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Curso CTR Berlin 2012 sample guide

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Sample berlin guide_2012

  1. 1. BERLIN : INS AND OUTS CITY GUIDE 2012BERLINER’S VOICE INTERVIEWSLOCALS TO GET INSIDERINFORMATION ONTHE MUST-SEE SPOTSOF THE CITY.CONTENTCONTRIBUTORS : Berlin : Ins and Outs City Guide 2012. Editor in Chief Sam Bavin Section Editors GreigEaston, Jess Cole, Sian Sugars, Lisa Jahanarai, Tim Blore, Alicia Ramsay, Cate Hopkins, Kate Neuswanger,Abby Poulton Writers Tim Blore, Alicia Ramsay, Cate Hopkins, Jessica Cropper, Josef Linnhoff, Sam Bavin,Lisa Jahanarai, Greig Easton, Adam Nash, Sian Sugars, Diana Szentgyörgyi, Abby Poulton, Jess Cole, KateNeuswanger, James Storbeck, Elsa Mcbride Graphique Designer Diana Szentgyörgyi Photo Editor Sian SugarsIllustrations by Elsa Mcbride. Berlin : Ins and Outs City Guide 2012 is made thanks to Berlin City TravelReview Summer Program, July Session 2012.BERLINER’S VOICEIntroductionPAGE 8 - 99 important dates of Berlin1237 First documentedmention of Cölln, a tiny islandin the River SpreeOur selectionsPAGE 10 -1324 hours in BerlinA week-end in BerlinSurvival guidePAGE 14 -15Getting here andgoing homeBerlin, the safest cityLawsInternet in BerlinEmbassiesBerlin by areaPAGE 16 -19MitteKreuzbergCharlottenburgPrenzlauer BergFriedrichshainTiergartenSchönebergFurther outs in BerlinTransportPAGE 20 U-Bahn TicketsPublic transportAccomodationPAGE 23The Circus HostelOstelPfefferbett HostelMuseums, Monumentsand Galllerie PAGE 25Once described as a city whichis always becoming and neverbeing it comes as no surprisethatMuseumsThe Old Museum 27Anne Frank Centre 28Anti-War Museum 29Berlinische Galerie : Museumof Modern Art, Photographyand Architecture 30Bode Museum 31German Cinematic Museumfor Film and Televison 32Deutsches HistorischesMuseum 33Jewish Museum 34The Kreuzberg Museum 35Helmut Newton Foundation 36Neues Museum 37Pergamon Museum 38Stasi Museum 39Willy Brandt Forum 40MonumentsBerlin Cathedral 42Brandenburg Gate 42PASSPORT AT CHECKPOINTCHARLIEBY JOSEPH LINNHOFFPAGE 58THE BIBLICAL BEER GARDENBY JOSEPH LINNHOFFPAGE 63DELICATESSEN DIPPINGBY JOSEPH LINNHOFFPAGE 90DOWN TO KÖLLNISCHER PARKBY ABBY POULTONPAGE 78KNUT IS KING BYABBY POULTONPAGE 127BURGERS IN BOGSBY JOSEPH LINNHOFFPAGE 137BY JOSEF LINNHOFFPAGE 122 Haci Baba, 42 : ’Myfavorite place in the city is ’PAGE 33 Anja, 45 : ‘I woulddefinitely recommend ’PAGE 79 Claudia, 36 : ’I wouldrecommend going on a boat ’PAGE 107 Anna, 21 : ‘The USListening Station ’PAGE 40 Bodo, 63 : ’I wouldrecommend a walk along ’PAGE 74 Camilla, 59 : ‘Berlin offersso much in terms of theatre ’PAGE 43 Christoph, 31 : ‘Myfavourite is the Pergammon ’PAGE 135 Peter, 27 : ’Forrestaurants, the Unsicht Bar ’PAGE 85 Funda, 25 : ’I usuallyspend an entire sunday ’HIDDEN GEMSCHECKPOINT CHARLIEHIDDEN GEMS TELL LITTLE STORIES ABOUT THE CITYOF BERLIN. ENJOY READING ONE IN EVERY MAIN SECTION !THE BEAR, SYMBOLE OF BERLIN CITYKADEWE SHOPPING CENTERKNUT THE POLAR BEAR
  2. 2. BERLIN : INS AND OUTS CITY GUIDE 20129 109 IMPORTANTDATESOFBERLINFrance, fleeing persecution andseeking refuge. To find out morea b o u t h o wthese FrenchProtestants inte-g r a t e d i n t oGerman life, visit Gendarmen-markt. GO TO PAGE 67Frederick II becomes King ofPrussia. Frederick was a greatreformer and his reign sees theperiod of history known as theEnlightenment start in Berlin longbefore it reached other parts ofEurope. His reforms revolutionisedthe arts, politics and the legalsystem which, along with his mili-tary prowess and master musi-cianship ear-ned him then i c k n a m e‘The Great.’To see Berlin as Frederick the Greatsaw it, visit Unter Den Linden.GO TO PAGE 