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get edinburghized: Curso eg praktikum_reisejournalismus_edinburgh_maerz2012


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If Edinburgh were a person, it wouldn‘t be the sort you would want to be friends with straightaway. It would stand in the corner of a pub, frowning, taking big sips of a pint and it most probably wouldn‘t ever stop moaning about the weather. So if this isn‘t the kind of person you want to spend your precious time with, we get it. And we won‘t blame you.

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get edinburghized: Curso eg praktikum_reisejournalismus_edinburgh_maerz2012

  1. 1. Get Edinburghized Edinburgh were a person, it wouldn‘t be the sort you would want to be friends with straightaway. It would stand in the corner of a pub, frowning, taking big sips of a pint and it most probably wouldn‘t ever stop moaning about the weather. So if this isn‘t the kind of person you want to spend your precious time with, we get it. And we won‘t blame you.But you see, if you open up to Our travel magazine became anEdinburgh, you‘ll end up falling for it. arrangement of our own favourites,Edinburgh may seem dull on a week‘s interests and sensations - as eclecticnight, but it wouldn‘t be unlikely for as the city and our to find a pub where you can tunein with passionate musicians singing Getting new insights and at the sameold folk songs all night long. time not neglecting the trademarks of Edinburgh, our articles cover topicsYou won´t be finding Edinburgh´s from A, like art galleries to W, liketypical delicacies in a “grande cuisine” weekend guide; from a philosophicalcookbook, but there‘s nothing like a approach to the city, to a self-good Scottish breakfast on the day experiment with a deep-fried Marsafter a beer-soaked night. Edinburgh‘s Bar.dark closes all around the Royal Mile,the typical Scottish courtyards, may Amongst what personally struck usseem a rough spot to be in when the about this captivating place, we chosewind comes blowing from the North. to capture the feelings of those who have been edinburghized before us.But when the sun finally reachesthem, there‘s no better place to enjoy Locals, people who came to the citythe rare peace and quiet of Old Town for work or for romance, Erasmusand marvel at the old stone buildings students. With our work we hope to putaround you. some bits of the city‘s incomparable spirit across to you.Needless to say, it didn‘t take long forus to fall for this city – yes, indeed, we And with a pinch of luck, to get yougot edinburghized. just as edinburghized as we are. by Sabrina Stallone Editorial
  2. 2. CONTENT Get Edinburghized download full book at what’s going on here?Map of Edinburgh 6 «United we stand, divided we fall?» 44Useful vocabulary, language, do’s and don’ts 9 International students in Edinburgh 48Public transport 12 «I want to catch the view she had» - On the traces of Rowling and Rankin 50No-budget guide 14A date with Edinburgh 17 lifestyleHostels in Edinburgh 18 Edinburgh’s music scene 54 Shopping beyond Princes Street 56culture One Day: Edinburgh as a film location 59 Real men wear kilts 60sights foodNational Museum of Scotland 20Playhouse 22 & drinks 64Art Galleries: «Get lost in Edinburgh’s art scene» 24 «I don’t drink whisky» 65the old edinburgh Eating with bulging cheeks and drinking with big gulps 68 Deep fried Mars bar - a self-experiment 72True tale, ancient legends or completely made-up stories? 28 Keep calm and eat a cupcake! 74No ghosts but a lot of history 31Ghost Tour: «Get a thrill in Edinburgh» 32 Interlude: If inspiration plays hide and seek and your playground is the world 75What you owe to Scotland 34 nightlife 76what to do and see (no title) 77«Don’t do the obvious to get the vibe of Edinburgh» 36 Mainstream vs. Underground 78Little Edinburgher Missions 38 For students only! 81A weekend in Edinburgh 40 Whirling, swirling, twirling 82 excursions 84 St. Andrews and its university belong together 85 Loch Ness: Not a loch for a day trip 86 Highlands: There and back again 88 Glasgow: Rich in contrast and yet matching together 90 Imprint 92
  3. 3. Get Edinburghized Language by Marlene Melchert People in Edinburgh are not as easy to understand as one may think. At least not in the first couple of days or maybe weeks you are there. Why is that? In Scotland, people speak basi-cally three languages: English, Scots and Gaelic. Gaelic is not very common inthe bigger cities like Edinburgh. You may find it more on the is-lands and in the Northern parts of the country. «Hardly any- one here speaks Gaelic. I have only one Gaelic newspa- per here», the man behind the counter of a newspaper shop says. 9
  4. 4. Get EdinburghizedEven though only an extreme- also encouraged in schools. to tourists. So if you want toly remote part of the Scottish “People here are very proud of know more about culture andpopulation speaks Gaelic, it is their language. If you want to habits, all you have to do is ask.still very important to them. learn it you’ll have to go to aAccording to the Scottish pub - it’s always easier with a Everywhere you go you see Useful vocabParliament 81% of the popu- beer”, a young Polish woman, different people from differ- ularylation consider Gaelic an im- who has lived in Edinburgh ent cultures and countries aye yesportant part of the culture. for about four years, says. of the world. They have all baim childA very long time ago – it is notJust like every language Scots found their way to Edinburgh yill beerquite sure if hundreds or thou- has its dialects and variations - whether it is for a holiday, cheers byesands of years which you can to study or permanently. One dram glass– the languagecame to what Wha’ even recognize as a foreigner. thing every one of them has is common: they had to learn a dreich mis of whiky erable, dull fitba footb allis now Scot-land. Its origins ye talkin’ “Why should I speak Scots new language, or at least get used to a different dialect. hottle hot howf pub elare most likelyto be found in ‘bou’? when talking to tourists? kirk churc picter hoose na no hNorthern Ire- Nobody likes cinemaland. However, in the late to repeat himself, right?” stooshie fi ghtMiddle Ages Gaelic grew less Frank grew up in Glasgow. toon townimportant and was slowly The Glaswegian dialect is a DONT’ FORGETreplaced by the English lan- very special one because it !guage. It never vanished com- is stronger than in the other Do not call a Scotsman Epletely and can nowadays be parts of Scotland. “We roll the Scotland is nglish! not England!learned in special schools. ‘r’ a lot more and leave out Write Whisky without an ‘ letters and syllables. But nor- Irish whiske e’ (Whiskey y tastes bad is Irish andScots is, like English, a Ger- mally, everyone understands Do not talk )! about politimanic language and has ex- me just fine because I con- cs in pubs!isted for centuries. It is not centrate on speaking slowly.”related to Gaelic and shouldnot be confused with a Scot- Most of the people in Scot-tish dialect in English. Even land’s capital speak English.though both English and Although it sounds differ-Scots have the same roots – ent than it does in England,the “Anglo Saxon” – they de- it is easy to understand.veloped differently. Scots was Scots endeavour to talk asinfluenced by several languag- clearly and comprehensi-es like French or Norwegian. bly as possible when talkingYou can often hear it in lo- to tourists and pubs. Many families use Normally, you do not have anyit at home at the dinner table, problems to start a conversa-and children use it to talk to tion with a Scotsman. Every-each other. These days it is one is open-minded and used 11
  5. 5. G et E di n burgh i zed Authors Bianca Chişărău Carolina Melches Christine Duensing Layout editorsImprint David Förster David Förster Elisa Henschel Dilara Yildirim Sabrina Stallone Elisa Henschel Jürgen Schenker Layout team Kassandra Puderbach Jürgen Schenker Lisa Heinz Lu Jin Lu Jin Sonja Fasbender Luise Kahnt Marlene Melchert Martine Rammer Nina Schirmer Sabrina Stallone Sonja Fasbender92 93