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Collective results

  1. 1. Collective Results!
  2. 2. Mission Statement “To Provide Superior Account Receivable Management Solutions to Reduce DSO, Improve Cash Flow, and Increase Profitability.”
  3. 3. A Message from Our President In today's business environment, fast and effective recovery of your receivables can be critical to the success of your company. In fact, cash flow can be your most valuable asset; therefore, it makes sense to entrust it with professionals. Our expertise and professionalism deliver the results you require without compromising current business relationships. Speed and persistence are the keys to our tremendous success. We stay abreast of delinquent companies, aggressively pursuing the collection of your money through expert negotiation. I have dedicated my career to the collection of the debt entrusted to Greenberg, Grant & Richards, Inc. by our loyal Clients. Scott Swisher, President
  4. 4. In business for 17 years, we have grown into a position of leadership within our industry. We employ team members We take great pride in six locations in the in providing superior United States. client services and have a long history of exceeding client expectations. Corporate Headquarters Houston, TX Austin, TX Chicago, IL New York, NY Tampa, FL Los Angeles, CA
  5. 5. Advantages • Experts- Who use best practices which span hundreds of years of man-hours as well as current trends and techniques • Experience- Our team of seasoned collectors have an average of 20 years of large balance commercial collections experience • Certifications- We are certified, licensed and bonded by the Commercial Law League of America and as well as SAS 70 Certified • Fortune 1000 Clients- Many currently entrust us with their collections, and have for almost two decades • Technology Professionals- Our highly trained team members have the most up to date technology at their fingertips to ensure efficient management of your portfolio
  6. 6. Professional Certifications & Memberships
  7. 7. Recovery Rate We maintain the highest recovery ratios in the industry. This is due to our collection team working in concert with a network of more than 12,000 credit-trained private investigators. These private investigators provide professionally trained face-to-face contact with debtor companies and greatly enhance overall asset and liability investigation results. Local investigators are typically engaged within 24 hours of an account placement.
  8. 8. Probability to Recover $ $ $ $ $ $ High GGR Recovery Industry Average Dept of Commerce Est. Low 60 90 120 180 240 300 360 days
  9. 9. From Placement to Collection • Our accelerated collection procedure begins with the placement and distribution of your files. Our team of collectors are assigned new accounts based on their industry experience, expertise, and tenure within the company. • Entry level collection team members, required to have a minimum of three years experience in the industry, handle the small balance accounts. Our large balance team members all have over 20 years experience in the collection industry. Upward mobility is available to team members upon proven performance. • Upon assignment to the appropriate collector, a flow chart of procedures is immediately followed until the account is collected, recommended for litigation or recommended for write off to the Client. Our nationwide network of CLLA attorneys allow for easy access for the litigation process. • Greenberg, Grant & Richards, Inc. team members have extensive experience working closely with clients and are effective in preserving existing customer relations between our clients and their customers.
  10. 10. Technology Leverage • Powerful technology base with modern IP based communication owned and operated in house; • EDI, Web-services to interact and communicate with client systems; • Secure internet enabled (SSL, Digital Certificates, Secure FTP)
  11. 11. Hardware Platform • Modern communication system and Data Center • Multiple T1 backbone • Dell Power Edge servers • Secured firewall and DMZ for Web server • In-house Website hosting and Mail • 100% UPS backed with fail-safe redundant sources.
  12. 12. Software Platform • Fully Integrated CRM System to Ensure Expedited Service to Client; • Integrated Client Trust, Collection and Legal Management Systems; • Real-time Statistics for Client and Management Team; • Auto Tracking of Placement Throughout its Lifetime; • Telephone Exchange Integration; • Secured Access at All Levels.
  13. 13. Disaster Recovery • Our comprehensive disaster recovery plan begins at the desktop of each team member. • Multiple levels of firewalls, as well as antivirus systems, are incorporated company-wide to ensure data is secured and functioning at the highest levels at all times. • With natural and man-made disasters occurring often, our policies and procedures go into effect immediately and have priority systems transferred to our satellite offices. • In the worse case scenario, we can have our systems transferred to a co-location facility.
  14. 14. Disaster Recovery • Our Disaster Recovery Plan occurs within the first few hours; thus allowing for uninterrupted service for you, our Client. • Backup of all data is performed in a multitude of ways, to a variety of media outlets, insuring the integrity of Client and Greenberg, Grant & Richards Inc data. • All systems are frequently tested to ensure functionality and compliance. Those systems not meeting our high standards are reviewed for possible replacement.
  15. 15. Disaster Recovery • Your data on our system, is secure and set for immediate failover; • Multiple servers set in a Microsoft clustering environment allow for continual uptime; • Real-time failover ensures no data loss and continued productivity; • Our highly trained and certified Information Technology staff, along with a significant investment in equipment and infrastructure, has allowed for a greater than 99.6% continual network uptime in the past 6 years; • With redundant data and voice lines, and our multiple office locations, we are not affected by services outside of our control; • This allows for uninterrupted attention to your files.
  16. 16. Client Access • Real-time access to our database allows Client access 24/7 via web, email or mail; • Collector notes are available for review online to evaluate progress; • Client and individual debtor statements are available to download for analysis in MS Excel spreadsheets allowing for easy manipulation by Client. This also allows for the ability to break down the debt by operating unit, cost or profit center; • Project cash flow using historic debtor payment patterns, debtor post dates and debtor promises; • Download in MS Excel spreadsheet for ease of use
  17. 17. Multiple Accounts Handled with Ease Each debtor file can hold thousands of individual accounts under the same file, meaning that Client can track a multitude of transactions under one debtor. Real-time access to track the moves of each debtor enables Client to stay on top each debtor and each of the individual accounts.
  18. 18. Online Client Placements Client can place single accounts through their web access login. Information needed: - Account (transaction number) - Client Customer Name - Customer Address - Customer City - Customer State - Customer Zip Code - Customer Phone Number - Date of Last Invoice - Balance Owed
  19. 19. Bulk Account Placement Large placements can be sent by Client on Excel spreadsheets. This ensures that a large volume of debtors with multiple accounts each take minimal time to input and allows for the expedited collection of money through a more efficient process.
  20. 20. Additional Info Where was it shipped to? How much did it weigh? Was there insurance on the package? Contact Information Who shipped the package? Notes Collector notes are found here as is Account any additional information found. Client transaction numbers are inserted for easy reference.
  21. 21. Client Placement Summary Informs Client of the current individual statuses of the placed accounts. This report can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet for further analyzing.
  22. 22. Client Statement Client Allows for easy printing or export to an Excel spreadsheet or import into their A/R system.
  23. 23. Batch Track Collections Report This report allows for Client to track the collection activity as a whole on all accounts placed. The report begins with the initial month of placement and allows for a full year of collections tracking.
  24. 24. Client Statistics Client Client can review placement statistics at anytime. This includes yield, AWP, amount collected, debt generation patterns and more.
  25. 25. References
  26. 26. Bond Coverage
  27. 27. Errors and Omissions
  28. 28. Greenberg, Grant & Richards Inc. has made significant investments in our communications, IT Systems and proprietary software that is flexible enough to efficiently handle all placement, collection and reporting requirements for you company. Our good reputation coupled with our outstanding collection team will help to drive superior collection results and reflect the high standards for you company .
  29. 29. Thank You! We sincerely appreciate the consideration you have given to the services offered by Greenberg, Grant & Richards, Inc.