78Otto van Bismarck leadsGermany to victory in theFranco-Prussian War. Germany isofficially united and Berlin is madethe Imperial capital. The alreadyflourishingcity is nowa hub oftrade and1237INTRODUCTIONF i r s t d o c u -mented men-tion of Cölln,a tiny island inthe River Spree, and itsneighbouring farm town ofBerlin. It would be two hun-dred years before the twotowns are amalgamated to formone city. Although no longer acentre for shipping and trade, theSpree still plays a vital role inBerlin’s economy as it attractsthousands of tourists every year.To find out about boat tours on theRiver Spree. GO TO PAGE 113With the Edict of Potsdam,Germany becomes a Protestantcountry. Berlin sees a huge influxof Huguenot refugees fromHISTORY19141685187117401933196119892012commerce, a full history of whichcan be found on the guided walkaround Nikolaiviertal. GO TO PAGE 71World War I breaks out anda tumultuous period in Germanyh i s t o r y c o m -mences. Even-tual defeat in1918 brings thebloody threat of civil war to thestreets of Berlin. Democracy isestablished at the Treaty of Ver-sailles in 1919 and theRoaring Twenties are born.Berlin is a cultural hotbedof architecture, film andliterature. To find out more, visitThe Film Museum (page…), TheBauhaus Archives (page…) or takea stroll around Potsdamer Platz.GO TO PAGE 73After fourteenyears of poli-tical instabi-lity, economicdisaster and mass impoverishment,democracy fails. Hitler becomesChancellor of Germany and withhim brings the horror and devas-tation of Nazi Germany. Thefull scale of this dark periodcan be found at the Topogra-phy of Terror. GO TO PAGE 60World War II has been foughtand lost. The resulting Battle ofBerlin has left thecity politicallyand ideologi-cally dividedbetween the Allied Powers of Bri-tain, France, the USA and theUSSR. This division is compoundedon 13th August with the construc-tion of the Berlin Wall. There isnow a physical divide betweencommunist East and capitalistWest, the scars of which are inde-libly marked on the city. Parts ofthe wall still stand at East SideGallery (page…), and the bordercrossing has been reproduced atCheckpoint Charlie. GO TO PAGE 44The government of East Ger-many (the GDR) collapses,b o r d e r s a r eopened and theWall is pulledd o w n a m i dgreat jubilation. Germany is notofficially reunited until 1990 butthe process has been establishedand, in doing so, a whole new erais established. A symbol of thisnew age of prosperity and growthcan be seen at the Reichstag(page…), which is now the seatof the united German government.GO TO PAGE 51With economic prosperity andpolitical stability, Germany isemerging from the shadows of thetwentieth cen-tury. Berlin isconsideredone of thehippest cities in Europe and itshistory, diverse culture and creativearts scene attracts tourists fromworldwide. There has truly neverbeen a better time to say “Ich bin einBerliner.” GO TO PAGE 120 CATEHOPKINS
  3. 3. 12BERLIN : INS AND OUTS CITY GUIDE 201211PAGE 42 HEAD TOWARDSthe neighbouringBrandenburg Torwhose magnificentgrandeur and iconicpresence is sure to me-morise you for some time.WITH ANOVERWHELMINGVARIETY OFATTRACTIONSSCATTEREDTHROUGHOUTBERLIN,THIS ITINERARYSELECTSTHE PICK-OF-THE-BUNCHFOR THOSEWHOSE TIMEIS LIMITED.PAGE 51 BEGIN THE DAYwith an early rise inorder to beat the crowdsto the breathtakingparliamentary facility,the Reichstag.PAGE 78 EAT FROM EinsteinCafé on Unter DerLinden before trackingback to immerse yourselfin the somewhat spookyDenkmal für die Ermor-deten Juden Europas.REICHSTAG GLASS DOMPAGE 143 FINISH THE DAYwith a delicious waffles,mouth-watering crepesat Kauf Dich Glücklich.OUR SELECTION24 HOURS INBERLINUNTER DEN LINDEN AVENUEKAUF DICH GLÜCKLICH CAFE AND ICE CREAM SHOPBRANDENBOURG GATE AT THE END OF UNTER DEN LINDENBY GREIG EASTON
