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Here is our 2010 Portrait Pricing.

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  • Check out our portrait photography pricing. We have some excellent products for your portrait photography needs. We also specialise in maternity and newborn photos. Call us to set up a free portrait photography consultation: 954-881-5025


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Portrait Pricing Copeland Photography Fort Lauderdale Florida

  1. 1. Image © Curtis Copeland Curtis Copeland Photography Portraits | 2010 To see more information visit: www.curtiscopeland.com
  2. 2. 954-881-5025 About Copeland Photography: We are Curtis and Monica Copeland - professional photographers in South Florida. Thanks for your inquiry about scheduling a portrait session with us. This informational package will help us to determine if we are a good fit for each other. Choosing a photographer you can trust and feel comfortable with is a vital part of excellent portraits. We want to ensure you have the utmost confidence with our style, experience and professionalism. Knowing that you have a specific budget to work with, we have various options from the simple to the sublime. Our portrait pricing philosophy is based on a basic package rate of $300.00, then you can purchase additional items you want to ensure you receive only what you truly want. Read through this brochure and then call us so we can build the perfect portrait photography package for you. 954-881-5025 Let’s set up a time to meet at your convenience to view more of our work and talk directly with Curtis and Monica about your photography desires. Contact us soon! The studio often books several weeks in advance for portraits! We look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day! Curtis and Monica Copeland * Prices Subject to Change Without Notice curtis@curtiscopeland.com 2
  3. 3. 954-881-5025 Base Portrait Photography Coverage: $300.00 - Up to 1 hours / 4 People • Each additional hour $300.00 ____________________________ Portrait package coverage includes: • Photographic creative coverage of your portrait session • $100.00 Print credit with the world’s best photographic processing lab at www.pictage.com • Online viewing of your images for three months 24/7 at www.pictage.com • Your event images will be available for all friends and family to conveniently view from the comfort of their own homes. • Everyone can easily order professional quality prints and products directly online and have them delivered right to their door. You will not need to take print orders or collect money from any family or friends. All purchases will be made securely online with convenience and ease for them and yourself. If you wish, images can be password protected for privacy. • We will offer a special two-for-one print promotion on your portrait pictures. • If we receive more than 10 online orders you will receive a credit for an additional 11 x 14 custom print enlargement print! ____________________________ * Prices Subject to Change Without Notice curtis@curtiscopeland.com 3
  4. 4. 954-881-5025 __________ Al La Carte Options: ________ GalleryFamily Portrait Albums: at $150.00 Wraps Starting Gallery Wraps bring a contemporary edge to This is a Copeland Photography specialty! Clients rave about the creative your familyof our prestigious portrait album designs. Knowing this is the flair memories, yet are still subtle and heirloom of your family memories, great care and attention to detail are in timeless. This frameless presentation is We recommend each spread (2 pages) each page of your portrait album. ideal for homes with a gallery-quality 3-5 images. This allows for maximum visual charm to have no more than expectations that and dynamic presentation. Click on the link above for examples. want to treasure their photographic memories. ____________________________ Fine Art, Flush Mounted Albums $800.00 - $5,000.00 Flush mounted offers top of the line, hand crafted portrait albums that range from contemporary, to fine art, to avant-garde. These are often called “Coffee Table” Metal Murals Starting at $ 400.00 albums. Flush mount album pages lay flat and do not have a “gutter” down the middle seam. This allows you to enjoy the entire panoramic beauty of your New and guaranteed to make a statement, Metal portrait album design. These albums are customizable to your personal style Murals with definitely stand and from options. Our fine art, flush mount wedding will many color, size out style every-day photographs. Yourmade from the are split albums are family photos finest, richest and most luxurious materials on the planet. These will surely become family heirlooms to treasure for between 4, 11.7" brushed aluminumvendors to print our albums, including Graphi decades. We offer multiple tiles. Each Mural features silver snap rings, and bracketsand Album Crafters. Studios in Italy, Kiss wedding books, for • Each album is individually priced according to size, number of pages, easy assembly and wall mounting. Present your and extra options: 8X8”, 10X10 & 12X12 favorite• photo album comes with 10 spreads (20 pages) Each as a contemporary work of art that • Each additional spread is $30.00 - $50.00 per page will surely be a conversation piece for many • Detailed price quote available by request years.. Metal Prints Starting at $ 300.00 Modern. Edgy. Beautiful. Brushed aluminum Metal Prints show your photos in an incomparable way. We start with metal, add a coat of opaque white ink to the surface, and then print your favorite photograph on top. This process truly takes your family portraits to the highest level in unique presentations. * Prices Subject to Change Without Notice curtis@curtiscopeland.com 4
