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Curso eG/CTR: Berlinsiders


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Life. Berlin is overflowing with it. Everywhere you turn, the air crackles with an endless supply of energy. From midnight dancing to intimate gigs, hidden shops and side-street bars, exquisite palaces and intricate graffiti, themed cafés and wide expanses of museums—there is always something happening, something to see, somewhere to go. Day and night, this city has everything you can possibly imagine and more.

From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem overwhelming—or by some small chance, underwhelming. Whatever the case, our team humbly invites you to take this guide along as you discover the vibrant streets of Berlin for yourself. Through countless hours of writing, editing, researching and great amounts of the finest beers and spirits, we have compiled the highlights of our own Berlin adventures to share with you.

Essentially, we hope to bring you inside Berlin, not only as a tourist but as a real Berliner, or “Berlinsider.”

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Curso eG/CTR: Berlinsiders

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  2. 2. full ebook: Prasuethsut, editor-in-chiefHera Sparnon, survive berlinLouise Cheeseman, sightsMarj Clark, museums & memorialsSebastiaan Berswerda, arts & cultureAdam Harris, recreation Introduction 5Helen Frear, food & drinkMegan Lumsden, shopping History 7Victoria Lewis, nightlife & musicLayout Survive Berlin 11Sally GrondowskiSebastiaan Berswerda Sights 23Hera Sparnon Museums & Memorials 37FeaturesLouise CheesemanMegan Lumsden Arts & Culture 53Helen FrearMarj Clark Recreation 61Hera SparnonAdam Harris Food & Drink 71ReviewsSebastiaan Berswerda Shopping 85Louise CheesemanMarj Clark Nightlife & Music 97Helen FrearSally Grondowski Contributors 110Adam HarrisVictoria LewisMegan LumsdenLily PrasuethsutHera SparnonGerman Language TipsVictoria LewisSpecial thanks to Marcus, Matt and Lutz for allyour support and expertise
  3. 3. HistoryFrom World War II to the division of east and west,Berlin has seen some of the most turbulent times inhistory. To avoid a textbook-sized account of Berlin’spast, the following is only a snippet of this city’simmense record; however, it should be enough asyou stand in line waiting to buy your ticket for one ofthe many historical museums.
  4. 4. Survive BerlinThis city is safe, affordable and easy to navigate. Ifyou’re looking for transport info, weather or generaltips about Berlin, the following should help you feelright at home.
  5. 5. Survive Berlin Billig Berlin remaining continuous strip of the wall, but Berlin’s Walking Tours it boasts of over 100 artistic murals and is the largest outdoor gallery in the world. There are a number of free walking tours Completely free and a feast for the eyes, a that operate throughout Berlin. Companies wander along East Side Gallery will give you such as Brewers Tours offer comprehensive, Top tips of things to do when you’re on a budget countless photo opportunities and food for extensive walking tours covering areas from thought on cultural diversity (page 57). museum island to Checkpoint Charlie, and Berlin is bursting at the seams with exciting activities to lose yourself in. Of course, it can be are completely operated on a “pay what you difficult to decide on what to do in a city with so much to offer. Scan this handy list for some tips of billig (cheap) things to do in Berlin when you’re feeling poor (don’t worry, you’re still sexy). Topography of Terror and think it’s worth” basis. Various companies also offer alternative tours of the city. For Stasi Museum example, alternative Berlin dedicates their tours to the vibrant subculture present Situated near Checkpoint Charlie on Frie- in the city, and have their fingers on the drichstraβe, these permanent exhibiti- pulse when it comes to street art, urban ons are the perfect opportunity to explo- exploration and Berlin’s underground scene re Berlin’s intense political history. While (page 56). Although varying in content, the Topography of Terror (page 44) gives both kinds of city tours are in ready supply stark and respectful insight into Germany’s from numerous companies, and can help political behavior during WWII, the Sta- visitors grasp great contextual knowledge si Museum (page 49) sheds light into the of the city (page 26). Soviet’s Secret Police during the Cold War years. Both exhibitions are fresh, interac- Sachsenhausen Concentration16 tive and highly educational experiences. 