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Dennis unit 1 ip


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A brief overview of social media, and why every company/business needs to learn and implement social media into their business philosophy.

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Dennis unit 1 ip

  1. 1. Social Media andSouthern TechnologiesAn introduction to social media options, and how to incorporatethem into your corporate philosophy.
  2. 2. Social media: The definitionSocial media is an web based communication platform thatallows users to:connect, comment, share, and discuss,any topic, story, idea, or image,anytime of the day or night in real time.
  3. 3. Social Media: Your options Facebook: Started in 2004, currently has over 900 million users, allows private and public chats, photo and video sharing. (Wikipedia:Facebook) Technorati: This search tool is currently tracking over 133 million active online blogs by individuals or companies. Can be used for real time feedback about products and customer service discussions. YouTube: Allows the sharing of video and music clips around the globe. YouTube has over 800 million unique users per month. Over 60 hours of new video is uploaded every minute. (Wikipedia:YouTube)
  4. 4. Social media and corporationsAlthough these platforms launched between 2003/05, theywere used primarily by individuals until late 06, and early07. At that time limited corporate activity began, and it hasbeen snowballing ever since. uses a socialmedia platform to provide customer service. Customers canactually chat with Zappos CEO. This builds a bond betweencustomer, brand, and company never seen before.
  5. 5. So who else is using Social media? In 2011, only 21% of marketers were “very or fully engaged” in Social Media. For 2012, 32% of marketers were “very or fully engaged” in Social Media. For 2013, its estimated that 53% of these marketers will be “intensely engaged” with Social media. Of those surveyed, 97% will be involved to some extent in 2013. (Hosford)
  6. 6. The Benefits Social media promotes relationship building with investors, employees, customers, and the media. Social media assists with improved credibility, and real time communication between invested parties. The internet runs 24/7, 365 days a year. Not every customer can contact/purchase between 9 am to 5pm. Promote/share your message across multiple platforms, to the masses or specific groups/areas.
  7. 7. Seeing the benefit Traditional marketing uses surveys, interviews, and content analysis to determine the success of a campaign. With slight variations, these can be used with social media as well. Since every click is traceable, data mining can be used to see every bounce, download, click, and purchase. Analytical tools can determine where a visitor came from, which pages were viewed and for how long, what items were downloaded, videos viewed, the viewers browser and screen resolution, and create a “visitor profile” to see if the message is reaching the target audience.
  8. 8. Some examples KINSMAN, MATTBOTELHO, STEFANIE. "New Frontiers: Case Studies In Social Media Marketing." Folio: The Magazine For Magazine Management 40.9 (2011): 38. Associates Programs Source Plus. Web. 5 Aug. 2012.
  9. 9. Next steps Consider the information presented today. Explore some of the social media sites, and see what others are doing. Create a free individual account, and explore the site. Assemble a list of questions, possible ideas for use, and even concerns. We will all meet again in two weeks, and compare notes, answer questions, and brainstorm ideas.
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