  4. 4. 14BERLIN : INS AND OUTS CITY GUIDE 201213PAGE 36 VENTURE INTO theMuseum für Fotografieto study the mesmerisingphotographic work ofthe late Helmut Newton.when suitably satisfiedthat you’ve witnessedthe staggering amountof species on display.PAGE 148 FINISH THE DAYOFF with a leisurely strolland dinner at LuckyLeek in Prenzlaur Berg’squaint restaurantsbefore embarking ona pub-crawl throughoutthe area’s beautifulsurrounding streets andalleyways.PAGE 34 HOP ON THEU-BAHN, LINES 1 OR 6to engage yourselfin the poignantJüdisches Museumwith its metaphoricarchitectural designand informativeexhibitions about boththe Holocaust as wellas Jewish life andFOLLOW THE24-HOURITINERARY FORDAY 1 BEFOREBEGINNINGDAY 2 WITHA MORNINGEXCURSION TOBAHNHOF ZOO.A WEEK - ENDIN BERLINOUR SELECTIONPAGE 106 EAT AND DABBLEA WINDOW SHOPPINGalong Kurfürstendammbefore hopping onthe U-Bahn to engageyourself in the poignantJüdisches Museum.ENTRANCE AT MUSEUM OF FOTOGRAPHYKURFÜRSTENDAMM, THE SHOPPING DISTRICTGARDEN OF THE JEWISH MUSEUMLUNCH AT LUCKY LEEKBY GREIG EASTON
  5. 5. 154153THE TITLE OF OUR GUIDE21, MIDDLESBROUGHTABBY POULTONOf all the cities Catehas called home, it’sBerlin that has capturesher heart. She fell inlove with the Street art,the coffee and theKicking Russian Disko.Her Berlin highlight waspartying in a thunderstorm at Werschauerstrasse U bahn station.She returns to Cardiff tocontinue her studies inJournalism and Media,but will carry Berlin’sspirit of freedom withher wherever she goes Glamour puss Dianais our resident graphic27, PARISDIANASZENTGYÖRGYIThis Aberdoniangoing into the lastyear of her EnglishAGE, CITYALICIA RAMSAYLiterature degree is farmore than just hervintage hat and totebag. Always up for abeer or five, Alicia hasenjoyed experiencingthe city’s night culturebut never fails to attendher morning languagelessons. She is gifted notonly at writing but atmaking friends with thelocals and haggling atthe Mauerpark market CONTRIBUTORSMoving her wayfrom the quaintvillage of Norton to thebustling city of Man-chester, Abby came toBerlin for a new adven-ture and has enjoyedthe endless entertain-ment this city has onoffer. A ManchesterMetropolitan graduatewith a degree in29, CARDIFFCATE HOPKINSMedia, Culture, andSociety, she enjoyspeople watching andspending the afternoonwith friends in Berlin’snumerous outdoorspaces. You can findher on Sundays inMauer Park where sheenjoys the flea marketand the fine karaokecrooners AGE, CITYGREIG EASTONGreig, an interna-tional businessstudent from Edin-burgh, can usually befound framing preten-tious photographs ordominating donerkebabs. A master of theScottish vernacular, asip of a drink is adefinite no, but a ‘weeswally’ is fine. He alsodoesn’t do things byhalves. Whether it’s thesauces on his 15thkebab of the week orhis meticulous attitudetowards his writing,he wants it alles. Mitpommes designer, architecturebuff and queen of style.Originally from Buda-pest, she trained at theprestigious Ecole D’Artet de Design D’Amiensand adds Berlin to heralready extensive list ofcities that she has calledhome. An inveterateanimal lover, Diana’sperfect day would bespent at Berlin Zoochilling with her four -legged friends ‘The Bear’ has finallymade it to Berlin, andhe is enjoying everyminute of it. You canfind him frequenting one23, SEATTLEJAMES STORBECKof the many Shishabars around the citywhile sampling aGerman beer or twelve.However we are stillwaiting for him toconjure up the courageto try a Currywurst Jess, or ‘Big Jess’as she is known,has been a vital asset toAGE, CITYJESS CROPPERCTR. When she isn’t gig-gling or singing in her‘opera trained voice’,Jess enjoys relaxing inBerlin’s many cafes withtea and cake, or soa-king up the nightlife witha brandy. She is also adab hand at rowing aboat and can seriouslypop some shapes on thedancefloor AGE, CITYSAM BAVINDespite his shabby,unkempt beard and‘bohemian chic’ style,Sam is actually a well-refined young man.Having now settleddown during the latterweeks of his stay, theyoung women of Berlincan now breathe asigh of relief. When notfrolicking or picnickingin one of Berlin’s manyparks, Sam’s input intothe editorial processand layout has provedinvaluablew 
