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Sample Curso eG Lyon_travel_writing: Let Lyon Spin You Right Round


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Join us on a journey through the main arrondissements of Lyon. After discovering the city’s
main sights and scenes, the rest of the adventure remains entirely up to you.
Bon Voyage!

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Sample Curso eG Lyon_travel_writing: Let Lyon Spin You Right Round

  1. 1. Let Lyon SpinYou Right ‘Round
  2. 2. Avant, avant, Lion le melhor!Translated, this franco-provencalmotto from the medieval times reads“forward, forward, Lyon is the best!”Humble isnt it?Centuries later, the motto may have changed, but panies, like Euronews and Interpol, establishingthe pride among the Lyonnais people remains the themselves in Lyon, the city is well on it’s waysame... with a city like this, who could blame them? to becoming a top European centre for business.The capital of gastronomy, the birthplace of Fuelled by a strong history of bio-technologicalcinema, the home of a century-old silk weav- research, Lyon prides itself on having the world’sing tradition. There are many reasons that best doctors and medical research facilities. ForLyon could be considered the best. Most no- this reason pharmaceutical companies such astably, its clever paradox of being old yet mod- Pasteur and Bio Merieux have chosen Lyon asern. Uniting UNESCO listed heritage sights their headquarters. Interestingly, some of thewith daring new architectural creations Lyon world’s deadliest diseases (think Ebola, Hendra,has managed to achieve big city convenience Marburg) are housed in this city’s labs.whilst maintaining a small town human vibe. Tourism also plays huge role in the modernUnlike other cities overpopulated with tourists, economy of Lyon with over six million touristsyou will find that Lyon has all the attractions visiting the city each year, a statistic that is onlyand charm without the price tags and crowds. going to grow as the city of Lyon continues toWith a plethora of things to see and do, you will develop.never find yourself bored in this dynamic, inter-national, yet quintessentially French metropolis.DEMOGRAPHIC: GEOGRAPHY: ECONOMY: YOUR GUIDE:The atmosphere in Lyon is vibrant and youthful. Shadowed in the north by Croix-Rousse, ‘the hill Driven for centuries by the silk industry, the Join us on a journey through the main arron-Thanks to its world class education opportuni- that works’ and in the west by Fourviere, ‘the economy of Lyon has shifted its focus in recent dissements of Lyon. After discovering the city’sties and increasing economic attractiveness, the hill that prays’, Lyon, the former capital of Gaul, times. main sights and scenes, the rest of the adventurecity of Lyon has become one of the biggest cities is now the capital of the Rhone-Alps region. At remains entirely up to France with a population of 470, 000 in the the bottom of Fourviere lies the heritage listed Said to be one of the most favourable cities ininner city and over 1, 700, 000 in greater Lyon. city centre of Vieux-Lyon, beyond which the riv- the European Union for company creation and ers Rhone and Saone converge in the south to investment, Lyon is a place of innovation and form the Presqu’ile. wealth creation. With many multi-national com- Bon Voyage!
  3. 3. Table of Contents:This guide has been broken down into several sec-tions pertaining to the four distinct geographical ar-eas. Following this, you will find a series of subsec-tions to equip you with all the information you willneed to make the most of your time in Lyon. Fouviere Hill - Known as the hill that prays, this area still has the remnants of its Roman origins Dining and Nightlife - Where to eat, what to eat and of course how to spend your Vieux-Lyon - The oldest part of town, this evenings, you will find it all in this sec- UNESCO heritage listed area will take you tion back in time Culture - Diverse and rich, this section will expose a little about what makes the Croix-Rousse - Known as the hill that works, people of Lyon who they are this area forms the heart of Lyons silk in- dustry Special dates: guide on typical Lyonnais and French celebrations Presqu’ile - Contemporary & vibrant, the Shopping & Fashion - If museums and gal- peninsula is a hive of activity, not to be leries are not your thing, this section is missed by any high street shopper for anyone requiring a little retail thera- py.Also, if you are a little low on funds you Tips - Transport, accommodation, phrases, can still enjoy your time in Lyon with the day trips and dates... everything practical help of a few innovative suggestions you need to know about visiting Lyon
  4. 4. Les Nuits de FOURVIERE Fourvière A Festival of Nights Lugdunum, now modern Lyon, was founded in 43BC after the Romans conquered the Gauls in the expansion of their empire. Ancient Roman structures from this period such as the two Ro- man theatres, the Odeon and the grand theatre still occupy the hill today. Identifiable by the Ba- silica sitting atop its peak, this praying hill is the perfect vantage point from which to absorb pan- oramic views of the whole of modern Lyon and beyond. A Roman Riot Imagine a modern graduation ceremony, when the students thrust their mortarboards into the air in a moment of cheer. Turn those hats into the little green complimentary cushions you receive on entering Les Théâtres Romains de Fourvière, the oldest Roman Amphitheatre in France, and you might be able to imagine the scene at the end of a stirring concert on a warm summer’s eve. Emerald squares litter the sky, thrown by the two thousand strong audience in a spectacle that we were told has become an unofficial tradition of Les Nuits de Fourvière.The Funiculaire (Vieux-Lyon station) is the traditional mean of trans- portation to get to the top of the Fourviere Hill.
  5. 5. Winter Time is Skiing Time Meet The CTR Lyon TeamWhether you prefer down- are easily reachable from ground should go to Autran,hill skiing, cross-country Lyon and provide great ski- a town that hosts the yearlyskiing, or snowshoeing – regions for downhill fans. Nordic Combined competition,Lyon has access to it all. called “La Foulée Blanche”. A day trip, a weekend, a weekThe mountains Vercours, or more, everything is possible. Website: Chartreuse, les Arcs, la Nor- and even the Mont Blanc Those who like to stay on the com/tourism/skiing.htm A Journey Through Time – Pérouges From left to right and up to down: “One of the most beauti- charm of this town will cap- ful towns in France” wel- tivate you within seconds. comes the sign of Pérouges. Seona (Scotland), Therese (Sweden), Jes- Walking through the cobbled sica (Australia), Tiffany (USA), Mareike You wonder whether this might streets, you wait for a black- (Germany), Shakira (England), Nora be an overstatement until you smith crossing your way. To get (Germany), Kirstin (Scotland), Susanna are standing in the middle of a feeling for the place, simply (Germany), Ozel (England), Charlotte the Medieval Town of Pérouges. dander along, try a galette and (England), Jelke (Belgium), Lauren feast your eyes on what you see. (South Africa) and Simon (Germany). Whatever you expect, the
  6. 6. City Travel Review The CTR team received the The CTR team would like Lyon project support of Only Lyon to thank euronews for Summer 2012 welcoming us