17 Camp Although not a pleasant side of Berlin’s history, the former site of this WWII concentration camp nevertheless played its part in the city’s past. It is now open for the public to gain a better awareness of some of the atrocities witnessed within its walls. With a number of informative exhibits and the opportunity to walk around this site, Sachsenhausen helps visitors gather facts about this building’s gruelling formative Reichstag appointment online and seeing inside this years. Immensely informative, moving and important historical center for yourself a place to reflect on some of the shocking One of the most important historical sites (page 31). events communities have had to witness in Berlin, this epicentre of German political through the years (page 51). reform has seen two world wars, been partially destroyed and finally rebuilt in East Side Gallery By Marj Clark the 1960s to become the popular visitor destination it is today. Its impressive dome, Situated in Friedrichshain, what was once a currently constructed with glass, offers part of the Berlin Wall is now a site dedicated 360 degree views of Berlin. Considering to the city’s prominent street art scene. this world class visitor destination is free An international tribute to freedom, the to explore, it is well worth making an East Side Gallery not only hosts the largest
  6. 6. Survive Berlin Basic German While most Berliners seem to have a good grasp of the English language and are more than happy to practice their skills with visi- ting foreigners, it’s always helpful to learn Hello/ good day Hallo/Guten Tag Good morning Guten Morgen Good evening 1 1 eins elf 00 hundert 1 2 zwei zwölf 0 zwanzig 1 3 drie dreizehn 0 driezig 4 5 6 the lingo when taking trips to foreign climes. Guten Abend Good night Gute Nacht vier fünf sechs Locals will appreciate you making the effort, and learning even a few phrases will enrich Goodbye Auf Wiedersehen 1 vierzehn 1 fünfzehn 1 sechszehn your travel experience. 0 vierzig 0 fünfzig 0 sechzig Here are a few handy words and phrases to Bye Tschüss 7 8 9 help you on your way… sieben acht neun 1 siebzehn 1 achtzehn 1 neunzehn Can you 0 siebzig 0 achtszig 0 neunzig Please/Thank you speak more slow- 0 (very much) Excuse me/ ly please? 58 = achtund- 369 = drie- null Bitte/Danke (schön) Yes/No Sorry Entschuldigung Könnten Sie bitte 1 zehn fünfzig hundertneun- undsechzig langsamer Ja/Nein sprechen?  das Internet20 Where is the local internet café? 21 Wo ist hier ein Internet-Café? How are you? Wie geht es Ihnen? Is there WiFi internet access here? Fine, and you? Mir geht es gut, und Ihnen? Mobile Phone Gibt es hier einen WLAN-Zugang?  Do you speak English? Sprechen Sie Englisch? das Handy No, I don’t understand (you) Nein, Ich verstehe (Sie) nicht I’d like a SIM-card for your network. Ich hätte gern ein SIM-Karte für Ihr Netz. Yes I understand you. Ja, ich verstehe (Sie) I want to buy a phone card. What does…..mean? Was bedeutet….? Ich möchte eine Telephonekarten kaufen. What is your name? Wie heiβt du? Correct/affirmative Genau Where is….? I am looking for… I was only joking! Das war nur ein Schwerz! Wo ist? Ich suche… How far is it…? Wie weit ist es? ` a “Helllo, I am Barry Ze German” Beware Bear Tip! links rechts The Bear is the “Hallo, Ich heiβe Barry Ze German” symbol of Berlin, and will give uby bus tby train pby taxi on foot you handy tips through mit dem Bus mit dem Zug mit dem Taxi zu Fuβ this guide.
  7. 7. SightsAs the capital of Germany, Berlin has a lot more tooffer than just eccentric nightlife and delicious meals.Promising to be a picturesque setting for an array ofintoxicating sites, the city is jam-packed with placesthat must be visited more than once.
  8. 8. Museums &MemorialsBerlin is bursting with museums. Offering over 170and even a whole island dedicated to museums, thecity is buzzing with exhibitions suited to everyone’staste. Whether you adore art or are a history buff,there is a museum waiting around every bend. Flipthe pages and be taken on an inspirational, mind-boggling tour full of Greeks, gruelling wars and...currywurst.
  9. 9. Arts & CultureAfter the reunification in 1990, Berlin establisheditself as one of Europe’s brightest centers for arts andculture. Famous for its elaborate and inspirationalstreet art scattered throughout the city, Berlincontinues to grow and thrive as a magnet for amultitude of different kinds of artists to display theirwork in various exhibitions in the city.
