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Social Data Analytics - Information Overload or Seeing The Real Value


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From Information Overload To Seeing The Real Value
Ways social data analytics can be used to deliver real value and help businesses gain a competitive advantage.

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Social Data Analytics - Information Overload or Seeing The Real Value

  1. 1. Company LOGO SOCIAL DATA ANALYTICS From Information Overload To Seeing The Real Value
  2. 2. Access to Opportunities Businesses are now increasing their investment in social media due to the new capabilities that enable tracking through conversion and analytics of all this data, in real time. Social media platforms and data analytics give businesses access to opportunities and allow them to grab onto new ideas that will help them grow their brand recognition and audience reach.
  3. 3. Information Overload Those businesses who still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and aren’t sure why so many people are making such a big deal about it are falling farther and farther behind. Some businesses are feeling overwhelmed by the flood of social data – they feel they have more information than they can effectively use or don’t know how to put all of this data to use.
  4. 4. Competitive Advantage Others have moved past overwhelmed and are now capitalizing on the increased availability of social media information and analytics to gain a measurable competitive advantage in their market. How are they doing it? In what ways are top-performing companies exploiting social media data that their competitors are not?
  5. 5. Gaining The Edge They have made the improvement and use of social media information and analytics a top priority within their organizations. Top-performing organizations use social media analytics five times more than lower performers. So how are they doing it, how are they gaining the edge?
  6. 6. Gaining The Edge There is an intense pressure within their organization to adopt advanced social media information and analytics approaches. They put social media analytics to use in the widest possible range of decisions, large and small Top performers view social analytics as a differentiator.
  7. 7. Making Social Analytics Pay Off Significantly increase customer engagement with online advertisements with embed social sentiment content. Enhance ROI of Marketing Campaigns Use analytics to deliver the right messages, for the right products, for the right audiences. Use language that resonates with your consumers for your brands in-store displays, product packaging, and online content. Opportunity #1
  8. 8. Making Social Analytics Pay Off Optimize conversions across all channels Opportunity #2 Keeping your social and traditional media efforts connected will allow you to expand your audience across the board. Integrate social content throughout the customer experience, including websites, mobile, print and social properties.
  9. 9. Making Social Analytics Pay Off People are having conversations about your brand; customers are connected to you 24/7/365. Opportunity #3 Unleash the voice of the customer Tap into online conversations between people and the brands they care about. Consumers are voicing their opinions and desires online more frequently and loudly than ever before.
  10. 10. Making Social Analytics Pay Off Opportunity #3 Continued … Establish a connection with customers through meaningful contact, a contact that can establish a dialog of conversation and form a connection with the consumer. Many people “like” and follow companies not to be part of a community, but to stay connected to products, promotions and developments.
  11. 11. Develop a community of loyalty evangelists (Evangelists are satisfied customers who influence their family and friends to try a product. This is also called word of mouth marketing) Making Social Analytics Pay Off Opportunity #4 When you look at Social Media as part of the marketing mix … it’s like word of mouth advertising on steroids. In fact word of mouth becomes world of mouth. Word of mouth is considered the oldest and most effective form of influencing customer buying behaviors. In fact 92% of people rely on the recommendations of their family and friends to inform their buying decisions.
  12. 12. Making Social Analytics Pay Off Planning and Training Opportunity #5 Develop a social media playbook, complete with policies and procedures as well as, how to post and how to develop posting schedules. Conduct regular training to ensure everyone is on the same page, with a shared vision and commitment to social media success. Equip your team with the tools and resources they will need to be successful.
  13. 13. So What’s the Right Answer for Your Company? If your social media is not working and you want to turn it around, start by asking what you might be doing wrong? Elevate your game and get off of the old “post a little bit and forget it” philosophy. It’s easy to be on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. But showing up will not get it done. Being “liked” will not get it done. Having a part-timer post a few things will not get it done. Guessing what to post on Facebook will not get it done.
  14. 14. The Tough Questions
  15. 15. Keeping it Social since 2007 Our business is turning “Likes” into Leads, and Leads into Loyal Customers. Contact us today to see how we can help you. Or visit us on the web at About Us Click Here