years ago (world health organisation) The results from our study are going to help hundreds of disabled individuals within the Tamale metropolitan. Future funding and projects will be established due to the findings of our research.
  6. 6. Support • ICS is open to everyone aged 18 to 25 regardless of income, qualifications, disability and work history. All costs are covered by the Department for International Development. Including: – Injections/medicine – Travel – Training – Accommodation – Flights All volunteers are asked to fundraise £800 towards their placement.
  7. 7. Cultural Exchange • Whilst on placement we were posted Ghanaian national volunteers whom taught us the Ghanaian way to make sure our placement ran as smoothly as possible... • Religious beliefs and how it impacts society • Language lessons • Shopping (bartering) • Safety • Travelling from A to B We shared cultural experiences from a developing and developed country perspective, this was priceless and we all learnt valuable life lessons.
  8. 8. Personal Development • Weekly group reflections that covered many global development discussions: • ‘The millennium development goals are a comprehensive and accurate focus for global development efforts’ • ‘There is a major link between disability and poverty’ • Post placement job opportunities • Gaining a multi-cultural perspective • Empathy
  9. 9. What’s next? • Looking to work with more disadvantaged individuals around the world • What we learnt from 3 months in Africa is going to be put into action for the rest of our lives. • Giving more back to society • Being the voice for the voiceless
  10. 10. So how can you get involved? Websites and contacts: If want any guidance or advice feel free to contact us... More than willing to help  Thank you for your time... Any questions??