  10. 10. RecreationYou would expect the capital of any country to befilled with urban concrete; however, Berlin managesto find a nice balance between greenery and gray.Whether you stumble into the Tiergarten hopingto escape the city noise, wander the Royal PotsdamPalaces or immerse yourself in a film at the SonyCenter, you are sure to find a few relaxing daysamidst the action of Berlin.
  11. 11. Food & DrinkContrary to popular belief, there is far more toBerlin’s culinary repertoire than wurst and beer. Thecity is home to an array of weird and wonderfuleateries, ranging from quaint café’s and themedrestaurants, to Imbisses and Turkish kebap joints.From coffee to cake, you’re guaranteed to find a littlebit of what you fancy!
  12. 12. ShoppingBerlin’s shopping scene is brimming with hautecouture and shabby-chic styles making the city oneof the fastest growing fashion meccas in Europe. Withthe commercial stores and malls on Kurfürstendammto vintage shops and boutiques of Kreuzberg andPrenzlauerberg, Berlin has it all. This section of thetravel guide has a wide variety of shops for you to goout and grab the best deals off the rack.
  13. 13. Music &NightlifeFamed for its hedonistic club culture and constantlyevolving music scene, Berlin is a thriving creativehub with music at its beating heart. All night technotemples and achingly cool jazz haunts keep this cityawake catering to the most eclectic tastes. Berlinloves to party, and in a city where beer is cheaperthan water, you know you’re in for a good time.
  14. 14. Contributors Lily Prasuethsut, Editor-in-Chief Our California girl and all-around top editor, Lily is a fan of all things Sally Grondowski, Layout geek. When she’s not playing computer games or watching Star Wars Sally is, simply put, the sweetest girl in the world. Practically perfect in you can find her dancing to her favourite bands dressed as a soya bean every way and like a true English lady, she makes the best cup of tea drink! this side of the Channel. Not to be underestimated, this young woman is also a pro-active creativity powerhouse.Hera Sparnon, Layout , Survive BerlinOne of the most awesomest people on Earth, Hera’s travelled all Helen Frear, Food & Drinkover the globe and made friends wherever she goes. She’s always Helen brings a splash of fashionable sophistication to the group.smiling and can be found at Mauerpark singing to the crowds. Hera is Good looking by day (even when she’s a tad hung over *cough*)definitely one of the coolest people around. and by night with her hair whipping back and forth on the dance floor. She’s down to earth and cracks a good joke, or two, as well. Plus, you’d never guess she’s a Nottingham-er! Louise Cheeseman, Sights Despite her name, Louise is neither a cheese fanatic nor a man. She can always be found armed and ready with a camera in hand and on Adam Harris, Recreation average, takes a photo every 12.6 seconds. She is an extremely nice, Adam Harris, or rather Dr. Adam Harris, is top Lad with a capital L. Likes quirky girl, who up to the age of 16 believed Robin Hood was an actual a tipple or two and loves his chilies. Ten ja’s out of ten!Marj Clark, Museums & MemorialsBe warned! This Scottish wench will jabber away sharing storieswith anyone around her. In addition, she isn’t scared to show hersinging skills either. Every Sunday at Mauerpark, she has entertained Victoria Lewis, Nightlife & Musichundreds of people with hits by Madonna, Journey and the Divinyls. TECHNO, TECHNO, TECHNO, a bit of head jamming and moreMarj is a good addition to any kind of gathering as she is sure to create TECHNO. Passionate music lover, she can party the night awaya smile on your face. and still manage to whip up incredible reviews…..her flower photography is also top-notch! Sebastiaan Berswerda, Layout, Arts & Culture Megan Lumsden, Shopping GENAU. What would we do without the great and powerful Megan, or better yet known as the Aberdeen Tiger, is absolutely Sebastiaaaaaaaaaan? Do you like waffles–yes, he likes waffles! He grrrrreat (with a Scottish accent of course). A photo without her isn’t knows every song written, and he knows more than you, because Basti a real photo until she’s in it striking one of her famous poses. But in all is Fantasti. He has the body of Adonis, pulls a good duck face and also seriousness, she’s a good friend, a kind soul, an occasional lead balloon takes a “GREEEAT Phot-oh.” He appears out the smoke in nightclubs like (just kidding, she never is) and a bona fide babe with her luscious red a creepy ninja and dances like your dad. But we love him, and he gets our locks. This Tiger is simply one a kind. Rawr. R.E.S.P.E.C.T!