  6. 6. 156155THE TITLE OF OUR GUIDEAGE, CITYJOSEF LINNHOFFIts only upon com-pletion of his 40minute daily bathroomregime – where moistu-rizers, tanning agentsAGE, CITYTIM BLOREHailing from Min-neapolis, Minnesota,Kate studied for herdegree at Iowa StateUniversity. StudyingNutrition only servedto enhance her lovefor all things food rela-ted. Whilst in Berlin,she has explored allaspects of the differentcuisines available andhas managed to makemouths water with the23, MINNEAPOLISKATE NEUSWANGERAGE, CITYJESS COLECONTRIBUTORS22, PERTHSIAN SUGARSThis young strap-ping 22 year-oldis not afraid to getstuck in. Very creativeand contributes muchto discussion, he tookthe lead on the hiddengems section as well ascarrying out interviewsfor the Berl-insidersnippets. The tea-ma-king titan of the group,when he’s not waitingJess is a lover, nota hater. She lovesBerlin, beer and writingarticles. She also usedto love kebabs, a lot.Unfortunately this is nolonger the case. Sheloves lazing about inthe sun and partying tillthe moon goes down.This English graduatefrom Chichester hasbeen quite a lot of fun,managing to work hardAND play hard Elsa comes fromgrassy Edinburghto return to Berlinfor her second timein as many years.She is about to enterher second year atSt Andrew’s Universitywhere she studiesLiterature and ArtHistory. Elsa is anincredibly talentedillustrator and herartistic skills have beenan asset to the team Ifshe’s not practising herAGE, CITYLISA JAHANARAIBeaHailing fromPerth, Australia,Sian has circumnavi-gated the globe. Aspart of her Psycho-logy degree from theUniversity of WesternAustralia, she studiedfor a semester in Ame-rica, and later lived inLondon – yet she stillmaintains that Berlinhas felt most like home.Find her cracking opena beer in Görlitzer Park,looking every inch thenative Kreuzberger 24, SHEFFIELDADAM NASHAGE, CITYELSA MCBRIDEway she has expressedthis within the guide.In her own words,the most important thingshe has learnt in Berlinis that ‘There’s nothingworse than a dry wurst’Lisa, an English Lite-rature student, is aand teeth whiteners areall applied vigorously– that Tim’s day canreally begin. Emotionallyoversensitive, Tim takesgreat pleasure from someof life’s more refinedpleasures. When he’s notwriting poetry about thebeating of a butterflie’stiny wings, Tim’s joyfulnature and wit, combi-ned with his input intothe museums section, hasmade him an invaluablemember of the teamGerman on the locals,Elsa can be founddancing ‘til sunrise inone of Berlin’s trendynight clubs. She lovesthe city for it’s unpre-tentious attitude thatencourages everyoneto come as they are for the kettle to boil orchecking the team sheetfor the upcoming Fener-bahce fixture he’s at hisfavourite local kebabshop Haci Baba, tuc-king into a monstrousDöner. Despite beingan amateur at the gameof fives he’s been apleasure to work, liveand share a footbathwith. Top lad.gregarious Glaswegianand a key team member.Not only a talentedwriter, Lisa is also a proat posing for picturesin photobooths, singingkaraoke and dancinguntil the sun comes up.Lisa is at her happiestwhen eating ice-cream,on a bike, listening toPrince and swiggingstrawberry beer