  5. 5. 954-881-5025 Linen Bound Print Albums: $400.00 - $1,200.00 Our linen books lay flat like our leather albums and are bound in colorful fabric of your choice. These have a more “traditional book” style and feel to them. These are still much better than typical fine art books you would buy in Barnes and Knobles. • Each album is individually priced according to size, number of pages, and extra options. Sizes from: 8X8, 10X10 & 12X12 • Includes 10 spreads (20 pages) • Each additional spread is $30.00 • Additional spreads may also be discounted when purchased in quantities of 10. • All sizes - 10 additional spreads (20 pages) $200.00 __________________________Vibrant available colors! Parent, Duplicate and Custom Albums: Duplicate albums are the perfect gift for your parents and/or grandparents. What better way for your parents to remember the most special people in their lives with a photo album they will cherish for many years to come? Parent albums that are identical to yours are discounted at 30% off the regular price each when ordered with the main album. If you choose to build a custom designed parent album, the first album is regular price. Then, the duplicate discount will apply on additional parent albums. * Prices Subject to Change Without Notice curtis@curtiscopeland.com 5
  6. 6. 954-881-5025 Bound linen brag book: $150 + Linen Brag Books are a compelling keepsake for your photos, and present your images in striking style. These are a compact book with the elegance of premium or art prints. A truly unique way to share, showcase and preserve your family memories. Handcrafted linen binding. Beginning at $150.00 for a 7X7 with 50 images up to 9X9” With 100 photos. ____________________________ Soft Cover Proof Book: $120.00 + Combined the protection of our electronic-proofing solution on Pictage with the clarity of photographic paper. Proof magazines are an ideal solution, elegantly presenting your portrait images in a simple, yet delightful format. • Printed on high quality Kodak endure a Lustre for paper. • 8X8” includes 25 pages with 1 image per page 4X6” Keepsake Box Proof prints: $400.00 • Features a beautiful keepsake box containing 4 x 6” lab printed prints from your portrait session and can also store your own personal family photos. • (up to 40 individual prints included - $25.00 for each additional 50 images when ordered at the same time) ____________________________ DVD Slideshow: $300 • Your images categorized and set to music, complete with a DVD menu (up to 100 images) * Prices Subject to Change Without Notice curtis@curtiscopeland.com 6
  7. 7. 954-881-5025 Digital Images from your Portrait Session: Proof resolution Images DVD: $200.00 This product has your portrait images that have not been retouched but is suitable for slideshows, websites, e-mailing, Facebook, and MySpace. These images are not resolution quality for printing purposes and does not have a print release included. • Each additional disc is $25.00 Print Resolution Images DVD With Print Release: $ 500.00 This disk has your wonderful portrait session images which are individually processed for color correction, slight blemishes are photoshopped and appropriate cropping has been done. These digital files are needed to print images which can be from 8X10 to as large as 20 x 30. When purchasing print resolution disc, the low-resolution proof disc is included at no additional charge (Copeland Photography does not warrant and/or support any prints/printing made with any lab except Pictage.com). • Each additional disc is $25.00. ____________________________ Individual print pricing: Final Prints: • 4 x 6 $4.99 • 5 x 7 $5.99 • 8 x 10 $6.99 • 16 x 20 $29.99 • 20 x 30 $39.99 • Bulk 4x6 (group of 25 prints of 1 image) $49.99 • Bulk 5x7 (group of 25 prints of 1 image) $79.99 • Bulk 8x10 (group of 25 prints of 1 image) $99.99 ____________________________ * Prices Subject to Change Without Notice curtis@curtiscopeland.com 7
  8. 8. 954-881-5025 Fine art cards: begin at $ 65.00 per 25 Make it personal, sophisticated statement, no matter the occasion. From thank you notes and holiday greetings to engagement, save the date and baby announcements, fine art cards come in a wide range of design options and are available to suit any style. Sold in groups of 25. ____________________________ Miscellaneous Fees: Event Extension Online at Pictage.com: Extend the availability of your online event for viewing and purchasing for yourself or family members to enjoy. Select to extend for one month to one year. Get one month free - limited time only, receive three months for the price of two. • 1 month = $ 29.99 • 3 months (1 month free) = $ 59.99 • 6 months (2 months free) = $119.99 • 1 year (4 months free) = $ 239.99 ____________________________ Additional Photoshopping of images: - $60.00 per hour • one hour minimum ____________________________ Gift certificates available!!! * Prices Subject to Change Without Notice curtis@curtiscopeland.com 8
  9. 9. 954-881-5025 Deposits and Payments: A 50% deposit is required to hold a portrait session date. The balance due is expected at least two weeks before your portrait date. Cash, checks, PayPal, and major credit cards are accepted. No product will be delivered until the final balance is paid in full. A 30% penalty will apply to all returned checks. ____________________________ Copeland Photography Values and Vision: Our goal is to capture your special life events and transform them into cherished works of photographic art for generations to come. We are committed to being a blessing to you and your loved ones through integrity, professionalism, humor and joy! Call or email us soon to schedule your portrait session. Thanks for your time. We look forward to hearing from you! Curtis and Monica Copeland Copeland Photography LLC 43 S. Pompano Parkway Suite #224 Pompano Beach, FL 33069 954-881-5025 www.curtiscopeland.com Image © Curtis Copeland * Prices Subject to Change Without Notice curtis@curtiscopeland.com 9